10 must see parks in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is known for its historic old town, energetic nightlife, majestic architecture, and modern skyline. However, there’s much more to the city than what typical visitors see. As Germany’s financial center and primary travel hub, it’s undoubtedly an incredible city to work in, but beyond the busy Frankfurt am Main are astounding varieties of forests, parks, nature reserves, and green spaces perfect for daily breaks or weekend excursions.

While the historical landmarks, museums, and ancient buildings should be on your must-visit lists, Frankfurt parks and other natural wonders can also be the highlights of your trip. They are highly accessible and offer numerous activities, from playing sports and learning about the city’s rich flora and fauna to scenic walks and picnics. Some offer a serene escape from the city noise, while others provide opportunities for camping and hiking. If you’re struggling with minimal storage space for your outdoor gear, use a bounce luggage locker in Frankfurt for a safe, clean, and reliable storage solution.

Choose your green oasis among the beautiful parks in Frankfurt. Below are some of the city’s natural sights worth adding to your itinerary.

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Rothschildpark is a charming park once owned by the von Rothschild family, an influential and wealthy banking dynasty from Frankfurt am Main. They built a summer house and a market garden, and in 1832, the neo-classical Rothschild Palace was erected on site. Unfortunately, the palace and major parts of the park were destroyed in World War II, and though it was restored post-war, it was no longer the same.

Today, this 4.5-hectare park in Frankfurt is a favorite destination among families, groups, and individuals wanting to rest and forget the anxieties of life. It has a playground for kids to play to their heart’s content, winding paths for leisure walks, and well-maintained lawns. It’s a small park, so it won’t take long for you to explore the area.

The Ring of Statues is an impressive feature at Rothschildpark, with a circle of seven statues made in bronze, created by Georg Kolbe. The restored neo-Gothic tower is also not to be missed when visiting the park, located behind the hill.

Martin-Luther-King Park

Martin-Luther-King Park is a vast green area constructed between 1969 and 1971. It was named after the American civil rights activist and prominent leader Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated in 1968. It’s found in the Niederursel area, north of the Frankfurt-Nordweststadt settlement.

The park is a meeting place for visitors and residents from the surrounding area and the district to gather, relax, meet new people, and take a break from their busy lifestyles. It features a play area for children and sports facilities, including football and streetball fields and a basketball court. There’s also a fitness area for seniors, though it can also be used by anyone, as well as a pathway for biking, jogging, strolling, and dog walking. Dog owners will love that there’s a designated space for their furry friends to play and run.

Frankfurt City Forest

Frankfurt is one of the country’s most wooded urban areas, so it’s no surprise to find forest expanses here. Frankfurt City Forest is Germany’s largest inner-city forest, spanning nearly 5,000 acres, with abundant trails for walkers, cyclists, hikers, and runners. It used to be part of the Imperial Forest, with a history dating back to the thirteenth century. It covers the northern areas of the Stadtteil Flughafen district and the southern parts of Oberrad, Niderrad, Schwanheim, and Sachsenhausen.

Sports paths and nature trails abound at Frankfurt City Forest. The cycling, walking, and hiking trails have clear signposts, but be sure to grab a map from the State Forest House Visitor Centre to guide your excursion. It’s only seven kilometers south of the city, so you won’t be too far from all the modern entertainment. If you get tired, seating benches and twenty-five rest huts are scattered throughout.

Frankfurt City Forest is a huge, wooded area to go out and about in a city setting. If you’re not into hiking or exploring the wilderness, there are six playgrounds where you can enjoy golf, basketball, football, ping-pong, or roller skating. You can also make a barbecue or picnic by one of the nine ponds. On the northern edge of the city forest, you’ll find the Goethe Tower, an observation deck offering views of the city and the surrounding countryside.


Palmengarten is a major attraction, no matter the season, with exhibitions, musical events, and guided tours. For 150 years, this lovely park and garden in Frankfurt has become a home of countless trees and plants from around the world, meadows, arts, and culture. It covers twenty hectares of land, featuring about 13,000 plant species in its display houses and outdoor areas.

Dedicate a few hours to exploring the garden, and discover tropical flower beds, historical display houses, ancient trees, and statues. Siesmayerstrasse’s Botanical Garden has also been part of the Palmengarten for over a decade, which was initially located at the 15th-century Eschenheimer Turm. The botanical garden welcomes visitors to participate in free guided tours and learn about different plant treasures and garden life.

Bring kids to the garden because Palmengarten offers adventures for both young and old besides the exhibitions and tours. Rent a boat and paddle around the lake or get your little ones to play under the shade of large trees above the Big Pond. There’s also a large playground for kids to swing, climb, dig, and splash water in a safe and fun environment. Are you feeling hungry? Caféhaus Siesmayer takes pride in its first-class service and food quality with business brunch, lunch specials, fresh sandwiches, French pastries, and German cakes.

Bethmann Park

This tranquil green space was once the idyllic garden of the renowned Bethmann family. Today, it is a favorite urban oasis with thick walls separating it from the city traffic. As soon as you step inside the park, you’ll be surrounded by greenery and flowers, especially in the blooming season.

Bethmann Park features a Chinese Garden, a must-see attraction that opened in 1989. It was landscaped based on the principles of feng-shui, so you’ll immediately feel a Chinese vibe, with quaint wooden bridges, pagodas, a dragon-guarded portal, and a pond. There’s also the Five Rams sculpture, a version of one of the most famous sculptures in Guangzhou, China.

Entry to the park is free, making it an ideal destination for travelers on a budget. There are several parts to enjoy, like the quiet paths for a relaxing walk and the children’s play area. The best time to visit is during summer and spring to witness flowers bloom and add life and color to the park.

Rebstock Park

Whether you need a quiet moment to empty your mind and refocus or just want to reconnect with nature, Rebstock Park is the place to go. With vast grassy areas, tall trees, scenic views, and recreational facilities, this urban oasis allows residents and visitors to chill, play, exercise, and enjoy the natural environment.

This landscape park has three zones: a densely planted area with trees, an open meadow area in the middle, and a shady northern part with trees near the residential buildings. There are paved and dirt pathways and a sports field to let off steam. Right next door is a large adventure pool, inviting everyone to linger and cool down in summer. Sitting areas are also scattered in various spots if you need to rest from strolling.

There’s a play area for children, lakeside picnic spots, and small forest areas for fresh air. A lawn canal also runs through the entire park with grassy embankments, bridges, and gabion walls.

Volkspark Niddatal

At 168 hectares, Volkspark Niddatal, or simply Niddapark, is the largest and most popular park in Frankfurt. It’s a landscape reservation area and is part of the Frankfurt Green Belt, a premier recreational site with a mix of streams, nature reserves, fruit orchards, gardens, and sports facilities. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, cyclists, and runners, away from the big-city life.

Nidda park boasts an extensive network of trails for hiking, cycling, trekking, and running. It has several playgrounds for children and a dog running area, so you can take your pet on your outdoor trip. It is open throughout the year and offers free admission for all.

On weekends, you’ll often encounter families, dog walkers, pedestrians, and cyclists congregating and enjoying the scenery. The meadows with play areas and water playgrounds are a favorite, but you’ll also find people in the sports fields and small gardens. If you go to the park’s southern area, a fitness facility is available for athletes or anyone who wants to exercise outdoors.

Adolph-von-Holzhausen Park

Another scenic park in the city center you should see when visiting Frankfurt is Adolph-von-Holzhausen Park. It was the former estate of the Holzhausen family dating back to 1500. It originally covered over thirty acres of land, and though it’s smaller in size, it’s been a beloved urban park with plenty of playing facilities for kids and the young at heart.

Since the City of Frankfurt bought the land in 1910, Adolph-von-Holzhausen Park has been a retreat from the crowds and the chaos of life in the city. Younger visitors can have hours of entertainment in the little playhouse, sandpits, and swings.

One of its major draws is the magnificent Holzhausen Castle, featuring a French Classicistic-baroque style design. It was constructed in 1728 and renovated in 1994. The castle remains a major attraction in the park, welcoming visitors and hosting exhibitions, lectures, concerts, readings, and special events for children. On Fridays, the castle’s first floor serves as a branch office for the registry office.

Grüneberg Park

Grüneberg Park is another big park with sizeable lawns, tree-lined paths, and landscaped patches of shrubbery. It’s nestled in the west end of Frankfurt, a stone’s throw from Palmengarten and Botanical Gardens. It’s one of the largest parks in Frankfurt, named after the green castle that was once found at the site in the 14th century.

This state park is open day and night, offering a peaceful setting to reflect and rest after hours of sightseeing, working, or shopping. It’s the ideal destination to hang out with friends or have a picnic with family.

On warm sunny days, locals and international tourists visit to walk, jog, play football, or soak in the relaxing atmosphere in one of the vast green areas. The wide-open meadows can also be used for sports and recreational activities. If you get weary from playing and running, Schönhof pavilion has a café that serves refreshments and treats to hungry visitors.

River Main Cycle Route

Bicycle fans often make their way here via Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Station as the trains are typically filled with bikes. Chasing after more challenging or relaxing routes with breathtaking views of the Frankfurt skyline? On the banks of the River Main are charming gardens, beautiful promenades, and routes for all skill levels. You can start at the route in Creußen and meander through historical sights or just walk between the pedestrian bridges Eiserner Steg and Holbeinsteg.

You can also begin your adventure on the north bank at Park Nizza, about 1.5 kilometers east, or take other longer options. No matter your choice, you’ll be rewarded with more sightseeing opportunities.

Enjoy natural experiences at the best parks in Frankfurt am Main

Many are probably unaware that Frankfurt is a green city, with about half of the urban area made up of open green spaces. It is ideally located on the River Main, boasting rich nature and stunning landscapes you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a fan of leisure walks and hiking or just want to take your kids outside to play in a natural setting, the parks in Frankfurt don’t disappoint. Both young and old are bound to find something that will uplift your spirit and boost your energy.

If you’re on an extended vacation in Germany and want to see the city in full, meander through the best museums and browse the boutiques and shops to expand your horizons beyond the beautiful parks.

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