Allstate Arena visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Allstate Arena visitor guide

The Allstate Arena, formerly known as the Rosemont Horizon, is a multipurpose arena hosting sports and entertainment events since its construction in 1980. The seating capacity is around 18,000, making it an ideal space for larger concerts and events. The arena is located in Rosemont, Illinois, which is on the northwest side of Chicago. 

The Allstate Arena is primarily the home to the AHL's Chicago Wolves but has also been the home court for the DePaul and Northwestern men’s basketball teams. The Allstate is far from just a sports stadium. Larger concerts, comedy shows, and other events are hosted at the Allstate Arena. Also, WWE has regularly held its larger wrestling shows at Allstate for decades. 

While it’s not the largest arena in Chicagoland (that distinction goes to the United Center near downtown), the Allstate makes up for it with excellent sightlines and acoustics. Its location near Chicago O'Hare International Airport on the outskirts of the city also makes it highly accessible for fans from the suburbs and visitors flying or driving into Chicago. 

If you’re traveling into Chicago and are stuck with your bags, you won’t be able to bring them into the game, so finding a reliable alternative is your best option. Chicago’s premier luggage storage service is Bounce, which has dozens of locations around Chicago, including a few Allstate Arena luggage storage choices. It's convenient, easy to use, and can really be helpful in a pinch. 

Allstate Arena food policy

Allstate Arena bag policy 

The Allstate Arena bag policy prohibits most bags, including backpacks, totes, coolers, and all luggage, from entering the venue. Every item must be 12” x 12” or smaller. Diaper bags are allowed for families, and medical exceptions can be made. Otherwise, this is a firm policy. There is no Allstate Arena clear bag policy in place here. 

Bounce’s Des Plaines storage spot and Park Ridge location are both very close to the venue, so it would be easy to drop the bags off on your way to Allstate Arena. 

Allstate Arena food policy 

All outside food and beverage are prohibited, and that includes empty bottles or containers, according to the Allstate Arena food policy. Being an older arena, the concessions are somewhat basic when compared to other venues. There are standard stadium bites and beverages on offer, of course, but Allstate Arena food options are extremely limited for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free guests. It’s advisable to grab a bite before heading to Allstate if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Of course, checking out Windy City’s food scene is a must during your visit, so grabbing a brunch or meal before heading to Allstate Arena is always a solid idea. There are a few Chicago favorites near Allstate Arena where you can grab iconic dishes. Giordano’s serves up superb Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and has a location near the arena. Fans wanting to try the world-famous Chicago dog will want to stop by the no-frills Paradise Pup in nearby Des Plaines.

How to get to Allstate Arena

Allstate Arena transportation 

The Allstate Arena is located right outside of Chicago proper in the suburb of  Rosemont. It’s conveniently situated near Chicago O'Hare International Airport and a few of the busiest highways in the state. Here’s how to get to Allstate Arena:


Being located in the suburbs, driving is the most popular way to get to Allstate Arena. It’s easily reached from major highways like I-90 and I-294, and there is ample parking available on-site. Tailgating is not allowed, however.

Public transportation

The arena is reachable by a few public transit methods. From the city, you can take the Chicago 'L' Blue Line to the Rosemont Station and then take the 15-minute walk to the arena. There is also the Pace bus service, which provides routes that stop near the arena.

Shuttle services

Many hotels near the arena (and even a few bars in the city) offer shuttle services to and from the Allstate Arena. 

Taxi and rideshare

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are a great but expensive way to get out to Rosemont from the city. Taxis will be lined up outside the arena after the event. 

Allstate Arena camera policy 

The Allstate Arena camera policy is fairly standard, with all models that have a detachable lens being prohibited. There is no policy in place that details a length requirement for lens extension. All video recording devices require a media credential, and GoPros are also prohibited. Selfie sticks, and iPads aren’t allowed, either. While it’s not explicitly stated, it should be assumed that monopods, tripods, and other professional equipment aren’t permitted. 

Allstate Arena rules

Allstate Arena rules 

Banners, signs, and flags 

There is no official policy stated for flags, banners, and signs. It’s best to assume that poles and sticks aren't allowed on site and that all signage must pertain to the event and be in good taste.  


Unless otherwise stated, gates open at Allstate Arena 60 minutes prior to the start of an event. The box office is open each day of an event three hours prior to the start and closes 60 minutes after the event starts. 


Allstate Arena has gone touchless with its concessions and merchandise. The policy has not been completely detailed on their website, but it’s best to assume a credit or debit card will be required to make purchases. 


Allstate Arena no longer requires proof of vaccination or testing to attend an event. 


From world-class museums to an incredible nightlife scene, Chicago is absolutely jam-packed with things to do. As a sports town, it doesn’t get any better than the Windy City, with some of the most iconic venues in the country for catching a game. While Allstate Arena might not be as famous as Wrigley Field or the United Center, it’s an underrated place to see some solid hockey or even a show. The location outside of downtown does make for logistical challenges, which is why Bounce’s luggage storage spots near Allstate are so useful. 

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