9 must see parks in Hamburg

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Hamburg is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city located on the banks of the Elbe River. It’s one of Europe’s most important logistics locations, home to a Hamburg airport and the country’s largest seaport. But besides being the ‘Gateway to the World,’ Hamburg offers high living standards with many dining, shopping, entertainment, and leisure opportunities.

This Hanseatic City boasts various kinds of beautiful natural areas, but the most accessible are the gardens and parks in Hamburg. The trees lining the streets, green riverbanks, and vast green spaces are all valuable parts of the townscape. Its recreational havens are also right in the city center, so you don’t have to travel far to escape to nature.

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or are a newcomer in town, we’ve gathered some of the top parks in Hamburg that you should visit at least once. And if you need a place to store your backpack or shopping bags while taking a park break to rest or eat, use a Hamburg luggage storage service for your convenience.

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Stadtpark Hamburg

With an area of almost 150 hectares, Stadt Park (City Park) in the affluent Winterhude neighborhood is one of the largest green spaces in the Hanseatic city. It’s always full of activity, especially in summer, as locals and tourists gather in the luscious green meadows to catch up, lay on the grass and chill, watch people, and participate in fun activities. Crowds often flock here, including sunbathers, cyclists, and joggers. If the temperature allows, you can swim in the lake, ride a boat, and paddle through the Alster Lakes and the surrounding canals.

Stadtpark is the third-biggest park in Hamburg, with playgrounds, paths, flower beds, and an imposing Planetarium. The mighty tower stands at the highest point of the park, which has been welcoming guests for astronomical-themed shows for many decades. It also often hosts numerous films, presentations, and concerts, while the rooftop terrace offers impressive views of the park and the city.

On balmy summer nights, music enthusiasts and partygoers assemble on the open-air stage for concerts and live performances. They typically feature some up-and-coming artists and the biggest names in the entertainment industry. When there’s no event, visitors can have a BBQ or be inspired by the sculptures at Stadt Park.

Planten un Blomen Park

Planten un Blomen is Hamburg’s most central park, built on a former medieval fortification site. It is located in the heart of Hamburg and connects the inner-city shopping streets with exhibition and convention centers and the pubs and bars of St. Pauli. It’s close to the University of Hamburg, the Library, and several major attractions, including the Zoological Museum of Hamburg and the Museum of Nature – Mineralogy.

The park’s name, Planten un Blomen translates to ‘Plants and Flowers, which is quite fitting, as it features vast lawns, herb gardens, and well-manicured flower beds. You’ll also find tranquil ponds and a tropical house complex, along with the Old Botanical Garden’s display greenhouses.

One of our favorite Planten un Blomen Park features is the Rose Garden. It’s a special treat in summer, with over 300 rose varieties in full bloom. It also has a Japanese Garden with fascinating rock formations, a unique teahouse, small water elements, and exotic trees and plants. For more non-native and native plants, the greenhouses are accessible throughout the year.

If you’re visiting in winter, the ice-skating rink draws crowds. And when the sun sets, you’ll marvel at the combination of classical music and illuminated fountains, creating an extraordinary experience. The best part? Admission to the park is free, so all the more reason to spend time at the gardens.

Park Fiction

St. Pauli, an energetic neighborhood on the city’s west side, has a lot to offer its residents and visitors, and if you find yourself in this part of town, don’t miss the chance to visit Park Fiction. It would be too simplistic to describe it as just a park because Park Fiction is more than just a green area in Hamburg. Instead, they like to call it an art project that’s shaped like a park.

The project started in 1994 when the district’s housing market was highly competitive. Families, local artists, and residents resisted the demolition of older homes and construction of newer, more upscale buildings. Together, they created Park Fiction to have a green space accessible to the community and preserve some harbor areas. After years of struggles, the neighborhood park was inaugurated in 2005.

Today, the park is one of the beloved parks in Hamburg. It’s a famous meeting point with green lawns and plastic palm trees that stay green all year. We invite you to take a calming stroll along the river that runs through the park or find a cozy seat and watch the glorious sunset. You can also bring snacks and have a refreshing break at the park.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

All animal lovers who want to see their favorite marine or wildlife creatures should definitely visit Tierpark Hagenbeck. This animal park in Hamburg covers an area of over 27 hectares and is home to 210 animal species from around the world. It’s one of the country’s most famous zoos and has been owned by a family for six generations since it opened in 1907.

Tierpark Hagenbeck takes pride in successfully breeding endangered and rare species, including a Siberian tiger and an Asian elephant. Besides the animals, it has a miniature railway, a playground, pony rides, and a petting zoo for hours of fun and adventure for children of all ages and the young at heart.

The Eismeer polar section is the animal park’s newest addition, which shows a different insight into the wildlife, along with the four-level tropical aquarium. When not exploring the animal sanctuaries in the park, you can check out the Japanese garden and the replica of the Nepalese temple inside.

Altonaer Balkon

If you want to go out for a walk or chill with friends in a calming setting, the Altonaer Balkon (Altona Balcony) should be added to your must-visit list. It’s about twenty-seven meters above the Elbe, with great views of the Hamburg Harbor, the iconic fish market, and the surrounding area. You can easily spend hours sitting on the bench or grass facing the sea and watching people, boats, and cruise ships going in and out.

The Altonaer Balkon is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. It’s common to encounter locals ship-watching or having a picnic. It also features an interesting sculpture called ‘The Fisherman’ by Gerhard Brandes. Don’t be surprised to see couples posing for their engagement or wedding photos at the viewpoint, as it’s a famous backdrop for photoshoots.

Altonaer VolksPark

Surround yourself with verdant vegetation and gorgeous flowers at Altonaer VolksPark. It’s one of the best parks in Hamburg, with a large forest, a winding network of trails and walkways, romantic sunset views, and large meadows. It’s the city’s largest public park at 205 hectares, so give yourself at least half a day to enjoy your visit fully.

Altonaer VolksPark is a magnet for joggers, hikers, or anyone looking for a scenic place to walk. The meadows are perfect for picnics and sunbathing, while the large cherry trees provide shelter from the scorching sun. Kids and younger visitors can play in the playgrounds or minigolf links or run around the grassy fields. Other features include educational plant gardens and themed gardens with tens of thousands of flowers in all colors, sizes, and shapes.

A short walking distance from the park is the legendary Volkspark Stadium. After an extensive renovation, it now holds about 55,000 people who can watch football matches conveniently. Another well-known building in the area is the Barclaycard Arena, a multipurpose stadium that hosts sporting events and concerts.

Loki Schmidt Garten Botanischer Garten der Universität Hamburg

The Botanical Garden of the University of Hamburg is another oasis of calm you shouldn’t skip, especially if you’re in Hamburg in spring and summer. It’s a wonderland for those who love plants and flowers, featuring various trees, plant species, and flower varieties. You can spend an entire day here, so bring water for rehydration or buy delicious snacks and drinks at the garden café.

While the summer and spring seasons bring a different vibe and color to the garden, it’s a pleasant destination with great offerings year-round. It has seasonal flowers with informative signboards, so you know what you’re looking at. Entrance is free, and it remains open until 8 PM in summer, giving visitors more time to stroll. Even during peak tourist seasons, it isn’t very crowded, so you can still have a quiet time to explore the gardens, small lakes, and other features. Also, watch out for geese and ducks doing their own strolls with their babies around the site.

If you want to see more tropical plants, go to the greenhouse complex. It was built around 1962/63 and is currently under extensive renovation, along with the neighboring Mediterranean terraces.


Are you up for a little excursion about thirteen kilometers from the city center? If so, head to Hirschpark, a Deer Park with century-old trees located in the urban district of Nienstedten. It certainly lives up to its name, with fallow deer, waterfowl, peacocks, and other animals calling it their home. It’s easy to reach, less than thirty minutes from central Hamburg. It’s nestled directly on the banks of the Elbe River, giving it an extra idyllic vibe.

Many consider Hirschpark one of the most beautiful Hamburg parks, with wooded areas, lush lawns, and impressive natural water features. Although not far from the bustling city center, it feels very rural and rustic here, making it an ideal destination to get away from the chaotic life in the city. It was designed as a landscape garden highlighted by several points of interest. It has all the essential elements like a picturesque cluster of trees, imposing individual trees, expansive meadows, and small forest areas connected by a system of paths.

Children can run around the lawns or have fun at the playground behind the mansion. The old trees also invite you to climb and appreciate nature’s beauty above the ground.


Grasbrookpark is undoubtedly every child’s favorite park in Hamburg. It is located in the flourishing urban quarter of HafenCity, boasting different play areas that combine imaginative and physical play, perfect for all ages. Guardians can sip fresh coffee and sample tasty snacks while watching their little ones go from one playground to another.

One of the park’s best features is the waterpark, with three meandering waterways, a water basin, waterspouts, and fountains. It adapted artistically to its maritime environment, giving visitors a ‘pirate feeling.’ It’s the place you want to be to stay cool in summer.

There are areas for fun activities and quiet relaxation, so pick your corner, whether you want to relax away from the crowd or be in the center of all the action. Besides the famed water features, it is also filled with climbing equipment, lawns, a slide, a tree house, and swing bridges for unlimited recreation.

Enjoy nature, peace, and adventure at the best Hamburg parks

Hamburg has a rich natural heritage you shouldn’t overlook, whether you’re only visiting or a resident. No matter how busy you are with work or sightseeing, spend at least a couple of hours exploring its parks, gardens, and green spaces to make your day less mundane, unwind, or recover from the noise of the world.

Your nature adventure doesn’t end at the parks in Hamburg. Find other things to do during your trip to the beaches near Hamburg. We also have a list of free things to do in Hamburg for travelers on a budget.

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