Wine Tasting in Florence: 8 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Florence

Florence is one of the most amazing places that you can visit for so many reasons. You might want to come to this part of the world to check out museums, enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside, and catch some sun. You can also count on excellent shopping and tours of all kinds of locations where you can connect with antiquity. One of the main reasons that many people come to Florence, however, is to enjoy access to wine tasting and wine tours. This is the Chianti region of Italy, and you will need to make sure that you visit all the wine cellars and wine tasting locations that the Chianti region is best known for. This famous wine region can keep you busy with wine tastings for days, so you might need a little help to narrow things down.

If you have come to Florence to enjoy a wine tour or the Tuscan hills, you will need to be sure that you are not dragging your luggage with you on your adventure. You will want to take the time to place your bags in luggage storage in Florence so that you can really enjoy your Chianti wine tour or the olive groves and countryside. Make sure that you check out our guide to the best things to do at night in Florence as well when you are planning your wine tasting days.

Once your bags are securely stored, you will be ready to head out to have the wine-tasting adventures that you have always dreamed of!

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Tuscan vineyards near Florence

Wine Tasting Florence

Whether you have flown into the Florence area or you have driven in from another part of the country, you will be so close to all of the best wine-tasting opportunities in the whole of Italy. A few of the wine tours will take the larger part of a day, so make sure that you are prepared to work out the rest of your plans around this constraint. No matter which of the Chianti wine tour options you pick, you will have a great time and be so glad that you chose this special experience for your visit to the Chianti region.

Castello di Verrazzano

While this location is an hour or so from Florence, the beauty of the grounds and the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere makes it worth a visit. You will be greeted by wrought iron gates, warm and mellow stone buildings, and a lovely tasting room that offers some of the very best wines in the region to try. There are so many delicious Chianti wines to try here that you will be in heaven if this is your favorite kind of wine tour.

From fresh and light options like the Bianco di Toscana IGT to bold flavors like the Toscana IGT Verrazzano Rosso, this is one of the most well-known and delightful wineries in the region. The other benefit to heading to this location for a tasting or a wine tour is that you will be surrounded by a castle that dates back to the early Romans. This is a memorable location for so much more than your Chianti wine tour, and you will have a full immersion day trip to this location if you want it.

The tours here all offer food, and you can choose from a range of price points for your wine tasting experience. This location is as historical as the best museums that you might want to visit in Florence, so you will be getting a lot for the price of a wine tour when you visit. The prices range from 24 euros to 62 euros, which is very affordable for all the tasting and eating that you can get done during your time at this winery!

Via Citille, 32A Località Greti
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)

Where to go for wine tasting in Florence

Montefioralle Winery

Another location that is famous for Chianti wines, this winery is nestled at the base of the Montefioralle mountains on a family farm. You will feel like you have been welcomed into the arms of the family who owns this winery when you arrive, and the location is exactly what you have probably envisioned the Chianti region to look like.

The Chianti Classico is an ideal choice here, but most of the wine tastings are offered as a flight of the wines that are currently on offer. You will be given the chance to try all of the most current Chianti wines that the family has for sale for the year, and if you call in advance, you might also be given a private tour by one of the family members. The vintners here love to share the process of creating the wines that have made them famous, and they will be happy to show your party how the Chianti region creates famous Chianti wine.

The basic tastings are very affordable here, but private tours and full flights of the classic line of wines begin at $360 euros. You will also need at least four people in your party for the more private tours to be arranged as well. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time for this Chianti wine tour, as you get a lot for your money when you head to this winery.

via montefioralle - 50022 Greve in Chianti (Fl)

Wine tasting in the Tuscan countryside

Enoteca Falorni

This is the place to head if you want to have access to a wide array of options. There are more than 1,000 wines on offer here, and you can select from 100 of them for Chianti wine tastings. Located in the historic center of Greve, this is the largest wine cellar in the region. This is a place where you can enjoy your own Chianti wine tour, and you will find no other cellar in the region with so much variety on offer. This cellar was created to be a "temple to wine," and the wine tours here are second to none.

Many people make a stop here for part of their day when they are out adventuring through Chianti wine options. This location offers you comfortable seating, and the staff is very helpful if you need some guidance about which Chianti wine options to try for your tasting. If you are interested in getting a bottle, you will be able to do this as well when you stop in to this spot.

Piazza delle Cantine, 6, 50022 Greve

Azienda Agricola Altiero

These vineyards can only be accessed with an appointment because the family is busy with so much work. They not only offer Chianti Classico and Riserva, Rosato, and IGT, but they also make extra virgin olive oil and cosmetics. The olive groves and their olive oil are almost as well known as their wines, and people come here to see how each of these products is made and to sample them.

This is not a place to get food with your Chianti Classico, but you will be in love with the wines you can taste here as well as the rolling hills of the Tuscan region that surround this wine estate. This is one of the best Chianti winery locations if you want to have a tour guide who is also the owner, and you can count on your small group tour being really special. Make sure to plan well in advance for this Chianti day tour so that you do not miss out on this popular Tuscany day trip.

b Via San Cresci 58 a, 50022 Greve

Best wine tasting in Florence, Italy

La Matteraia

This family residence offers you access to an amazing guided tour of the location and amazing views of the Tuscan countryside. You actually will get a delicious lunch with your Chianti Classico or the other flights of wines that you can pick from here, which makes this a good choice for your tour group in the middle of the day. Enjoying the Tuscan countryside along with a traditional Tuscan lunch is one of the key reasons to make this your primary stop for the day.

The family that runs this location appreciate it if you reach out about tour times before you just drop by. They are very busy with the process of running the business, and you will not want to drop in without warning. Being able to secure a guided tour can make your experience here so much more enjoyable.

fraz. Cuccino, 10, 50039 Vicchio

Lamole Di Lamole

For excellent food in a location that will absolutely take your breath away, this is the right stop to make during your wine tasting day. You will have an amazing time here and can get a full and delicious meal at this location while you are tasting your wine. The rolling hills and the Roman settlement that you will be visiting as you are trying wines here feel like you have stepped back in time.

This location is a bit spendy due to the quality of the food, but you will not be sorry if you want to plan a stop that offers you access to food and tastings. The Chianti wines that are produced here are given the kind of care and attention to detail that makes for excellent and memorable tastings that you will not find in many of the other places in the region. This is a complete wine tasting experience that will not let you down!

Via di Lamole, 50022 Greve

Places for wine tasting in Florence

Fattoria San Michele a Torri

This local vineyard is focused on sustainability, and they take their job of introducing people to their wines very seriously. You will be assigned a skilled tour leader when you arrive for your tasting, and this person will guide your experience carefully from start to finish. This is a very unique tour to embark on, and the personalized nature of your visit will be very memorable for you.

Locals actually come here to pick up their wine, and the prices are very reasonable when compared to some of the other locations in this area. This is a place where you can take a half-day tour if you want and you will feel fully immersed in your wine tasting experience from the moment that you arrive. The scenery is also second to none, and you will be fully aware that you are in wine country as you take your tasting tour.

Via Santa Michele, 36, 50018 Scandicci


If you want a really special tasting experience, you should put this spot on your list. They offer delightful Chianti DOCG red and their well-known Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG White, as well as many other wines that you can access for a tasting. If you are interested in how wine is made, this is also a really good place to take a wine tour.

You will eat well here, and you can also enjoy limoncellos, grappas, and more. They also offer some hard alcohol. The location of this winery is absolutely stunning, and you will look out across rolling hills and beautiful old buildings as you enjoy your wine tasting.

Strada Provinciale Certaldese II 25 A Gambassi Terme

Wine bars in Florence


If you love wines and you have always wanted to go on a wine tasting in the country that is best known for this product, you need to use this guide to plan your tasting day. There are few places where you can access so many amazing wineries all in one place. You will not be sorry that you took even a full day or two full days to tour this region and enjoy wines at the same time. But don't forget that there's much more to do in Florence than wine tasting. Check out our guide to 3 days in Florence for some extra activities to complement your wine tastings.

No matter your plans for your time in Florence, you need to put your luggage into secure storage before you do anything else. When you don't have your hands full, you will have so much more fun in Florence than you thought could be possible. It's so much easier to get out and explore this fascinating wine region without towing your suitcase behind you!

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