6 beaches near Hobart: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Hobart

The capital of the island state of Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia, Hobart straddles the River Derwent where it joins with the Tasman Sea. This means that Hobart, like most Australian cities, is blessed with some truly incredible beaches. After all, beach life is a huge part of Australian culture, and that's as true in Tasmania as it is on the mainland of the country. With so many amazing beaches in and around the city itself, it's no wonder Tassie residents spend so much time at the water's edge.

Hobart is a fascinating city with tons to explore, including excellent food, interesting museums, and lively nightlife. Hobart has a mild temperate climate which means cool winters and warm summers, but extremes of temperature here are rare, so the beach season is long. The height of summer comes around December and January, but you can enjoy incredible beaches in and around Hobart throughout the year. Even if you won't be swimming, these beautiful beaches make great places for a walk, to catch a sunset, and just enjoy the scenery.

Spending time on the beach is part of enjoying this coastal city, but you'll have a much better time exploring the best beaches near Hobart if you don't carry more than you need to. Drop off your heavy bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Hobart and check out some of these incredible beach locations both in and surrounding the city. There's no better way to enjoy the best of Tasmania than that.

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Tasmania's Seven Mile Beach near Hobart

Seven Mile Beach

Located right next to Hobart International Airport, this long beach occupies a peninsula facing out onto Tiger Head Bay. The beach is, in fact, seven miles long, although in modern Australia, it might be more accurate to call it ten kilometer beach. Either way, this is a huge beach that is known throughout Tasmania for its surf breaks.

Travel distance from Hobart

It's just 20 km from the center of Hobart to Seven Mile Beach, and if you have your own car, you can make the drive in about 20 minutes. It's also possible to reach Seven Mile Beach by taking public transit in the form of bus route 634 from Hobart Interchange to Gordons Hill Road, then taking the 664 to Surf Road and making the short walk to the beach from there.

Activity recommendations

Surfing: The waves here aren't usually huge, but they are reliable. That makes this a popular place for surfing. You'll find plenty of businesses in the area that will rent you surf equipment or even give you lessons to master this challenging sport. Alternatively, if you're already an accomplished surfer, just bring your board and ride the waves yourself. This is one of the best surfing beaches in the area, so don't miss out.

Plane spotting: Since it's so close to the airport, Seven Mile Beach makes a great place for plane spotting. Stretch out on the sand and watch the planes take off and land at the nearby airport for an activity that not many beaches in the world offer.

Walking: The huge size of the sandy beach makes it a great place for a long walk. You don't have to walk the whole length of Seven Mile Beach, but you're welcome to do so if you're looking for a long walk. A scenic stroll along this long beach is the perfect way to get some fresh air and admire the beautiful scenery of Tasmania. Plus, outside the summer season, you may have the place all to yourself. Besides, the beach is big enough that it's easy to get away from the crowds even in summer.

Kingston Beach near Hobart

Kingston Beach

A suburb of greater Hobart, the town of Kingston Beach is easily reached from the city center. And as you might expect from the name, the town is home to a well-known beach. This well-developed area has plenty of shopping and dining options close by, so you can find whatever you need to have a great time once you're done lounging on the sand.

Travel distance from Hobart

Kingston Beach is only about 13 km from Hobart CBD. Reach it by driving for 15 minutes, or take bus route 412 from the city center, followed by a walk of around 20 minutes to this beautiful beach.

Activity recommendations

Explore the rock pools: The rocky coastline you'll find here makes for dramatic scenery, but it also makes a great place to explore, especially at low tide. The rock pools along the water's edge are full of fascinating wildlife and are a fun place to venture, especially with kids. Bring a guide to marine wildlife to help you understand what you're seeing.

Swimming: Patrolled by lifeguards during the summer months, Kingston Beach is a great place to swim. The waters here are usually calm, and the designated swimming area helps you stay out of the way of boats. Plus, the soft sand of the beach away from the rocks makes an excellent place to stretch out and dry off after a swim. There are public toilets and showers available so you can rinse off, and the beach is also wheelchair accessible at its north end.

Best beaches near Hobart, TAS

Sandy Bay

Right outside the city, just where the river enters the ocean, the town of Sandy Bay is home to several beaches worth exploring. Easily reached from central Hobart, this seaside town is a great place to relax, unwind, enjoy incredible food, and spend some time on some excellent beaches.

Travel distance from Hobart

Just three kilometers from the middle of Hobart, you can reach Sandy Bay by driving for less than five minutes or even walking if you're feeling energetic. Another good option is to rent a bike and cycle here on a very short ride. You can also take bus route 401 from Davey Street to the beach in around five minutes.

Activity recommendations

Long Beach: At the southern end of Sandy Bay, Long Beach offers clear water and soft sand surrounded by trees for a taste of the Tasmanian wilderness in the shadow of the city. An excellent place to swim, Long Beach also offers trees for shade, public toilets, a place to hose off the sand, and some good restaurants and pubs just behind the beach itself. There's also a public park right next to the beach and even a historic lighthouse that provides incredible views out over the ocean.

Short Beach: Closer to Hobart itself, this other Sandy Bay beach isn't the best place to swim, but it is a nice location for a walk along the coast. Dogs are permitted on this beach, so it's a great place to bring your furry friend, but maybe not the place to come if you're not a fan of canines. Still, the ample sand makes a good place to play and enjoy beautiful views of the city.

Surfing beaches near Hobart

Park Beach

One of the best beaches in Tasmania goes by the fairly bland name of Park Beach. A hotspot for surfing, this beach is packed with natural attractions and coastal charm. Park Beach is a good option if you want a combination of unspoiled nature with convenient amenities, as the hotels, resorts, bars, and shops in the area provide everything you need, but it's not hard at all to get away from civilization and enjoy Tasmania's wilder side.

Travel distance from Hobart

Park Beach lies close to the towns of Carlton and Dodges Ferry. Forty kilometers outside Hobart, you can reach this place by car in around 35 minutes. It's also possible to get here by bus from Hobart, but it's a much longer journey of around an hour and a half, so you may be better off renting a car, hitching a ride, or even taking a taxi here.

Activity recommendations

Whale watching: This beautiful beach lies on Australia's National Whale Trail, as it overlooks the ocean migration route of humpback whales. Hike the trail to the lookout that is home to Rocky the Whale, a huge tiled whale rising out of the ground, and see if you can spot the iconic spouts of migrating whales. Even if you don't see any, this is a wonderful place to see the sunset and get incredible views of the Tasmanian coast.

One on Park Art Gallery: Just behind the beach, you'll find this small but interesting art gallery. This is a private gallery, and the opening hours can be erratic, but if you want a break from the beach to admire some man-made beauty instead of the natural stuff surrounding you, it's a good place to come.

Carlton Beach: The eastern end of the beach is known as Carlton Beach, and this is another wonderful location for surfing, with waves averaging around 1 m in height. This beach is patrolled by lifeguards on the weekends, so you can stay safe by swimming between the flags.

Clifton Beach near Hobart

Clifton Beach

The home of Clifton Beach Life Saving Club since the early 1960s, Clifton Beach is one of the most popular surf beaches in the area. Some of the best beaches in the area are on the Clifton Beach Peninsula, so you'll have your pick of places to explore when you visit here.

Travel distance from Hobart

Thirty kilometers from central Hobart, the Clifton Beach Peninsula faces the River Derwent on one side and Lime Bay on the other. You can get here by car in around 30 minutes or take public transportation for a journey time of about one hour.

Activity recommendations

Surfing: Wave height here averages between 1 and 1.5 m, and the beach drops sharply into the water, making for great surf breaks. Bring your own gear or rent some from the nearby surf shops to enjoy one of the most popular activities in the area. If your surfing skills aren't quite up to exploring by yourself, you can take lessons to help you master the sport here.

Cape Deslacs Nature Reserve: Located right next to the beach itself, this nature reserve is a beautiful place to get away from it all. Take a walk through the woods and enjoy incredible views out over some of the most scenic beaches in the area.

Opossum Bay Beach: Located on the same peninsula as Clifton Beach, Opossum Bay Beach is a great place for swimming, diving, or trying local food. Widely known as one of the best beaches in the region, Opossum Bay can get busy in the summer months, but it's worth braving the crowds while you're in the area.

Sandy beaches near Hobart

Taroona Beach

The Hobart suburb of Taroona is blessed with some incredible beaches, with Taroona Beach being foremost among them. With Taroona Park attached to the beach, this is a great place to come to spend a family day out near Hobart in the shadow of the homes of some of the city's wealthiest residents.

Travel distance from Hobart

Just 10 km from the center of the city, you can reach Taroona Beach with a drive of less than 20 minutes.

Activity recommendations

Taroona Park: With a playground and a nature trail to explore, this park is a great place to burn off some energy away from the beach itself. Plus, you'll have incredible views of the coastline while you explore.

The Shot Tower Historic Site: Just down the road from the beach, this 1870s shot tower was once used to make ammunition. Now, it's a unique historical monument in the area, and you can get incredible views from the top of the tower.


Hobart is blessed with some truly exceptional beaches. And if you're exploring Hobart on a budget, it's good to know that these beaches are free to visit and needn't cost you a thing. Plus, beyond these beaches that are easily reached from the city, the coastline of Tasmania office more incredible beaches that are great destinations for weekend trips from Hobart. All you need to do is drop off your unneeded bags at a convenient Bounce luggage storage and get ready to enjoy some time on the coast for yourself.

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