8 must see parks in Genoa

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You may or may not have heard of Genoa, one of the best hidden gems in Italy. This lovely city is located right by the Ligurian Sea and features incredible architecture, a rich art scene, some of the finest food in the country, and an undeniably fascinating history. Genoa is home to one of Europe's biggest historic centers and more than 100 palaces. Being less known than some of Italy's more famous places like Rome or Venice, Genoa can offer a quiet and authentic travel experience that everyone who visits the city loves.

As you make your way down the tiled roads you'll pass by colorful buildings, historic landmarks, and public parks and green spaces. Visit the gardens and parks in Genoa if you have a chance; nothing beats going for a stroll in nature, and they're also great places to do sports or outdoor activities. Generally, these spaces are frequented by local citizens and families, and they're well worth visiting for tourists, too. If you live in the city or are on holiday, discover the wonderful parks listed below.

Once you've finished dining in style, shopping in Genoa's boutiques and markets, and meandering unique neighborhoods, store your shopping finds, souvenirs, and backpacks with Bounce luggage storage in Genoa. Then, stretch out under the sun in a picturesque park.

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Parco dell'Acquasola

Parco dell'Acquasola, or Acquasola Park, is one of the most interesting Genoa city parks. In the 16th century, the space was home to forts connected to Saint Catherine. It's also a burial location for the victims of the plague that lasted between 1656 and 1657. Some 10,000 to 15,000 well-preserved skeletons were discovered by explorers who went underground in 1989 and are still resting there today.

The park dates back to 1821 when C. Barabino established the green space. It was constructed as a leisure and sporting area and is still used as a walking and relaxation destination today. Acquasola Park has some beautiful walkways lined with trees that provide shady spots for resting or picnicking, as well as a tranquil lake in the center of the park. It's not uncommon to see ducks or swans swimming around in the water.

There's a kids' playground on site as well as some sports facilities, like an athletics track and football pitches. Continue exploring the area to find a skating and cycling area, table tennis, and bowling greens. The various activities and historic significance make this one of the best parks in Genoa.

Parco Durazzo Pallavicini

The Parco Durazzo Pallavicini sits on a grand estate designed by Michele Canzio between 1840 and 1846 for Marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini. The entire space covers about 8 hectares and there's an impressive villa constructed in an English romantic style that is now over 170 years old. Since much of the area is made up of hills, the park provides amazing views of the surrounding area.

Go for a stroll around the grounds to find elegant statues, a grotto of trees, peaceful ponds, waterfalls, and breathtaking gardens. The gardens are so stunning that they've earned Parco Durazzo Pallavicini the title of one of the most beautiful parks in the city. You're invited to take a guided tour of the park if you'd like to learn more about its story, which will take you all around the grounds. Boat tours are offered on the lake as well.

Those visiting with kids will want to check out the zoo to see the goats and fallow deer. Many of the other landmarks in the park, like the Chinese Pagoda or Temple of Diana, are well worth setting time aside to enjoy. Don't forget to visit the bistro and on-site museum to get the full experience.

Parchi di Nervi

This park is made up of the property of several impressive buildings in Genoa; the Serra, Groppallo, and Grimaldi villas, plus the Villa Brignole Sale. Having come all together, the three grounds make up the biggest Genoa park and cover an area of about 9 hectares. Plan a visit here, and you'll find clean and well-maintained English lawns with ponds, palm trees, and fountains.

One of the biggest highlights of this space is the rose garden. Although it's beautiful all year round, the gardens are absolutely stunning between May and June when the colorful and aromatic flowers are in full bloom. Special events are sometimes held here, like the International Ballet Festival, which happens in the summertime.

Intricate flowerbeds and installations, hedges cut into different shapes and characters, as well as a variety of different species of plants and trees, make this the ultimate place for nature lovers to visit. You can also plan a picnic if you bring food and a blanket to sit on the grass. Just outside of the park limits, there's a modern art museum that you can visit before or after strolling through the gardens.

Orto Botanico dell'Universita di Genova

These gorgeous gardens were built in 1803 and are located on the grounds of the Jesuit College of Saint Jerome. They are looked after by the University of Genoa and feature a large selection of flora like colorful flowers, succulents, tall trees, and herbs. If you're familiar with different types of trees, you might be able to recognize some of the species that can be found here, like ginkgo, sequoia, cypress, honey locust, cedar, tree fern, and persimmon.

As a botanical garden, the flora is the main attraction here. Journey through the six greenhouses around the park to see a wide range of plants. Each greenhouse features a unique type of flora, like aquatic plants, cycads, orchids, tropical plants, and more.

These gardens house over 300 species of exotic plants and trees. If you like trying to identify different plants, this is a nice park practice. You can also learn more about nature around the world. From inside the park, you can have a pretty nice view of the city.

Parco della Villetta di Negro

Located in the heart of Genoa, this gorgeous park is full of lush greenery and spans 2 hectares. This is the site of the very first botanical garden in the city, which was here in 1780, followed by a zoological garden. It's situated on the grounds of a villa that was designed by C. Barabino and built by Marquis di Negro, and it was known to be a place where painters, artists, and writers would gather. Some talented individuals who spent time here include Dickens, Manzoni, D'Azeglio, and Stendhal. In addition, it was also a meeting point for politicians like Mazzini.

The modern building you'll find here today is not the same villa mentioned above. Unfortunately, the original structure was destroyed by bombings in the war, and the building that replaced it finished construction in 1971. It was designed by M. Labo and is still worth checking out as it's home to the Museo di Arte Orientale e. Chiossone.

Today, the grounds are quite beautiful, with a winding path leading up a hill where you can admire one of the nicest views in the city. Making your way up the path, you'll pass by exotic plants and trees, like camphor, sequoias, and Lebanese cedars, as well as other features. There's a lake where swans and ducks like to swim, tranquil fountains, artificial grottoes, ponds, and even a waterfall. This Genoa park can be accessed from the Piazza Mazzini.

Villa Imperiale of Terralba

The grand Villa Imperiale is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. The impressive building has ornate carvings on the exterior and colorful paintings lining the ceiling and walls inside, making it interesting for adults and children alike. Take your time enjoying the craftsmanship of the villa before heading outside to explore the rest of the property.

Outside the Villa Imperiale are spacious grounds with lots of grass and trees, with pathways and benches providing seating along the way. It's popular for walking, and dogs are allowed, so bring them along to exercise.

Make your way around the park to find the pond home to colorful koi fish and turtles. The playgrounds make it exciting for younger guests, and it's a park that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, whether you want to picnic on the grass, throw a frisbee, or sit down on a bench with a book.

Parco Avventura Righi

This adventure park, located in the heart of the city, is one of the most exciting activities for a family in Genoa. It's more of an amusement park than a place to relax, but it's a terrific afternoon of fun. At Parco Avventura Righi, you'll go swinging, climbing, and ziplining through the trees on exciting obstacle courses. Some of them will bring you pretty high up, so keep that in mind if you're afraid of heights.

Different courses are available based on age and difficulty level, so whether you're traveling with small kids or a mature group, you can participate. There is an entrance fee, but all guests will be provided with a helmet and a harness and will be given a safety course before being allowed on the obstacles.

During your journey, you'll cross rope bridges and tightropes, climb nets and ladders, and zip through the sky at high speeds. You'll get your adrenaline pumping, and smaller versions of the courses are available lower to the ground for younger participants. There's also a life-sized pirate ship with ropes, ladders to the crow's nest, and swings to explore. This is a great spot to host birthday parties.

Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno

Despite being the city's main cemetery, the Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno is a nice green space in Genoa. The cemetery was installed in the late 19th century and is peaceful and quiet at any time of day, providing a calm place to escape from the busyness of the city.

The big building in the cemetery is called the Chapel of the Intercession and is an impressive piece of architecture. You'll want to spend time admiring the details in the building before moving on to the rest of the grounds. You'll also find seating and benches to rest and enjoy the serene space.

Many of the tombstones are very ornamental, with incredible statues and stonework. The overall beauty of the park makes this a common stop on many travelers' itineraries. Remember to be respectful and quiet while walking through the grounds.

Outdoor adventures in Genoa, Italy

People who live and travel to Genoa are fortunate to have so many nice places around town to enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes, you need to get away from the activity of the city center, and these public parks are the perfect place to go. The best part is that many of Genoa's green spaces aren't only filled with nature but are also historically and culturally significant.

There's nowhere better than these parks to enjoy the fresh air in Genoa, but if you venture just a bit further outside of town, you can find plenty of incredible natural landscapes. Many of the bigger natural reserves, forests, and meadows have trails you can explore, and you can learn all about them in this guide on the Best Hikes in Genoa. Being situated right on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, Genoa also boasts breathtaking water views. To find the top areas to explore by the sea, look at these Best Beaches Near Genoa.

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