Dublin Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Planes at Dublin Airport, Ireland

Dublin Airport has been serving the Emerald Isle for over eighty years and if you're on a trip to Ireland,  that's where you'll be landing. Relatively small compared with other capital city airports, Dublin Airport has just two terminal buildings and two runways, but manages to deal with over two hundred thousand flights and 32 million-plus passengers annually.

Dublin Airport is not located in the city, but seven kilometers to the north in an area surrounded by industrial parks and golf clubs. There are no train links from the airport into Dublin city or anywhere else come to that. The only transport options to continue your journey from the airport onward or to get to the airport is bus, taxi, private hire or your personal contacts. 

If you've left your accommodation and want to explore Dublin or have a business meeting before your flight, you won't want to be carting your bags around with you. Leaving your baggage at a luggage storage service near Dublin Aiport is the hassle-free solution.

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Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland

Bag policy at Dublin Airport

There is tight security at airports all over the world and Dublin Airport is no different. To make your life and getting around the airport easier before your flight check-in opens, you can pick up a trolley for your baggage if you've only got a short time to wait. If you've got longer to wait and really don't want to be lumbered with your bags while having a final pint of Guinness or going for a meal, you may want to consider renting some short-term suitcase storage. It's a sure thing, as the Irish would say, you can't leave your bags alone or they'll disappear faster than a mythical leprechaun.

Food policy at Dublin Airport

Whether you're departing or arriving, you won't be short of places to snack or eat a full meal in Dublin Airport. There are tasty eateries and cafeterias on every level, though it's good to be aware many have early closing times. After the breakfast and lunch rush, the choice diminishes to burger-style fast food outlets, self-service buffets until early evening, or a sandwich shop open until the last flight of the day takes off. Finish your cold drink or coffee before getting up from the table as you can't take liquids of that kind through the security checks.

Camera policy at Dublin Airport

Taking photographs in Dublin Airport is not prohibited but does carry a few restrictions you should keep in mind before pointing your camera at someone. If you want to keep possession of your camera, it's a good idea not to take pictures of the check-in area, the staff working on the desks, or anyone employed in passport control or airport security. If you're taking snaps of family or friends and accidentally include airport staff or strangers in the shot, you must let them know and if they don't want to be in the photo then you should delete the picture from your memory card.

Rules at Dublin Airport

There are a few rules at Dublin Airport that affect regular travelers using the facility. Smoking in the terminal buildings isn't permitted, but if you do want to indulge you'll find a designated smoking area in terminal one at the Garden Terrace bar

Some airports allow pets inside, but Dublin Airport doesn't unless they're service dogs. If you're going to be reunited with your furbuddy on arrival, then your friends or family will need to wait outside the terminal building with them or leave them in the car. When it's not convenient to keep your bags with you, don't leave them alone, but look for somewhere that officially stores suitcases.  

Lockers at Dublin Airport

One way to make sure you enjoy your time in Dublin Airport without having to deal with uncomfortable and cumbersome baggage is to hire a luggage locker. If you've hours to go before take-off then hiring luggage storage in Dublin itself rather than at the airport may work out to be a whole lot more convenient. With only buses and taxis going to and from the airport, it'll save you time and money too.

There is a left luggage service at Dublin Airport that is located in terminal one. The minimum hire time is for four hours but for anything over that time period, you'll need to rent the suitcase storage for a full twenty-four hours. There's a substantial cost increment for that service, so storing your baggage out of the airport works out a lot more economical.

Bounce luggage lockers are situated in easily accessible points in the city and you'll only pay a small daily fee for each bag you store. You might say, you'd be quids in, but the official currency in Ireland is euros so you'll be saving plenty of those instead.  

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