Geneva Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Geneva, Switzerland

Land at Geneva Airport and not only will you be landing at the second busiest airport in Switzerland, but you’ll also be landing at one with a fantastic and very scenic alpine backdrop. From the airport's singular runway there are amazing vistas of the snow-capped Alps and stunning Lake Geneva.

The almost twenty million passengers arriving to and departing from GVA don't get much chance to glimpse the scenery though, as there are planes taking off and landing once every ninety seconds or so. It's something you could almost set your watch by.

There are two terminals at GVA and although they are both on Swiss territory, it's right on the border with France and the airport can also be accessed from there too. Make the most of that fact by dropping your baggage at a luggage storage service in Geneva Airport before going to explore Geneva or the nearby and very pretty French town of Ferney-Voltaire.

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Bag policy at Geneva Airport

If you're heading to Switzerland for a snow-bound break you may well have more than your normal suitcase to deal with. Moving around the airport with winter sports equipment like skis or even a snowboard as well as your bags can be tiring, to say the least. Loading them on a luggage cart can help, but they can still be a hindrance when you have to weave in and out of the crowds. You can't leave your bags or sports equipment unattended anywhere in the airport though, as they'll be removed by security and you could end up sliding down the slopes barefoot, so keep them with you at all times.

Food policy at Geneva Airport

There are great food outlets in both of the terminals at Geneva International Airport before and after the security zones so you won't need to wait until you're in the departure lounge to get something tasty to eat. There are high-class culinary offerings at GVA which include such tempting delicacies as smoked salmon, caviar, and foie gras while other establishments serve up more down-to-earth dishes like pasta, falafel, and traditional Swiss meals. There's lots of snacks and fast food available too so all tastes are catered for at GVA and then some.

Camera policy at Geneva Airport

Photography and filming is permitted in Geneva Airport as long as it is for personal use only. Images or videos that are destined for any form of commercial use are prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained from the airport authorities. When taking photos that include people you don't know, you must ask for their consent first and not take the shot if they don't agree to it. To avoid any problems with security staff, avoid photographing areas where the check-in desks or passport control are located.

Rules at Geneva Airport

The Swiss are renowned for being precise and that's something that also applies when they're stating the rules at Geneva Airport. The airport authorities are intolerant of any abuse, whether it’s focused at staff or other users of the facility, and video cameras are in use to monitor people's behavior. Smoking in general areas is not allowed, but there is a designated indoor smoking lounge in the transit area of terminal one. Pets, other than service dogs, are not permitted in the terminals unless you are traveling with them and they are being transported in a pet carrier.

Lockers at Geneva Airport

There are luggage lockers at Geneva International Airport located on the same level as the platforms for the CFF Train Station. The lockers there are unmanned automatic ones and of four different sizes, the largest of which can accommodate a suitcase 52.5cm x 94.5cm x 85.5cm. Prices vary for each size and the minimum storage time you'll need to pay for is six hours with an additional fee payable for any time incurred after that. Extra bulky luggage can be stored at the SBB Travel Center.

If you're not heading directly to the airport after leaving your hotel, using a Bounce luggage locker in Geneva may be more convenient. There's only a daily fee per bag charge which includes a comprehensive coverage up to $10,000 in protection. That guarantees you peace of mind while you're shopping for a Swiss timepiece or chocolates to take home.

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