Progressive Field visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Progressive Field visitor guide

If you love baseball, then you will love visiting Progressive Field. This is the home of the Cleveland Guardians. There are also lots of other events that are held at this location. You will be able to find something to enjoy going on at Progressive Field at almost any time of the year.

If you are in the Cleveland area for a vacation or a work trip or are a local but have some bags with you, make sure you have a plan for your luggage during your visit to the ballpark. Keeping your bags safe is what we do best, and we offer secure storage for great prices. Let Bounce offer you Progressive Field luggage storage that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Progressive Field bag policy

Progressive Field bag policy

The Progressive Field bag policy follows other MLB rules and regulations. You will not be allowed to bring in bags in excess of 16” x 16” x 8”. These bags will need to be clear and made of plastic or vinyl. You will be allowed to bring in small bags that go through the X-ray.

If you need to bring in medical bags or diaper bags, they will also need to be X-rayed. You will need to agree to the search of these bags as well. All gates use the same search requirements and processes. If you have items that are not allowed inside the stadium, they can’t be stored at this location. You will need to make arrangements with Bounce before your game to make sure that your things are safe while you are having fun.

Progressive Field food policy

The Progressive Field food policy states that you can’t bring in glass items, cans, or squeeze bottles. You will also not be allowed to bring in alcohol with you. Single-serving sizes of juice and other items for small children might be allowed. You are also allowed to bring in one sealed bottle of water per guest.

There are many concession options inside the stadium. You will be able to order from your seat in some of the locations where you can buy special tickets. You will also be allowed to eat and drink at your seat. Outside food is not allowed in club areas within the stadium.

How to get to Progressive Field

Progressive Field transportation

If you need to know how to get to Progressive Field, we can help. You can drive to the location and access it from I-90 or I-71. I-77 will also get you to the field. The RTA offers both train and bus services to the park as well. If you want to use rideshare or taxi, you can be picked up and dropped off at Erie Ct.

Complete Rapid Transit will also get you to the field with plenty of time to spare. This is one of the best ways to get to the venue without stress.

The Ohio City Suttle will also take you to the game from parking locations that are near the stadium. Make sure that you get your parking tickets in advance before you attempt to park anywhere near the field. Many of the parking lots near the field are cashless, and you can’t buy tickets on the day of your event.

Progressive Field camera policy

The Progressive Field camera policy states that you can’t take professional videos or images while you are in the stadium. You will be allowed to bring in a personal cell phone, but you will not be allowed to use video cameras during your event.

Cameras must have lenses under 100mm. No selfie sticks, monopods, or tripods will be allowed inside the game. You will also be asked to leave if you are using camera equipment or a phone in such a way that you are inhibiting other guests from enjoying the game. Those who are removed for this infraction will not be offered re-entry. They will also not be offered a refund for their ticket price.

Progressive Field rules

Progressive Field rules

The Progressive Field policies are fair and very easy to follow. If you have been to a baseball game at any other location, you probably are already quite familiar with the expectations at this field as well. The MLB governs most of the rules at the venue, but other kinds of events that are not MLB events might have their own rules.

All fans will be required to show ID if they are 30 years of age and younger and wish to buy alcohol. There are no exceptions to this rule. There are also no exceptions to the rule about a single water bottle per guest being allowed through the gate.

The Corner Bar in the stadium has many beers on tap, and you are allowed to pour your own. You will not be allowed to bring more than one beer out of this area at a time. Guests who want to offer beer to other friends and family will not be allowed to bring multiple beverages out of the area at the same time.

Any guests who are behaving in an aggressive manner or who are displaying inappropriate or illegal phrases and words on their clothes will be required to leave the stadium. These parties will not be allowed re-entry.


If you are heading to Cleveland for any kind of trip or live here already, consider making time for a visit to Progressive Field. Cleveland flies under the radar a lot of the time, so you won’t have large crowds and high prices to deal with. 

If you have tickets to an event at Progressive Field, don’t let your luggage get in the way. We can offer you access to the safe and secure storage that you have been looking for. Let us take care of storing your things safely and securely so that you can have a great time on the day of your event.

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