Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Glasgow

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Best coffee shops in Glasgow

If you need to work while in Glasgow, you will want to get out of your hotel room and sit down in one of these Glasgow coffee shops for your workday. You will be missing out on a lot of great culture if you just sit down in your hotel room and work for the whole time that you are visiting Glasgow. If you need some ideas about things to do when you are not working, check out our guide to the best shopping in Glasgow.

Hopefully, you won't be working the whole time you're in the city because Glasgow is full of exciting and interesting attractions. Situated on the River Clyde, some popular tourist sights in Glasgow include the Glasgow Cathedral, the Riverside Museum, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Glasgow Science Centre, and the People's Palace. There are also many parks and gardens in Glasgow. The city has a lively nightlife with many bars, clubs, and restaurants and is the location of a number of festivals throughout the year. Make sure to break off at least a little time to see the city.

If you are planning to work remotely while you're in Glasgow, you need to be sure that you are not dealing with your luggage dragging along with you every day. Bounce will take care of your bags in Glasgow so you can focus on work. Don't worry about your luggage while you work and enjoy hot drinks and views of the city centre.

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Best coffee shops for remote work in Glasgow

Best Coffee Shops in Glasgow For Remote Work

Working away from home can be tough. Many people struggle with how to have fun working in a city that they don't know very well. If you are taking a business trip to Glasgow, you don't have to work in your hotel room all day and just partake in nighttime adventures at the end of the day. There are many great places in the city to sit down in comfort and enjoy artisan roast coffee, good food, and comfortable tables and chairs.

From the West End to the city centre to the South Side, you can find a coffee shop that will offer you a cup of coffee, a great meal, and reliable Wifi. This is a great city for those working and traveling, and you do not need to miss out on the best of what the United Kingdom has to offer just because you are working during your trip. These cafes and coffee shop locations can offer you access to culture, people-watching, and some tasty food.

Laboratorio Espresso

This sleek and modern coffee shop is one of the best in Glasgow for remote work. You will have easy access to plug-ins as well as quiet so that you can work with focus or take care of meetings in peace. The food offerings are excellent here, and the coffee menu is great too. This is one of the best Glasgow coffee shops to get sinful pastries as well as delicious coffee.

While there will probably be other people working alongside you, you will not feel like you are smashed together too closely for comfort. This is a great Glasgow coffee shop for so many reasons, and you can easily spend a workday here comfortably. You should choose a window seat if you want to people-watch and get the best light that this location can offer to you.


93 W Nile Street, Glasgow

Offshore Coffee

This is one of the most well-known remote work locations in Glasgow. The old-fashioned storefront is absolutely beautiful and welcomes you into a positively perfect coffee bar. Glasgow's West End is one of the most beautiful places in the entire city, and you will want to visit this landmark location at least once during your remote work stay in Glasgow. If you can't experience the history of Glasgow for yourself, Offshore Coffee brings it to you.

This is a great coffee bar to head for vegan meal options, alternative milk products, and coffee that is exactly what you have been dreaming of. You will share this spot with lots of students and other people who are at work, and the environment is the perfect balance of cozy and professional to help you to get a lot done.


3-5 Gibson Street, Glasgow

Coffee shops and cafes in Glasgow


While small, Tinderbox is one of the best Glasgow coffee shops you can select to spend your working hours while in the city. The food here is more focused on breakfast, but you will be able to get all kinds of different menu options to start your day. There are gluten-free and vegan menu offerings, as well as great coffee that can help fuel your workday. This is a great quiet workspace that is a bit off the beaten path, but you will need to show up early to get a table most weekdays. Make sure as well that you bring an alternate charging option or that your laptop has a full charge in case you can't get a seat near an outlet.


118 Ingram Street, Glasgow

The Wilson Street Pantry

If you want access to a full breakfast and a full lunch menu, Wilson Street Pantry is the right place to work for the day (or an hour). This is also one of the best coffee shops in Glasgow for fast WiFi. If you have zoom meetings, you will be able to take care of this with ease in the larger workspace that this cafe offers.

The coffee here is delicious, and it is made locally at Papercup. You will want to grab at least one cup of coffee that allows you to appreciate the bold flavor that Papercup is known for. In general, this is one of the best coffee shops in Glasgow for working while you travel, and the staff here will not bother you if you stay all day to work through your seemingly endless emails.


6 Wilson Street, Glasgow

Gordon Street Coffee

For anyone who is only in town for a few hours or needs to get some work done while waiting for a train connection, Gordon Street Coffee is a perfect location just steps from Glasgow Central Station. Artfully presented cappuccinos, big windows, and comfortable tables await you here. The WiFi is fast, and the food and coffee will keep you going for a while. Make sure to try their flavorful Glasgow coffee roast for a taste of what makes this place so special. Grab a seat by the large windows at the front of the coffee shop for the best view and lighting.


Glasgow Central Station, 79 Gordon Street, Glasgow

Places to work remotely in Glasgow

Local Dear Green Coffee

There are many different Dear Green Coffee shops in Glasgow, and they are a great place if you love tea as much as coffee. The menu for food is also excellent here, and you can trust that you will find a bunch of different seating options open anytime you stop in. There is also a complimentary library here that you can enjoy during your breaks. The specialty coffee on the menu is also responsibly sourced and sustainably grown, which is great. There are lots of delicious vegan menu options to enjoy here as well, and you can count on alternative milk for your tea and coffee.

The WiFi is very fast here, and there are plenty of plug-ins. You will not need to worry about arriving early just to get a table, which can be nice if you don't work traditional morning hours, especially if your main office is in another time zone.


Unit 2, 13-27 E Campbell Street, Glasgow

Caffe Calla

This family-owned coffee shop is cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. Caffee Calla is located near lots of other great things to do, and the spot itself s large enough to be comfortable as you work all day long. You can easily get great coffee, hot chocolate, and excellent tea here. And, for those who can't start their day without coffee, this place has you covered on that front as well.

There are not as many plug-ins as you might hope for in this location, but if you arrive in the morning, you should be able to get a great table with access to all the outlets that you need.


222 W George Street, Glasgow

Spitfire Espresso

Spitfire Espresso is a small location, but it offers a great atmosphere and excellent coffee. There are usually students studying here and fewer people working remotely. You might have to work with a little bit more chatter, but since there are so few tables, the noise will only get so loud. The plug situation necessitates that you bring a battery pack or two if you choose this location for your workday.

There are cakes, smoothies, vegan food options, and much more on the menu, and you will be close to all kinds of Merchant City things to do when you finish for the day. The theme of this cafe is rockabilly, and the classic rock music and fun decor add to the enjoyable nature of this spot for your workday. Enjoy the combination of the old-time diner, soda shop, and coffee cafe that this place embodies.


127 Candleriggs, Glasgow

Best Glasgow coffee shops


There are various iCafe locations in the city, and they are as reliable as Starbucks when it comes to working remotely while you are in Glasgow. You will be able to find a table with ease at these coffee shops no matter what time you show up, and there are outlets galore all around the store. You can also count on excellent WiFi to help you to be productive and effective all day.

The coffee menu here is predictable and satisfying, and you will be treated to great pastries, snacks, and lunch offerings. These locations also stay open late, which can be ideal if you work non-traditional hours or are staying in Merchant City late. After work, it's easy to pop into a quirky local pub or trendy restaurant to make the most of your evening.


70-72 Ingram Street, Glasgow

Cafe Wander

This is more of a restaurant than a coffee bar or coffee shop, but you can still find a cozy table and some plugs so that you can work in comfort for as long as you need. The menu here is excellent, and vegan and vegetarian meal options are available. You can count on cinnamon buns and other really good breakfast pastries, and there are some fancy coffee drinks on the menu alongside basic by-the-cup coffee.

While not themed like Spitfire Espresso, this location offers that comfortable local family restaurant feel that might make you feel more at ease and focused. You will feel like you are in your home away from home when you come to sit down at Cafe Wander for good coffee and great food.


110 W George Street, Glasgow


Glasgow is home to some of the best coffee shops in the UK. It's easy to see what makes them so special when you look at all the amenities they offer. From generous plugs, the fastest WiFi, and comfortable seats to some tasty food and even better coffee, you'll have no trouble getting your work done here.

If you're in town for more than a day or two, try out as many of these coffee shops as you can to find your favorite. Once you do, you'll manage to be productive and see some of Glasgow at the same time. Besides, it's not all about work, is it?

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