Where To Find The Best Street Food In Hobart

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Salamanca Place in Hobart

Hobart is a beautiful city to visit. You can enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking or go on a river cruise. You can also enjoy great shopping and try excellent food in this Tasmanian city. This is the most southern of the capital cities in Australia and one of the most unique and beautiful places to visit.

Once you arrive in Hobart, you will probably want to head out to start having fun right away. Make sure that you check in your luggage at a safe Bounce storage in Hobart before you start enjoying what the city has to offer. With your luggage secured, you will be ready to have tons of fun in this extraordinary city.

If you are ready to learn more about the best places to enjoy street food in Hobart, read on.

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Bakery in Hobart

The Best Street Food Vendors in Hobart

Hobart offers you access to many kinds of eating experiences when you visit. There are street food vendors, cozy pub-style bars and eateries, and lovely locations on the waterfront to enjoy.

Boodle Beasly

While not technically street food in Hobart, there are many items on the menu at this location that you can grab and take with you as you shop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. This is a great place to sit down for a brew, a comfortable table in the sun, and some delicious hand-crafted and locally sourced dishes.

You can get delicious sandwiches here as well as unique dishes that you can only experience in Australia. If you want to step in off the street for a bit of a break, this is one of the best restaurants to enjoy a tasty meal.

Migrant Resource Center Tasmania

While this location is not usually a place to get food for the public, this spot opens up on Fridays to offer dishes from all over the world to people who want to try them. Dishes that are offered are from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, and more. This is a variable menu, and the dishes help to fund a good cause.

You can expect unique and delicious fresh meals like injera flatbread with goat curry or sweet Arabic dumplings. This is a special place to eat while you are in Hobart, and you will be able to experience flavors here that you might never get to try in any other country.

Hill Street Grocer

There are three of these family-owned little shops in the city, and you can easily pop in here for simple, filling, and fresh food. This is a great market for drinks and pre-made meals of various kinds, and it makes the best option for getting a picnic basket together. There is a mixed selection of grocery items and food items here, which makes this a handy stop for many reasons.

If you stay in one of the common areas for hotels in Hobart, you will be near this grocer. There is something for many tastes at Hill Street, and you will have a great shopping experience. You can easily use this stop for some fresh produce, pre-made meals, and a snack if you are headed out to adventures you have planned.


This little restaurant is on a side street, and it is not well-known by anyone but locals. You will be able to enjoy delicious pasta dishes and a full Italian menu of classics. Sit at a communal table and watch Matt Breen work his magic or pick up a to-go order and find a place to sit outside.

This is a really delightful place to eat lunch or dinner, and the experience of this Tasmanian favorite will be very memorable. Authentic Italian food is in short supply in this part of the world, and you will be so glad that you stopped in here to have a meal. This is street food in Hobart at its finest and you will have a great time.

Street food in Hobart

Salamanca Place

This is one of the most unique and special markets that you can visit, and you can come here on the weekend to take in live music, shop through local vendor's stalls, and all kinds of market food and street food. There is no shortage of fabulous food options that use local produce and ingredients that are offered during the market's open hours.

If you love street food and a street fair atmosphere, you will want to visit Salamance Place. This is also an ideal place to find restaurants if you're going to sit down and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market from a distance. Salamanca Place is close to the heart of the city and is an essential place to visit when you are in Tasmania.

Farmgate Market

Head to Framgate Market for some yummy food on a Sunday morning. Enjoy oysters shucked to order or get some local fruit and vegetables to take home with you. Save some room for Lady Hester's sourdough donuts, or wander from stall to stall looking for some gifts to bring home to friends and family.

Australia is a great place to attend street markets of various kinds, and this market is one of the best ones if you want to try all sorts of foods that are not available in other parts of the world. There will be everything from cheese to noodle dishes and more on offer here when you visit. You will end up wishing that this market was open each day of the week.

Franklin Bar and Restaurant

This is a farm-to-table location to eat that offers you the chance to try sea urchins, native spices, lamb, abalone, and various other dishes that are prepared over a fire. It's a unique location that offers you the chance to pop in to eat or to pick up food to go. You should make sure to add this spot to your list of things to try in Hobart.

This location's menu changes all the time, which means that you'll have access to all kinds of different food from the region each time you visit Hobart. This special and authentic dining experience should definitely be on your radar.

Pigeon Whole Bakers

Pigeon Whole Bakers' items appear on many local menus, but you can also head to the source to enjoy their delicious pastries and sweets. You can also get sandwiches here and a coffee. There are comfortable and cozy tables, which can make it a great place to start your day.

If you are heading to Argyle Street for any other reason, you will want to make Pigeon Whole Bakers a part of your plans. Everything from a pastry to a sourdough loaf of bread is available here and you will be so glad you stopped by.

Ethnic food in Hobart

Where to Find the Best Hobart Street Food Spots

Collins Street

This is one of the main thoroughfares in Hobart near the dock area. You can enjoy all kinds of street food here like pho, and the many healthy offerings that are made at Liv-Eat. You can also grab cuisine from a menu with lots of options at Sawak Cafe.

This location is close to many of the hotels that are by the waterfront, and there's great shopping on Collins street and the surrounding area. This is a great location to see what Tasmania is all about, and you can spend a lot of time experiencing the sights and cuisine here.

City Center

This area of Hobart is a great place to enjoy restaurants that offer wine tasting as well as full menus of delicious local favorites. You can get takeout from many of these locations as well if you want to eat in your room on a quiet evening. This is a great place to head on a Friday night if you want to have access to a lot of really good street food and a fun atmosphere.

Sit down at the Boardwalk Bistro for a drink and an appetizer, or head over to Core Restaurant and Bar to start out your night the right way. You will be able to enjoy all that Hobart has to offer in this part of the city, and it is simple to get down to this area without any muss or fuss. Most of the foods that you will have access to in the City Center are filled with local produce and ingredients.

Hobart Waterfront

If you want to enjoy a meal while watching the waterfront traffic, you need to head over to Mures Lower Deck or Fish Frenzy. There are actually many casual dining spots along the waterfront on Hobart where you can grab a table and just sip a drink in peace.

This might not be food that you will take with you as you walk around and see the sights, but you can easily have a great eating experience in this part of town. The food can usually be taken with you to go if you want, but part of the street food experience is enjoying the sights and sounds as you eat your meal. The waterfront also has a vibrant nightlife, so you can make the most of the street food here at various times of the day.

Coffee and breakfast in Hobart

Street Food Festivals in Hobart

Crafty Hobart By Night

This event happens each Thursday and Saturday, and it takes place at Lark Cellar Door and Whisky Bar. You will be given transportation to and from the event as part of your ticket price. This is a really fun and relaxed event where you can try local craft beers and enjoy food creations from local chefs.

While not a classic festival, the atmosphere is very welcoming and social and you will love that you can try so many brews and so many delicious local foods when you attend. This is a very fun event, and you should consider making the time for it if you love street food and trying new things.

Urban Cocktail Trail

Hosted in April, this food and cocktail event takes place in downtown Hobart. The event starts with a bite to eat for each group, and then you will wander through the booths and stalls in the downtown area, following a trail of cocktail trying locations. There are often fresh produce and cheese offerings at each stop as well.

This is a delightful and social event that allows you to see the city and to meet people while also trying out great food and drinks. If you have ever attended a wine walk, this is a similar event. You will find that these kinds of social opportunities are common in Australia and you should make the most of them during your stay.


If you are planning a visit to Hobart, you are going to have lots of fun shopping, seeing the sights, and eating. Hobart is a large city that gives you access to great hotels, exciting nightlife, and food events. You will love this part of Australia and probably wish your trip was longer. This is one of the most memorable places in the country, and you will have no trouble finding things to do and see in Hobart.

Always make sure that you have a plan for your luggage to be stored safely while you are in town, and keep in mind the street food locations on this list. Australia is a big, beautiful, and welcoming country and one that you should be able to experience without worries about your luggage or the safety of your personal possessions. Drop your luggage off in safe and secure storage, and then you can head out to make the most of your time in Hobart.

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