Wine Tasting in Genoa: 9 Places You Have to Try

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Genoa (in Italian Genova) is the capital of Liguria, the long, crescent-shaped region of northwest Italy. Small yet exquisite, Liguria is Italy’s second smallest wine region known for producing high-quality white wines crafted by small artisan wineries. Its viticulture accounts for about twenty-five centuries, characterized by scattered vineyards on hills, steep slopes, terraces, and even cliffs.

If you’re visiting the heart of the region, be sure to sample local wines such as Scimiscià, a rare native white variety that originates from Liguria, and Corochinato, a fortified wine that hails from the regional capital. They go well with seafood and Genoa’s vegetable-based specialties like vegetable pies. 

Have you just arrived here via Genova Piazza Principe? Whether you’re in the city for a quick tour or traveling for work, a wine tasting in Genoa is a great way to delve deeper into the wine region, listen to interesting tales, and learn about its history. Drop off your bags at a Genoa luggage locker and enjoy visiting wineries and touring the vineyards without burden to maximize your experience. You can also swing by the multitude of wine bars and authentic local shops in the charming historic center for delicious wine tasting and culinary adventures or stop by the restaurants and dance with live music when looking for things to do at night in Genoa.

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Maninvino is a wine bar and shop just a short distance from the city center. It offers biodynamic wines and an array of gastronomic products. Every item here is carefully selected with attention and care, focusing on production processes and craftsmanship, allowing consumers to taste the natural flavors of wines while discovering unique winemaking traditions. Its friendly atmosphere and delicious menu make it a favorite destination to hang out and dine while enjoying wine tasting with friends and loved ones.

Visitors are welcome to buy a bottle or dine at the restaurant. They can advise you on the right wine choice and combine it with exquisite gourmet tastings. Whether you’re a beginner or want to discover something new, the shop’s knowledgeable wine experts will help you pick the perfect glass or bottle to suit your style and taste.

In addition, Maninvino features a wine cellar, which contains everything from the most common wines of the lower Piedmont to the most exquisite international bottles. It houses a careful selection of the best labels of natural European and Italian wines. Besides the wines, it also has spirits and beers re-fermented in wooden bottles.

Location: Piazza Manin, 2/a-4/r, 16122 Genova GE

Enoclub Genova

Another destination for wine tastings in Genoa is Enoclub. It’s a small wine bar just a short walk from San Donato church, surrounded by numerous attractions in the heart of the city. This makes it an ideal stop when strolling around the city center, sightseeing, or shopping in Genoa.

Enoclub focuses on its extensive wine collection, including bottles from various wine regions in Italy and abroad. But it’s also a paradise for cheese enthusiasts, with a fine selection of cheeses and meat trays to accompany your wine tasting. It’s a delightful stop for every wine lover and those who want to sample local cheese as well.

Location: Via S. Donato, 7R, 16123 Genova, GE

Cantina Storica Culturale Janua

Nestled in Genoa’s historic old town, Cantina Storica Culturale Janua is housed in an ancient 15th-century building overlooking the Medieval Romanesque San Donato church in the city center. It’s a wine shop where you can conveniently buy wines, including Valpolcevera DOC wines, whites, reds, sparkling and bubbles, liqueurs, and more. But it’s also a small museum where visitors can marvel at historical equipment and watch informative videos on the winemaking tradition of Valpolcevera.

Head to the main room of the cultural wine cellar and attend private wine tastings to impress your date or have an intimate celebration with friends. It allows you to discover where its classic sparkling wines rest for years before they’re ready for a taste.

Cantina Storica Calturale Janua is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Be sure to call if you want to make a reservation, and bring your loved ones.

Location: Piazza di S. Donato, 51r, 16123, Genova, GE

Bar Haiti

Just a short distance from Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini, a covered walkway in the center of Genoa, Bar Haiti is a favorite destination among food lovers and wine aficionados. It’s an Italian bar, restaurant, and café with brick walls and cozy indoor and outdoor spaces where you can chill on a summer afternoon.

Locals and tourists come here for authentic  Italian cuisine and traditional Ligurian food. But it’s also loved for its homemade treats, cappuccino, coffee, and hot dishes for lunch. It also has a lovely selection of cocktails and wines you can enjoy by the glass or bottle with tons of snacks.

The menu at the restaurant changes each month according to the ingredients’ seasonality. You can ensure that everything is fresh, as dishes are made on the spot. You can order salads, pizza, cheese focaccia, meat, fish, and more. For first-time visitors, the sweets and pies can’t be missed. The service is excellent and quick, so you don’t need to wait for a long time.

Location: Via Anton Maria Maragliano, 7, 16121, Genova, GE

Altivini Enoteca Eroica

Altivini is Italy’s first heroic wine shop dedicated to promoting the work of impressive local and international winemakers who face difficulties and tackle great slopes every day to provide consumers with premium wines. It’s a stone’s throw away from the luxurious gardens and majestic palaces of Via Garibaldi and a short walk from Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa’s main square located in the city center, between the modern and historical area.

This wine shop offers an excellent selection of spirits and wines from Italy, including Liguria, Sicily, Piedmont, Val d’Aosta, and more, as well as products from Austria, Argentina, France, and Israel. It also regularly organizes wine tastings and meetings, where visitors can meet with winemakers and discover the history of wineries and vineyards.

Altivini takes pride in being the world’s only wine shop offering wines from heroic viticulture. It refers to a type of viticulture that involves a ‘heroic’ effort due to the challenging environmental conditions in which the plant species or grapes are planted.

Location: Via Interiano, 11R, 16122 Genova, GE

Genoa Wine Tours and Tastings

Do you want to take your wine tasting experience to the next level? After exploring the local shops and wine bars in the coastal city of Genova, elevate your adventures by participating in Genoa tours and wine tastings. It can be a visit to an extraordinary winery located in a quaint village in the Genoa province, a private dinner with tasting, or a beautiful hike with views to a vineyard just a short drive from the central city. No matter the experience, it will undoubtedly be filled with learning, discovery, and delightful treats.

Cantina Morino

Head to the Sampierdarena district, Genoa’s principal port and industrial area, and you’ll find a wine kingdom offering unforgettable wine-tasting experiences. The Cantina Morino is a winery in Genoa where you can discover unique products created by real wine artisans and carefully selected by experienced winemakers. It used to be a tavern, then became a ‘Cantina’ in the 70s. Today, it takes pride in its modern spaces and technology that allow it to deliver unmatched services to guests.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wine during a cellar tour at the wine bar. The atmosphere is friendly, with wooden tables, bar tools, and plenty of bottles on display. In the summer months, guests can chill in the large outdoor area where they can sit in peace, lose track of time, and get lost in the wonder of wines. You can sample the wines of the month or let the sommelier surprise you.

You can also take advantage of a guided tour with wine tasting in Cantina Morino. As you take the tour routes, your guide will be happy to explain the history of the winery’s producers and the origin of its flagship wines. The event’s highlight is wine tasting, allowing you to sample its best selection of mixed bottles accompanied by snacks and light bites.

Location: Via Adelaide Cairoli 10R, 16149, Genova, GE

Cantina Degli Abissi

Located halfway between La Spezia and Genoa is a beautiful little town in the Metropolitan City of Genoa, home to Cantina Degli Abissi. This winery is a magical destination for wine lovers, surrounded by rich vineyards. It welcomes visitors on a guided tour to explore the winery, learn about the history of Bisson wines and the intricate wine production process, and appreciate the high-end architecture of the impressive steel barrels.

The tour will also continue with the visit to the cellar, followed by a Genoa wine tasting and accompanied by tasty snacks. The wine tour typically lasts forty minutes with a minimum requirement of two people. During summers, Cantina degli Abissi offers tasting services with lunches, dinners, and a personalized menu.

For those planning special celebrations or weddings, the winery is also a gorgeous location for receptions. Besides the food and wine, the area’s unique beauty and tranquility make it an unmatched venue for weddings.

Location: Contrada Pestella, 42, 16039 Sestri Levante, GE

Azienda Agricola Pino Gino

Located in the province of Genoa in Castiglione Chiavarese, Azienda Agricola Pino Gino is a winery with centuries of wine-producing heritage. It is known for its elegant, fruity wines, reflecting the hills’ Mediterranean fragrances and tasty flavors that perfectly match the traditional Ligurian dishes.

Some of its delectable wines include the Vermento DOC, Ciliegiolo DOC, and Bianchetta Genovese DOC. The latter is the fisherfolk’s traditional white wine that goes perfectly with Frittura di Pesce and Pasta al Pesto, the fried fish and classic pasta dishes you’ll find on a Ligurian table. You can also buy extra virgin olive oil distinguished for its fruitiness ideal for enriching fish appetizers, fresh salads, and soups.

Every Saturday, guests are welcome to wine tastings by appointment at the traditional cellars of Pino Gino in Missano. It is open from 9 to 12 AM and 2 to 6 PM. A guided wine tasting, excursion, and convenient accommodations are also available at Pino Gino’s La Terazza. 

Location: Via Arciprete Vittorio Podestà, 31, 16030 Castiglione Chiavarese GE

Winery Tour with Lunch & Wine Tasting

One of the organized Genoa tours you can join involves a winery visit, which comes with a hearty lunch and wine tasting. Since it starts in the city’s charming center, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see more of the old town and learn about the glorious past and history of the ancient Maritime Republic. You can admire the old buildings and palaces and wander around the historic shops in the city.

Visitors can sample two different local wines produced in the wine region. You will also be treated to a delicious lunch with traditional Ligurian dishes and snacks. A knowledgeable and passionate guide will be with you throughout the tour to explain and answer your questions.

Location: Largo Sandro Pertini, Genoa, GE

Discover Wines in Genoa

Genoa is a gorgeous coastal city rich in architectural jewels, art, museums, and a variety of wine and food cultures. It is home to some of the country’s best landscapes and natural attractions, so a visit to Liguria’s capital is guaranteed to be packed with fun and excitement. You can include a day trip to the vineyards and wineries near the historic center to your itinerary or stop by the wine bars, shops, and restaurants in the city to experience its bustling nightlife.

Whether you’re here for an extended holiday or only visiting for 3 days in Genoa, make the most of your adventure by participating in wine tours and wine tastings. It’s a great way to sample flavorful Ligurian whites and authentic Italian wines to pair with your favorite local cuisines. It’s perfect for beginners discovering the flavors they prefer and wine experts looking to expand their wine list.

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