Is Glasgow safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Published by: Bounce6 March, 2023
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Glasgow stands as Scotland's biggest city, despite not being its capital. It was once the industrial center of Britain but has since changed to be a tourist destination as well as a commercial center. Glasgow is also revered around the globe for its rich culture and is even one of the only two cities in Scotland to be part of the UNESCO Creative Cities project. On top of that, Glasgow has been given the title of City of Culture, Capital of Sport, as well as City of Architecture and Design.

As you can tell, there is lots to do in Glasgow. This is why it attracts such a wide variety of visitors with an average of more than 2 million travelers each year. This makes it one of the most popular cities for vacationing in the British Iles. Most people decide to travel here between the months of March and August since the weather is more agreeable, giving more opportunities to enjoy the nature, history and shopping scene of the city. Since it is a big city you can't be surprised that it is also home to almost 1.7 million people.

Anytime you decide to go on a vacation you'll have to think of the best ways to protect yourself and your belongings. Travel insurance is a great start, and you can also leave your items in a Glasgow Bounce luggage storage facility when you go out sightseeing. Count on a place for bigger bags with locations all over the city. Bounce is definitely an easy and affordable service.

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Is Glasgow safe to visit right now?

When leaving the safety of your own country it is important to learn about the city you're visiting. The United Kingdom is generally safe with a good ranking of 33 on the 2021 Global Peace Index, however right now some countries give a travel advisory for the area. It's recommended to be cautious, keeping a look out for any suspicious activity when in crowded places. That being said, it is a good idea to check in with your own government to see what kind of travel restrictions they have in place for the United Kingdom, and also to see if the warning has changed.

You'll still have a great time if you do decide to travel to Glasgow and we'll do our best to prepare you for an exciting and safe trip. There is no such thing as a perfect safety guide so you should also consult some other websites to get as much information as possible. Overall, the city is actually pretty safe for tourists and the most common crimes that you'll need to watch for are petty theft and occasionally muggings.

Top petty crimes and scams in Glasgow affecting tourists

How safe a city is greatly depends on your common sense as well as how aware you are of your surroundings and the potential threats around you. Here are a few Glasgow safety tips to help you be prepared.

Petty theft and property crime

The crime rate in Glasgow is not very high, but tourists sometimes experience pickpocketing and thievery. Pickpockets will try to grab your things without you noticing, most commonly wallets, cellphones or passports, which is why it is important to protect your valuables. This usually happens around the tourist areas or train stations which is also common in other cities, so it is a good idea to buy a secure bag for whenever you go traveling.

Thieves might also grab bags and purses which is why you should never leave them unattended and consider buying a cross-body bag that can't be snatched from you. Personal items should be stored deeply in the pocket of your bag or even better, in a Bounce luggage storage locker where they can't be stolen at all.


Glasgow is a very safe city for tourists and the chances of you being mugged is not very high, as long as you stay away from the dangerous areas. Some other ways that you can be safe include not walking around alone at night and sticking to well-lit areas if you do.

It can also be a good idea to leave expensive items at your accommodation or stowed away in a luggage locker since they could make you a target for muggers. If you're ever approached by a dangerous individual just do what they say and avoid eye contact, but try to remember some physical characteristics about the person so you can inform the police officers later.


There are not many scams in Glasgow, but it is always a good idea to be wary of what people are doing around you and to be aware of what scammers often try to do. In other places scammers will usually hang out in tourist areas and might try to distract you so that a friend can grab your items without you noticing.

In some common scams they might also try to offer you a service, like carrying your bags for you, or trying to sell you trinkets that are overpriced. This is a good reminder to be mindful of your surroundings and to not trust strangers with your belongings.

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Is Glasgow safe to travel alone

The locals in this Scottish city are extremely friendly and it is a fantastic place to go on a solo vacation. There are some less-safe areas that you should avoid, especially if you're by yourself, but in general it is not a dangerous city. You'll find that most Scottish people are a hospitable bunch, and anytime that you need help or directions they will gladly show you the way. If you're spending a Saturday night out on the town just make sure that you don't drink too much since you'll need to find your way back to the hotel safely.

Since the United Kingdom is ranked 26th on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, it is a very safe place for women to explore on their own as well. We suggest that you take the same precautions as you would in other big cities, which means avoiding remote areas and trying to not go out much on your own at night. There is plenty for you to do in the Glasgow City Center with nice green spaces along the River Clyde as well as shopping opportunities and tourist sites to explore, and you should be generally safe there.

Safest neighborhoods in Glasgow

When choosing where to stay or which places to visit in Glasgow you won't want to pick a dangerous area. Here are a few neighborhoods that are completely safe in Glasgow.

The West End

The West End is a great place to stay when you visit Glasgow. It has shopping, dining, nice buildings and the Kelvingrove Park. The University of Glasgow is here too.

Glasgow City Center

When it comes to sightseeing in a new place, the city centers are usually the best spots. In Glasgow, this vibrant part of town is close to some of its main attractions and is safe. Search for wonderful street art and enjoy the atmosphere in Royal Exchange Square.


This Glasgow neighborhood is a wonderful spot to spend time during your vacation. While you're here make sure that you visit Argyle Street to do some shopping.

Overall Glasgow is not one of the most dangerous cities, but there are some places that you should avoid. Some of the worst areas include Maryhill, Springburn and Lambhill, as well as some areas in the south side of town and around the Glasgow Central Station at night.

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Is Glasgow public transportation safe?

It is pretty safe to drive around in Glasgow as long as you can get comfortable using the left side of the road! You should also do some studying of the different roads signs and rules before renting a car. If you don't want to drive yourself you can also use the other public transport methods offered in this modern city which are all safe and reliable.

The Glasgow airport, also called the Glasgow International Airport, is very busy and you should always make sure that your taxi driver is legitimate before getting into their car, since some scammers will pose as fake taxis. You'll also have to watch out for pickpockets while using the buses, trains and subway. When using the transport system at night people will most likely leave you alone, and you should show polite anti-social behavior just to be safe. Always keep one hand on your bags when riding in an unknown city.

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Important emergency numbers in Glasgow

Here are a few numbers that you can call if you run into any trouble during your trip. Know your embassy number as a precaution also.

  • Emergency Police, Fire and Ambulance: 999
  • Non Emergency Police: 101
  • Non Emergency Fire Services: 0 1382 835804

A safe trip to Glasgow

As a port city, Glasgow is a very beautiful place. It has plenty to offer tourists and you'll fall in love with that real Scottish charm! It is definitely not the most dangerous city to visit and as long as you take the necessary precautions you can absolutely have a safe time here. Before booking your plane tickets read up on Where to Stay in Glasgow: The Ultimate Guide, and How to Get Around Glasgow.

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