Ball Arena visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Ball Arena visitor guide

Ball Arena was formerly known as the Pepsi Center. This location is an indoor entertainment venue in Denver, Colorado. This arena is the home of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets and also hosts lacrosse games and even hockey league games. The Ball Arena location has been open since 1999, and it is one of the best-known local venues to enjoy sports in the Denver area.

If you want to be sure that your bags are safe while you enjoy your game, you will need to check out Bounce’s Ball Arena luggage storage. We can keep your bags safe and secure while you have the time of your life at the game of your choice! No matter if you are coming from downtown Denver or another location, we can make sure you have an easy time getting your bags stored safely.

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Ball Arena bag policy

Ball Arena bag policy

The Ball Arena bag policy states that glass containers are not allowed, and neither are sealed bottles of water. Purses and bags of all kinds need to be 10 in x 6 in x 4in or smaller. These bags will all be searched or scanned upon entry into the arena. There are exceptions for some kinds of diaper bags and medical bags.

In addition, there is no bag check at the arena, so your prohibited items will need to be stored before you attempt to access the venue. Being unable to check any prohibited items at the gates means that you need to have a plan for your luggage, and that’s where Bounce comes in. With our multiple convenient locations, it’s easy to check anything you don’t need with us on your way to the game.

Ball Arena food policy

If you were worried about following the Ball Arena food policy, don’t stress. There is high-quality food and drink inside the venue for you to enjoy. Most of the food vendors are cashless, so bring a card with you to pay for concessions. You will be able to enjoy alcohol as well as water and soda at the arena, and there are plenty of food options for those who want to have a full meal during the game.

The concessions offerings at the arena include nut-free, vegan, and dairy-free food. You will be able to see clearly which dietary options are offered at each concession location.

Guests must open bottles and cans in front of staff at concessions per NBA/NHL rules. Food and drink can be enjoyed at your seat or at the concessions area as well. You cannot bring in your own food and beverages, so you will need to plan to access the on-site food and drink offerings for your visit to the arena.

How to get to Ball Arena

Ball Arena transportation

Want to know how to get to Ball Arena? The Toyota Parking Lots at the Ball Arena are open three hours prior to events, and parking staff will remain at their posts for one hour after an event has concluded. You can access the parking lots as soon as staff are on site.

The Regional Transportation District offers buses and light rain to the Denver Metropolitan area. You can also enjoy zero fares during certain times of the year. These transportation options are mobility-friendly and arrive on a regular schedule to transfer visitors to the arena.

The MallRide shuttle is free and picks visitors up at the 16th Street Mall. You can ride this shuttle to the arena and leave your car parked at the mall if you wish. In addition, rideshare pickup and drop-off are available along Auraria Parkway between 9th and 11th Street only.

Ball Arena camera policy

NBA games are the most stringent when it comes to cameras and recording devices, but these rules often apply to other sporting events at Ball Arena as well. The Ball Arena camera policy states that you can bring personal point-and-shoot cameras into the arena but that no external flash equipment is allowed. Bipods, monopods, and tripods are also not allowed. Selfie sticks are also prohibited.

You also can’t bring in audio or video recording devices for many events, and there are specific rules that have to be followed for NBA games with regard to cell phones.

Live streaming is not allowed during the event, and video recording of any kind that disrupts the experience of other guests or players is prohibited. Violations of this kind can lead to the removal of the guest from the arena.

Ball Arena policies

Ball Arena rules

The Ball Arena policies and rules are required to be followed by all the people who attend events at this venue. During hockey and lacrosse games, guests must wait at the top of the aisle or bottom of the stairs until play has stopped to go to their seats. Ushers will guide guests to and from their seats during these events.

All visitors must be respectful and behave appropriately at all times. Ejected guests will not get a refund for their tickets or be compensated for the cost of access to the event. Guests can be relocated by security or staff request at any time during the game.

The Ball Arena asks that if you are sick or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, you do not come to the arena for your ticketed event.

The arena does not allow camping at the venue. You MUST enter through general admission gates at the time that the arena is opened for each event. Early access will not be allowed without specific permission related to the unique event and specific tickets.


Bounce can offer you access to secure storage for all of your personal items so that you can enjoy your game with peace of mind. Denver is an amazing place to visit if you love good street food or activities like hiking and enjoying nature. Being able to enjoy everything that Denver has to offer with your hands free is always better - you can cheer and clap for your favorite player so much easier.

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