Music Festivals in Genoa in 2022

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Genoa, Italy

Genoa is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, and you will find that there is likely to be a lot of upcoming events that you can enjoy during your stay if you wish. Genoa concerts are really special, and there is nothing like heading to this city to enjoy music alongside touring the oldest parts of the city and partaking in really delicious food and drink. Your favorite bands are probably playing a gig in Genoa in 2022, and you might also want to look into being in the city during some of the amazing music festivals that happen here each year.

The first thing that you need to do before you head to the festival of your choice is to store your luggage safely and securely. You will want to put your bags into secure storage in Genoa before you do anything else in the city. Having your bags put away someplace safe can give you the peace of mind that you need to have a great time during your trip. Most music festivals will not allow you to have your bags with you on the festival grounds anyway so you will want to be sure that you place your bags in storage somewhere safe before heading to the event of your choice.

Once your bags are secured and safe, you are ready to start enjoying the concerts that Italy has to offer!

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Music Festival

The Best Music Festivals in Genoa in 2022

This city is very easy to get around, and you will love that it is so simple to get into the parts of the city where concerts in Genoa are usually held. Most of Genoa is quite walkable, but you might need to make plans to travel in a more efficient way to some of the events that are offered that are not right in the city center. There is always something to be said for walking to as many places as possible while you are enjoying Italy as a whole, but not all of the concert events that you will want to enjoy will be accessible to you via an easy walk. Make sure that you wear sturdy shoes to any of these events, as cobbled streets and standing-room-only conditions can lead to discomfort if you have not planned ahead.

Genoa can have more rain during the year than some of the other places in Italy that you might have visited before, so you should always plan to have a jacket or a hat with you, even if you are visiting to see a music event in the summer months. You will find that getting a little wet during a concert is not a big deal so long as you have prepared for this possible issue. When you are by the water in the hotter months of the year, you should be comfortable even when standing outside, and you will appreciate having some extra protection if a little rain squall shows up out of nowhere during your concert.

Sanremo Music Festival

This event has been going on for 72 years, and it is actually a singing contest where new talent is discovered each year. Think of this event like The Voice but hosted as a live concert where you can sit in on the process of new artists being given their wings! This is a very fun event, and the small and cozy venue that it is hosted in makes for a really intimate and fun experience. If you are in Genoa from February 1st to 5th, you will want to get a ticket for this show. There are three winners that are voted on and chosen at the end of the event, and you can be sitting in the audience as new musical stars are born on stage right in front of you! This event also hosts a champions competition for returning singers and groups as well as a newcomers event, so you will get to see bands of varying skills when you attend this festival.

Genoa International Music Youth Festival

This event runs from February to August and showcases some of the best talents in the classical music world in Genoa. These concerts are free, and they involve a full orchestra and other performances that you can enjoy right in the heart of Genoa. The dates are spread out over the entirety of the event, so you will need to plan to attend the dates that are available during your stay. Check out the event site to see when the concerts will be happening if you want to enjoy some of the most moving and inspiring young artists and musicians in Genoa.

There is a youth singing competition during one of the dates as well as themed music weeks doing a tribute to the works of composers from various countries. You will love everything about this event if you enjoy classical music and choir performances.


For an experience in soft and soothing Indie music and melancholy pop, you will want to head to this event in May. You will enjoy this concert at Cascina Bellaria, and you will love the uniquely sad and special music that you will hear when you attend. For those who are always eager to discover new artists, there are a lot of opportunities at this event, and the weather should be quite nice for a festival during this time of the year. This well-established band and their headliners are well worth buying a ticket to see when you are in Genoa during this part of the year.

Balena Festival 2022

This event takes place in July in Genoa Italy. You will be able to enjoy Indie music of various kinds here right in the heart of Genoa. This is an extension of a UK music event and you will be able to hear pop and indie music from some of your favorite UK artists as well as discover new music that you might not have heard before.

The lineup of this festival is a bit flexible until the date approaches for it to arrive in town, but you will be given access to the Editors for sure, which are the headlining band for the tour. This is a great chance to enjoy some indie and pop music during one of the nicest months of the year in this lovely city. Taking place right on the water in Porto Antico, you will find that this festival is cool, comfortable, and picturesque.

Improbabile Festival 2022

This is another festival in July that takes place in the heart of Genoa. You will want to check on the lineup for the musicians that will be playing, but España Circo Este is responsible for getting together a really unique and enjoyable group of artists each year to play at this event. This might be a bit of wacky and unique music that you have never heard before, so you do not want to miss out on these unique genre performers while they are in residence in the city. This event is small enough that you might be able to buy last-minute tickets when you are in the city and want to have a fun experience for one of the days of your trip.

Music Festival


Happening on July 13th, this group will be hosting a lovely event for those who love hip-hop music. This artist is well-known in Italy, but many people around the world have not gotten to enjoy the work of this group. This is an easy-to-access event if you are staying in Genoa, but you will want to get tickets in advance. Make sure that you don't miss out on this hip-hop event, as Italian hip-hop is some of the most unique and enjoyable music you're likely to hear.

Nu Genea

On July 30th, you can enjoy access to this pop music event that is also held in Villa Serra. You will be treated to a really enjoyable location and some of your favorite artists here. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance since this is a large concert that will likely sell out fairly quickly. If you want to stay in this area, you will be treated to lots of nice hotels and other fun activities to enjoy during the hours that you are not attending the concert.


This is a well-known group in Italy whose style covers everything from pop to punk to electronic. You will not have to choose between musical styles to enjoy when you head to this event, and you will get to find out what this kind of unique band's offerings are like. If you love unique and really enjoyable music that is performed with energy and verve, this is the right music event for you to attend. You will head to Porto Antico for this September event, and you will leave with a whole list of new artists that you did not know you would enjoy so much! This is a good choice if you are trying to visit Genoa outside of the peak of tourist season as well since you will be free from the need to struggle with large crowds of people and expensive hotel stays.

New Year

New Year in Genoa is a huge event, and you can plan to come to the city to see fireworks, street festivals, and impromptu concerts all over the city. This is a bit of a carnival-like event, and you will love that every corner you turn seems to deliver a new musical or festive delight for you to enjoy. This is not a traditional music festival and is instead more of an experience of wandering through the city and enjoying the performances that pop up in front of you. You will be dazzled by the sense of whimsy and noisy fun that the city brings to this event, and this can be a great choice for your visit if you don't want to have to pick any one kind of music event to go to during your stay.

Planning to stay some more days in Genoa?

There are so many things that you can do and see when you are in Genoa. The food is incredible, and there are street food options as well as cozy cafes and even lots of vegetarian and vegan choices available to you all over the city. If you love shopping, Genoa is a great place to visit for access to designer stores, local crafts and wares, and more. Genoa Italy is a real gem of a city and a place that can offer you access to so much to do and see that you might struggle to fit it all in. Consider planning specific days for certain activities and save your indoor adventures for days that are predicted to have some rain.

There are always upcoming events in Genoa during most of the year, so you should have no trouble finding something exciting to do during your stay. If you love music, there are so many different artists and festivals that come through Genoa each year that you are likely to be able to plan your trip during the visit of your favorite bands or a specific festival. No matter what your musical taste, from classical music to pop or hip-hop, there is an event for your tastes that is offered in this lovely city.

Genoa is one of the loveliest cities in Italy, and you will probably have too many things on your list of things to do to get to all of them. No matter what your plans are during your stay in the city, you will need to be sure that you put your bags into secure storage right away. Having your bags stored in a place that you know they will be safe will allow you to have lots of fun as you enjoy the bands and events that you have come to Genoa to see!

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