Las Vegas Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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One of the world's entertainment capitals, Las Vegas is known for glitz, glamour—and more than a little bit of vice. After all, there's a reason this Nevada town is known by the moniker of Sin City.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, the tourist board mischievously maintains. As the biggest city in Nevada, a state with laxer laws around gambling than most others in the US, Las Vegas has become an international center for games of chance. And thanks to the many casinos in the city, it's also become known for great dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

However, there's more to the city than just casinos. Located in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is close to some of the most stunning natural areas in the United States, if not the world. The closest major city to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is the gateway to the unique scenery of the southwestern United States. As a result, the city receives millions of tourists every year.

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21 Best Ways To Experience Las Vegas In 2024

Surprisingly, there's more to Las Vegas than bright lights and deluxe casinos. While the neon-illuminated city may be surrounded by desert it’s a desert comprising several national parks and state conservation areas that encompass incredible mountain ranges, the Colorado River, and enough flora and fauna to satisfy even the most exacting naturalist. The companies detailed here will take you on amazing tours of Las Vegas where you'll discover parts of the city you never knew existed, new food trends, and maybe, if you're lucky, even spot a spook or two. Plus you can head out into the wilds of Nevada for canyoning or horse riding through the desert as the sun sets.

Best Trike Tour – Vegas Trike Adventure

Tour Vegas on one of Vegas Trike Adventure's vehicles and you'll be a real attention grabber. These trikes take traveling on three wheels to a whole new level. Similar to riding around in an armchair, you don't need a motorcycle license to use one, just a regular driver's license. Sit back, relax and rev the throttle as you head down the Las Vegas Strip or out to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

Prepare to roar through Las Vegas on a Vegas Trike Adventure by calling 1-702-685-9825 or email for more information.

Best Photo Tour – Photo Tours Vegas

Forget taking selfies in front of the sights of Las Vegas. Photo Tours Vegas will arrange for you and your party to be accompanied by a professional photographer who'll not only take superb shots of you and your friends, but will take you to all the best spots to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Get ready for your personal photoshootAffleck in Las Vegas by contacting Photo Tour Vegas at or call them on 1 702-941-1885.

Best Pop Culture Tour – Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours

Walk the streets of Las Vegas and you'll soon realize it has a distinct pop culture. Get an in-depth insight into the music, fashion, and media that make the city tick by joining one of the various guided outings offered by Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours. They'll give you the lowdown on Downtown, historic casinos, bars, and hotels, plus the most outstanding neon signs.

Join a Las Vegas Pop Culture Tour by calling them on 1 888-387-0430 or emailing them for more details at

Best National Park Tour – My Tour Story

It's easy to get disoriented in Death Valley or lost while hiking through the Grand Canyon. Go with a personal guide from My Tour Story and they'll make sure you stay safe as well as on track while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. My Tour Story will drive you out to the Grand Canyon National Park for a day, or two if you prefer, take you exploring and then stay late to watch the stars come out.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime by calling My Tour Story on 1-702-715-9999 or by emailing them at  

Best Horseback Tour – Cowboy Trail Rides Inc

Saddle up and ride out on horseback to trek through the gorges of the Red Rock Canyon National Park. It's a great way of seeing the impressive desert landscapes and gorges. You don't need to be an expert equestrian and you'll be accompanied all the way by a professional wrangler who's familiar with the terrain. If the heat of the Nevada desert is too hot for you, try a late afternoon ride and you'll get to see the sunset too.

Organize your ride in Red Rock Canyon by calling Cowboy Trail Rides Inc on 1-702-387-2457 or by emailing them at

Best Food Tour – Taste Buzz Food Tours

Forget about snacking on pizza, hot dogs and burgers and discover the true food culture of Las Vegas with Taste Buzz Food Tours. Anyone of their three tours will introduce you to some serious gastronomic delights as you wander around either the arts district, Downtown or Fremont Street. You won't go hungry as there's plenty of quality nosh to nibble on along the way.

Treat your taste buds with a Taste Buzz Food Tour by emailing them at or by calling them on 1-702-909-0337.  

Best Downtown Vegas Walking Tour – Las Vegas Walking Tours

Downtown Las Vegas has a character all its own and a big part of its personality is Fremont Street. See it at its best by taking a walking tour with Las Vegas Walking Tours. Whether you go during the day when it's quieter and the rest of the population is sleeping off a late stint at the casino tables or by night when the neon is flashing non-stop, the guide will give you lots of inside information on everything you're passing.

Step out on the right foot in Vegas by calling Las Vegas Walking Tours on 1-888-571-6587 or by emailing

Best Kayak Tour – Evolution Expedition

When you've had enough of dry land and arid desert-scapes, leave Las Vegas behind to go kayaking on the Colorado River. Evolution Expeditions will collect you from your hotel, get you to the water, then launch you downstream on a guided paddle. There's plenty of exciting spots to explore including the Emerald Cave and Hoover Dam or as an alternative, Lake Mead at sundown.

Start sorting out your kayaking in Las Vegas by emailing Evolution Expedition at or call them on 1-702-259-5292.

Best E-Bike Tour – Red E-Bike Tour

Cycling through the desert can be a sweaty and strenuous affair. You can make it a whole lot more pleasurable by going on a Red E-Bike Tour. Their guided e-bike tour is a seventeen mile ride along asphalt roads through the Red Rock Canyon. They provide all the safety equipment you'll need as well as water and an energy-replenishing snack too.

Prepare to glide through Red Rock Canyon with Red E-Bike Tours by calling them on 1-702-544-4261 or by emailing

Best Family Tour – Top Canyon Tours

Take the kids on an exhilarating day out with Top Canyon Tours who'll make seeing rock formation after rock formation an exciting adventure they'll want to repeat. Top Canyon will take you on a full-day excursion through the Valley of Fire, Bryce and Antelope Canyon as well as part way down the well-renowned historic highway – Route 66.

Organize your family outing with Top Canyon Tours by calling them on 1-702- 689-4254 or email them at for more information.

Best Tailor-made Tour – AG Experiences

You can fit a lot into a three-hour tailor-made tour of Las Vegas with a guide like Johnathan Hernandez from AG Experiences at your disposal. The best thing is, he'll plan the route to your agenda and include all the things you specifically want to see. Friendly and knowledgeable, Johnathan will guarantee you have a great time.

Get a tailor-made tour of Las Vegas by contacting Johnathan by email at

Best Flying Tour – GC Flight

The Grand Canyon is so immense that the only way to truly see it all and appreciate its grandeur is from the air. With GC Flights you can choose your method of aerial transport as they have both planes and helicopters. Pick a helicopter ride and you can combine it with a scheduled landing for a picnic in the desert or to step out onto the transparent viewing deck, The Skywalk, without queuing.

Plan to take off with GC Flights by emailing them at or call 1-702-629-7776.  

Best Local Tour Guide – Richard Evans

One great way of getting to know a place is by being taken around it by a local tour guide. One of the best local tour guides in Las Vegas is a guy called Richard Evans. Richard takes visitors to the city on short, but informative walks by day or by night. He knows so much about Las Vegas he's practically a walking encyclopedia.

Find out all about Vegas with Richard as your guide by contacting him at or call 1-702-659-3996. 

Best Group Tour – Marvit Tours

Going on tours when you're traveling with family or friends can work out expensive. Not with Marvit Tours though. This company uses minivans to transport you and the more people there are in your group then the cheaper the tour gets. They're happy to load you up and take you around Las Vegas or out to the national parks to see the sights.

Have a fun day out with your family or friends by calling Marvit Tours on 1-702-788-5323 or email them at for more details.

Best Scooter Tour – Scoot City Tours

There's lots of vehiclized ways of getting around Las Vegas but Scoot City Tours has one that's the most fun. The brightly colored, three-wheeled scooters are a total buzz to drive around in. Go it alone with your scooter or team up with other drivers and join a scooter convoy for a guided tour of Red Rock Canyon.

Don't drive yourself round the bend, do it in a scooter by calling Scoot City Tours on 1-702-524-6200 or email them at

Best Helicopter Tour – 5 Star Las Vegas

Give yourself the VIP treatment with a deluxe helicopter ride over Las Vegas at night. The city is unbelievable to see from the air after dark when it's lighting up the desert with a million neon signs. The ten minute flight starts with a glass of champagne before take-off just to get you in a bubbly mood.

Be a VIP on a helicopter flight by calling 5 Star Las Vegas on 1 702-565-7827 or email them at

Best Adventure Tour – Las Vegas Adrenaline Junkies Tour

Make your day out a double whammy by going off-road to a ghost town. On a Las Vegas Adrenaline Junkies Tour you'll drive an ATV through the Nevada desert along dusty trails to Lake Mead then on to Nelson's Landing, a ruined settlement that's reputed to be haunted. It's a trip that will make your hair stand on end in more ways than one.

Get ready to get spooked with Las Vegas Adrenaline Junkies Tour by contacting them on 1-702-272 4563 or email them at

Best Bar Crawl – Nocturnal Tours

There are so many bars and clubs in Las Vegas it's impossible to decide where to go. Don't waste time thinking about it and go on a bar crawl with Nocturnal Tours. They'll take you to all the best places including wild pool parties during the day if you can last the pace for long enough.

Get ready for a mega party by calling Nocturnal Tours on 1-702-277-6857 or email them at for more information.

Best Diverse Tour – Comedy On Deck Tours

Forget all about seriousness and in-depth info when you go out with Comedy On Deck Tours. These guys are a laugh a minute and then some. You won't see the sights for the tears streaming down your face as you chuckle at the quips and anecdotes of the guides who are professional comedians. It's one way of livening up sightseeing rock formations and that's a fact.

Get ready to smile all day with Comedy On Deck Tours by emailing them at or call them on 1-702-384-3325.  

Best Party Tour – Supreme Club Tours

Get your best dress on and head out for a night of first-class clubbing with Supreme Club Tours. The fun starts the minute you step aboard the party bus when they pick you up from your hotel and doesn't end until dawn when you'll have been to three or four of Las Vegas's top nightclubs.

Party till the sun comes up with Supreme Club Tours by calling them on 1-972-658-5744 or email them at

Best Boxing Tour – Vegas Fight Tour

Las Vegas is not only famous for its casinos but for boxing too. If you're a fan of the sport then you won't want to miss visiting the city's boxing gyms with Vegas Fight Tours. They'll take you to all the places that are boxing-related like the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, and the Mayweather Boxing Club.

Have a knockout day with Vegas Fight Tour by emailing them at or call them on 1-702-491-4838.   

las vegas strip

A weekend in Las Vegas

The fast pace of Sin City can wear you out quickly. For many people, Las Vegas is the ultimate weekend destination. Popular with bachelor and bachelorette parties, it's a city well-suited for short visits.

  • You'd struggle to avoid the Las Vegas strip if you wanted to. But why would you want to? While the bright neon and conspicuous consumption of the Strip isn't to everybody's taste, it's something you have to see for yourself at least once. Drop off your heavy bags at a Las Vegas luggage storage locker and take a walk down to the strip on a warm Las Vegas night to see it in all its glory. You'll find plenty of casinos, bars, and other fun places to pop in and out of as you explore.
  • The Bellagio hotel is a testament to the enduring popularity of Las Vegas. One of the grandest of the city's grand casinos, the stunning lobby and famous fountain in front of the hotel are worth the visit by themselves. You can also try your luck at the table games inside, relax in the on-site spa, or enjoy the excellent dining options at this resort.
  • It takes about four hours to drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, so it's not really suitable for a weekend trip. Instead, head just outside of the city to Red Rock Canyon. This otherworldly landscape offers a taste of the desert that surrounds Las Vegas without having to travel too far. The bright red rocks are especially striking at sunset, so don't forget your camera.

Las Vegas lockers

No matter when you visit, there's always something happening in Las Vegas. This party town relies on tourism to balance its books, and virtually every institution in the city is devoted to making sure you have a good time. To really enjoy your trip, drop off your bags at a Las Vegas luggage storage service. Whether you're hitting the casinos, taking a show, or going out to dinner, you'll have a far better time if you're not carrying more than you need to.

Off the beaten path in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known for gambling and hedonism, but there's more to the city than casinos and bars. Although not generally known as a cultural hub, Las Vegas has a surprising amount to offer that doesn't involve gambling.

  • Mix with the ocean's top predators at the Golden Nugget. The swimming pool at this casino is famous for its slide, which runs right through the shark tank. Having delicious tourists whizzing by on a regular basis doesn't seem to bother the sharks at all, but it's certainly a thrilling experience for anyone who tries it.
  • Get a taste of old Vegas on Fremont Street. Before Las Vegas became the international tourism juggernaut it is now, it was a very different place. Vestiges of this old-school past are preserved on Fremont Street, where you can feel like you're in the Las Vegas of Frank Sinatra, away from the more Disneyfied Strip. Drop off your extrastuff at a Las Vegas bag storage and see it for yourself.
  • Explore one of Las Vegas's most striking characteristics at the Neon Museum. This museum preserves the old signs of many of Las Vegas' casinos and tours will explain the history of what you're seeing as you wander through these relics.

What to do alone in Las Vegas

building with palm trees

Las Vegas can seem like a place made for groups. In a city devoted to gambling and nightlife, it's not common to find solo travelers. That doesn't mean you won't find things to do here. Whether you're visiting on vacation or for a business trip, you can find lots to do in your down time.

  • Las Vegas is home to some world-class shows. The roster of entertainment is forever changing, but no matter when you visit, you won't be at a loss for entertainment. World-famous magicians, incredible circus acts, and chart-topping pop stars all come here to perform, and a show makes a great option for evening entertainment when you're flying solo.
  • Recharge your batteries at a spa. Many of Las Vegas's top hotels feature luxurious bars, and you'll even find a great facility at the airport. Sahra Spa and Hammam is the perfect place to pamper yourself while you wait for a flight and leave the city feeling rejuvenated. Drop off any heavy bags at a Las Vegas luggage locker before you go.
  • Enjoy the abundant sunshine at the pool of Marquee Dayclub. Grab a lounger poolside to work on your tan, and enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks from the well-equipped bar. It's the perfect way to take a break from the hectic pace of the city.

The best souvenirs in Las Vegas

Lean into Las Vegas' gambling notoriety with a set of custom poker chips. Spinetti's Gaming Supplies can hook you up with tokens for just about every card game imaginable. You can pick up a generic budget-friendly set or go all out with a personalized version, making a great gift. Alternatively, the area around Las Vegas is the ancestral land of the Navajo people, and this native tribe is known for their exquisite turquoise jewelry. Head out of town to Boulder City Trading Post to pick up some native-themed gifts. Or enjoy the work of one of the world's greatest pastry chefs at Jean Philippe patisserie. Located inside the Bellagio, the store offers truly unique confectionery that makes a perfect souvenir of the city.

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