Best Brunch In Lisbon: The Definitive Guide

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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal as well as a popular tourist destination for many. Whether you are visiting Lisbon for business or pleasure, you have to eat, right? If you are a late riser or just cannot decide between breakfast or lunch food, try grabbing some brunch in Lisbon for a change.

You can get scrambled eggs and fresh orange juice or eggs benedict with fresh fruit, or try one of the smoothie bowls from the brunch menu at the French café on the corner. No matter where you go in Lisbon, you can get tasty food like french toast slathered in maple syrup, peanut butter, or cream cheese, a breakfast bowl with fresh fruit and poached eggs, or a full English breakfast.

Some of the top Lisbon brunch spots can be found with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the stellar Mediterranean climate. Many of the brunch spots in Lisbon have the standards such as homemade granola, fried eggs, fresh juices, and Greek yogurt. Other places have specialty coffee like matcha latte, sweet bread, and egg toast.

Finding the best brunch spots in Lisbon will not be difficult since they have so many. Whether you are looking for avo toast, a breakfast bowl, eggs benedict, poached eggs, or one of the other egg dishes, you will find it on a brunch menu in Lisbon along with a variety of beverages from coffee to mimosas.

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Where to Get Avocado Toast in Lisbon


Zenith serves brunch food all day, every day for those who enjoy breakfast food as well as lunch and dinner. The modern eatery is cozy and casual with the typical favorites as well as healthy options like gluten-free and vegan dishes. Get one of the brunch classics like granola, poached eggs, or avocado toast.

Or you can try something new like red velvet pancakes, shakshuka, or açaí bowl with a delicious cup of coffee. Of course, they also serve other brunch foods like french toast, fried egg and bacon, and lemon curd. Even lunch is on the brunch menu. Get a salad, sandwich, or the traditional combination of burgers and fries.

Heim Café

Heim Café is famous for its epic brunch menu items which makes it one of the staples of the Lisbon brunch scene. The café is located on a cobblestoned corner near the Tagus River. Try their waffles with bacon, bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter, or their dark roast coffee, all on the brunch menu.

If you want something a little different for brunch, Heim has a savory mushroom sandwich, which is a crowd favorite. They also serve six different egg specialties for brunch as well as organic yogurt, pancakes, and baked goods. However, if you are going on the weekend, get there early or you will be waiting for a table.

The Mill

For a blend of Portuguese and Australian food, try this small brunch site for interesting and delicious dishes like the Lisboeta, which is grilled chorizo on rustic toast with roasted peppers and Azores cheese. Or get the Aussie, which is vegan and gluten-free and has vegemite and butter on toasted rustic bread.

The banana bread special is also popular for brunch, which has toasted bread with mascarpone, red fruits, and honey. Another favorite brunch dish at the Mill is the Rosti plate, which has potato rostis, smoked salmon, tzatziki, and a poached egg. Their coffee is also amazing with local flavors like pingado and Australian classics such as the long black flat and white.


Want to get your brunch in Lisbon on the beach? Boutik has a thing for Bali and imitates its decor, cuisine, and atmosphere with a café that is also a gallery and shop. The avocado toast and coffee are legendary but you can also get a banana-chocolate smoothie bowl with orange juice like nothing you have ever tasted.

The friendliness does not stop with the staff though, at this brunch spot. They have a golden retriever sharing the space who hangs around looking for pats, and maybe a piece of bacon. Pastel de nata is also pretty popular for brunch here with a variety of drinks like smoothies, tea, and coffees. This is definitely a contender for the best brunch in Lisbon.

Where to Get Seafood for Brunch in Lisbon

Gosta do Castelo

Gosta do Castelo is considered to be the best brunch in Lisbon as far as the locals are concerned. From scones to waffles with banana and peanut butter or pancakes with fresh strawberries, toast, and tea, this place has every kind of food you can think of and then some. If they do not have it, they will find a way to make it for you.

The cozy eatery is mysterious or romantic, depending on what kind of mood you are in. The vintage decor and dark wood paneling make it seem like you are eating in a famous French café. Their espresso and coffee drinks are spectacular as well. They even have pancakes with cream and asparagus with cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, and cake.


Have brunch at one of Lisbon's best restaurants at Comoba. They will make you scrambled eggs or any other egg dishes you can think of as well as unique dishes like smoked salmon eggs nests and matcha pancakes with cashew cream and maple syrup. They also have fish tacos with avocado that are fresh and delicious.

And the Jaca club sandwich with BBQ jack fruit, cashew sour cream slaw, avocado, and pickles is an amazing brunch. Their large assortment of tasty smoothies and decadent coffees is also fantastic. In fact, no matter what food or drink you get, it will be delightful.

Café Janis

Eat brunch in the sun at Café Janis, where you can get breakfast or lunch any time of day. Most of the food on the menu is Mediterranean but you will always find scrambled eggs, pancakes, and orange juice for brunch in Lisbon no matter where you go.

The shakshuka is legendary so you will find lots of locals eating here as well as tourists. Or just grab a sushi bowl and fresh fruit on the go. Brunch at Café Janis is not just good, it is also a fun place to meet and talk to the locals. It is a great place to eat brunch any time of the day. The food here is wonderful but save room for Lisbon street food later in the day!

Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora has two locations with excellent brunch options from avo toast to salmon toast and a bread basket filled with heavenly smelling pastries and rolls. Smoothie bowls with mushrooms, tuna, and mozzarella cheese, nests filled with bacon or veggies, and even mini burgers are also on the late breakfast menu at this awesome place.

Enjoy your food outside on the patio surrounded by lush greenery for the best brunch in Lisbon. You can watch the world go by while you indulge in some of the most succulent brunch dishes like pancakes and syrup. This hidden gem in Portugal's capital has limited seating at both of its locations, so get there early.

Best Late Afternoon Brunch in Lisbon

Quase Café

Sometimes you just do not feel like getting out of bed and out the door until afternoon. But in Lisbon, that is okay since they have so many places where you can have breakfast at lunch or dinner time. Have a seat at the Quase Café for tea or coffee with a simple breakfast like croissants, granola, and eggs.

If you would rather have something more like dinner food, try one of the soups or sandwiches on the menu. They also have excellent avo toast, juicy burgers, and crispy fries. No matter what you are looking for, just ask and they probably have it.

Nicolau Lisboa Café

With four locations to choose from all over Lisbon, Nicolau serves breakfast and lunch food all day long. For a starter, try their pink beetroot hummus or fish tacos. If you want breakfast food, their luscious french toast with fruit and syrup is amazing and the pistachio pancakes with honey are delightful.

Egg lovers enjoy the florentine eggs with mushrooms and spinach or the fluffy toast topped with scrambled eggs and caramelized bacon. They also serve veggie burgers made with chickpea and sweet potatoes topped with curry and mango sauce. No matter what you enjoy, you can probably get it here.

Seagull Method Café

Related to the Heim Café, the Seagull Method Café is also a popular brunch eatery in Lisbon. Just like Heim Café, you can get avocado toast or some type of egg dish, sweet bites like pastries and porridge, or cottage cheese pancakes with caramel sauce.

Add a latte or cup of cappuccino or a hot mug of tea and you can enjoy your special midday meal looking out the window watching the world go by. The café is small but that is what makes it so cute and cozy. But since it is off the beaten path, it is still a quiet place to go for brunch in Lisbon.

Time Out Market

If you want to do some shopping before, after, or while you eat brunch, the Time Out Market has a spectacular food court with a variety of different food styles to choose from. For seafood, try Sea Me or Confaria. Get your burgers from Ground Burger or Pinoquio.

If you want sweets, Davvero has the best Italian ice cream. Tartine serves breakfast all day including tarts, eggs, sandwiches, and donuts. Or try L'Eclair for French pastries. But for authentic Portuguese cuisine, head to Marlene Viera. You can even take a cooking course or see a show.

Fresh Fruit and Organic Yogurt

Are you exhausted from a day-long Lisbon hike and need to rest in the morning? Maybe you have been out all night hitting the clubs and enjoying the vibrant nightlife so you are just crawling out of bed at noon and need some food. Will it be a smoothie bowl, scrambled eggs or a plate of avocado toast served your favorite way?

Head to one of these places where you can get the best brunch in Lisbon. Stop at the popular Time Out Market or choose a quaint eatery near the Tagus River. Or jump off the subway at Baixa Chiado to be in the center of town. No matter where you end up, the top Lisbon brunch spots are must-try's while you are here. Enjoy a full brunch-time spread more than once before taking in the sights of this incredible city!

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