3 Days in Las Vegas: Everything You Should Know

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Las Vegas lies in Clark County in Nevada and is the American West's only major city to have been developed in the 20th century. At first, the city began as a very small railway service center but was quickly transformed into the massive metropolis that it is today. It is quite impressive how much the city has changed just in the past century, and it was actually the fastest growing city during its time. Now everyone can recognize the iconic Las Vegas Sign and it is one of the most famous cities in the world. Sometimes called Sin City, Las Vegas is a place filled with glam, extravagant shows, gambling, and casinos.

Millions of people come to visit Las Vegas every year, so you better believe that there are lots of tourist attractions and things to keep you occupied. If you are one of the many people taking a vacation here then you will need to plan what you want to do, since there are way too many options to choose from. Below, we've made the perfect 3 day Las Vegas itinerary so you won't have to worry about it! Your first stop, once you arrive, is to drive by a suitcase storage facility in Las Vegas so you don't have to carry your things around with you. Stow your bags, get started right away, and pick them up later after checking into your favorite hotel on the strip.

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Las Vegas Itinerary - Day 1

Morning: Sightseeing at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Let's get our Las Vegas itinerary started with one of the most popular Las Vegas attractions; the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Basically, everyone who comes here wants a picture next to the sign and it is how most Las Vegas itineraries begin. We recommend that you visit this place early on in the day since it can get busy with tourists.

There are not any pedestrian crosswalks to access the sign so you will have to be careful crossing the street. You will want to bring a camera for this one and snap a couple of photos of yourself next to the sign. Then it is time to take a walk down the Las Vegas Strip to see all of the famous luxury hotels in person!

Treat yourself to a tasty breakfast at Veranda, which is a lovely American and Italian restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel just a few minutes' walk away from the sign. They offer a beautiful outdoor seating area and lots of great breakfast dishes, and since they open at 6 am, you can count on great food no matter how early you wake up.

Afternoon: Marveling at Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium

Do you have an interest in sharks, or are you absolutely terrified of them? Either way, the Shark Reef Aquarium in Los Vegas' Mandalay Bay is well worth a visit, since everyone can agree that sharks are pretty cool! This tank is massive and holds up to 1.3 million gallons of water, making it the biggest in North America, and is home to around 2,000 aquatic creatures.

In the tank, you will find 15 different species of sharks, each one as impressive as the last. You can learn a lot about these creatures here and it is definitely an activity that you won't want to leave out of your Las Vegas itinerary. And since it is located right off of Las Vegas Boulevard it is close to all of the other top tourist attractions.

There are lots of restaurants close to the aquarium so finding lunch should be a breeze. Why not eat at the Border Grill in Mandalay Bay which serves creative Mexican dishes and fantastic cocktails?

Evening: Admiring the Bellagio Fountains

One of the best ways to end your first day in Las Vegas is to watch the incredible show at the Bellagio Hotel Fountains on the Las Vegas Strip. Although the show goes on all day we recommend visiting in the evening as it begins to get dark. This is because you will get to enjoy the full experience of the show which is a combination of music, lights, and waterworks.

The shows begin automatically every 15 to 30 minutes and are absolutely free to watch, so you can stop by at any point in the day or night. Be aware that crowds start to gather about 5 to 10 minutes before the shows begin so you might want to arrive early to get a spot with a view. Afterward, you can pose by the Brooklyn Bridge outside of the hotel, or head across the street to the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas!

Ready for dinner? Try dining at the eclectic restaurant called The Mayfair Supper Club which is situated inside the Bellagio Hotel itself. Enjoy an incredible dinner as you continue to watch the Bellagio Fountain outside the window. While you are in the Bellagio you can take a stroll through the impressive lobby and admire the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Las Vegas Itinerary - Day 2

Morning: Hiking at the Red Rock Canyon

It is always nice to start the morning by getting active with a walk in nature, and one of the best places nearby, other than the Grand Canyon, is the smaller but still incredible Red Rock Canyon. You will need to drive for a little while to get here but it is well worth the trip and is a truly picturesque area. If you also want to see the Grand Canyon we recommend booking a helicopter tour on another day.

If you don't feel like walking around you can also tour the area on a scooter. Otherwise, there are several hiking trails and each one will bring you past stunning rock formations and lovely landscapes. If you are visiting Las Vegas in the summertime you will want to go early before it gets too hot, and bring lots of water.

After your hike, you are definitely going to be hungry. Fuel up at BabyStacks which is a breakfast restaurant located nearby! They offer all sorts of tasty dishes like crepes, pancakes, omelets, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

Afternoon: Having Fun at the Fremont Street Experience

The downtown Las Vegas area is full of things to do, like the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum, and one of the most popular activities is the Fremont Street tourist attraction. It is open 24 hours a day and the party never stops, so you can really come by anytime. You won't want to leave once you arrive and with so much to do, you won't have to.

Inside the Experience, you will find some of the city's oldest hotels which are still as impressive as they were in their younger days. Enjoy gambling in the Golden Gate or Golden Nugget or just hang out in the pedestrian area and make new friends. There is also a zip line running down the street and at night the area comes alive with light shows and partying.

For lunch, we recommend the nearby restaurant called Nacho Daddy. You can probably guess that they serve nachos. But they aren't just any regular nachos, this restaurant offers unique flavors like the Enchilada Nacho, the Buffalo Hot Nacho, the Spicy Shrimp Nacho and so many more. They also offer tacos, fajitas, burgers, and vegan food options.

Evening: Taking the Gondola Ride in the Venetian

One thing that everyone should do on their Vegas vacation is to take a ride on the gondolas down the canals of the Venetian hotel. This is another one of the most famous Vegas hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip and it is just as glamorous as the rest. While you are here, browse the Grand Canal Shoppes!

This hotel offers mini canals modeled on the ones in the city of Venice. The rides are available from 10 am to midnight and it is the perfect thing to do just before or after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, why not eat at a restaurant inside the Venetian? Bouchon at The Venetian is a fabulous choice serving the best of French cuisine to suit the theme of the hotel. Their menu changes with the seasons but there is always something delicious available, and their wine and cocktails are worth a visit on their own.

Las Vegas Itinerary - Day 3

Morning: Trying the Big Apple Coaster and Arcade

We hope that you are well rested and awake this morning since you are about to get your adrenaline pumping at the New York-New York Hotel! Another one of the gems in fabulous Las Vegas, this hotel boasts a massive arcade and even a roller coaster that goes through the hotel.

The coaster will bring you outside the hotel where you can see an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip as you race through twists, around sharp turns, and over loops. This is definitely an activity best suited for those who enjoy a thrill, so if it isn't your thing then you can just have fun in the arcade.

For breakfast, you can stop by Tom's Urban which is on the street just outside of the hotel. Fill up on yummy pancakes, omelets, and other breakfast meals so you can have the energy to explore Las Vegas for the rest of the day. Just a tip: we recommend eating after riding the coaster or giving yourself enough time to digest so you don't have an upset stomach!

Afternoon: Shopping and Retail Therapy at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace

Now that we've reached the last of the Las Vegas itinerary, you are most likely itching to do some shopping. There are no shortages of places to spend money in Vegas, but one of the malls that you should definitely make time to visit is called the Forum Shops.

This shopping center situated in the extravagant Caesars Palace is not only a great place to buy souvenirs or something new for your wardrobe, but also just to wander around. You will find lots of big brand names here so have fun and shop till you drop!

When it is lunchtime, get ready for some delicious Italian food at Pronto by Giada on Las Vegas Boulevard. The restaurant is small, casual, and affordable, which is perfect since you won't want to pay a fortune for lunch after spending all afternoon shopping!

Evening: Riding on the High Roller Observation Wheel

Did you know that Las Vegas is home to the tallest observation wheel in the entire world? The High Roller is one of the city's main attractions and the perfect way to end your vacation in the city. Rides last for 30 minutes but there is much more to do in the nearby LINQ Promenade area when you are finished.

You will definitely want to bring a camera to capture the panoramic views. The wheel is open from 2 pm to midnight every day so you can even ride it at night to watch the city lights of the Las Vegas skyline below you. Grab a drink from the wheelhouse bar before you ride the High Roller and enjoy it as you say goodbye to Las Vegas from above.

Enjoy your final supper before you leave Las Vegas at the Yard House, which is just a couple minutes' walk away and remains open late into the night. They serve some great steaks and chops, chicken dishes, seafood, and yummy desserts. Gluten free meals are also available.

The Best Ways to Spend 3 Days in Las Vegas

As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas has many more incredible attractions and if you have some free time we recommend that you explore the city's best museums, go around tasting the street food or go shopping at all of the top shopping centers. However, if you only have 3 days in Las Vegas then you should definitely prioritize the things that the city is known for.

Watch the Treasure Island volcano explode, see real lions at MGM Grand, watch flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel, try your luck at the penny slot machines in the casinos, or attend a hotel pool party at the Encore Beach Club! If you want to travel outside of the city you can even take day trips to nearby places like the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam that crosses the Colorado River. No matter what you decide to do on your vacation, we hope that you have a great time on your 3 day Las Vegas weekend itinerary!

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