Lisbon Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Plane on runway at Lisbon Airport, Portugal

Lisbon's Portela Airport is the busiest airport in Portugal and the main international access to this delightful country. At just seven kilometers from the city center, it makes for an ideal place from which to kick off your adventure in Portugal.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is built on a rugged coastline where the hills and Atlantic crash into one another in spectacular fashion. If you are planning on exploring this city on foot, which is perfectly viable, wear comfortable shoes and expect some steep inclines. A good idea is always to lose your luggage at a convenient locker rental facility.

Tiles play a big part in this countries heritage as they have been making them for more than five centuries. They will be seen in many different places in the city but at the National Palace of Sintra, they are simply exceptional.

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Lisbon Airport baggage policy

The rules around bags at Lisbon Airport are similar to those you'll find in airports around the world. Of primary importance is not leaving your bags unattended at any time for any reason. If you do, they may be perceived as a threat and confiscated or even destroyed. If you're flying, make sure you stay within the baggage allowances of your chosen airline. For security reasons, no liquids in volumes of over 100 milliliters are allowed past security.

Lisbon Airport has its own luggage lockers near the P2 car park. However, during busy times, it can be hard to find an available locker. Plus, you may find it more convenient to have your luggage stored somewhere closer to the city itself while you explore.

Lisbon Airport, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Airport food policy

There are restaurants and cafes at the airport, as well as the normal duty-free shopping options one would expect of an international airport.

As far as eating is concerned, holding off until you reach the city will expose you to the full spectrum of Portugal's culinary delights, of which there are many. Bifana is a sandwich stuffed with pork loin, spicy piri piri sauce and olive oil. It is a source of national pride and is eaten by locals as street food on a regular basis.

For something to be enjoyed sitting down, Bacalhau is salted codfish which is baked with potatoes and scrambled eggs and enjoyed at many of the street side restaurants and classic little tabernas. There, you will always have access to a range of seafood options including the Portuguese grilled sardines that this country is renowned for.

To finish that off, or perhaps as an early morning starter,  the Pastel de Nata is a sweet custard tart that should not be missed.

Lisbon Airport camera policy

You are allowed to take photos inside Lisbon Airport. However, be aware that this is a working airport, with all that that implies. Setting up tripods and lights in the middle of this busy facility is not good idea. Nor is taking photos of security staff or secure areas of the airport. If in doubt, it may be better to leave your camera equipment at a luggage locker near Lisbon Airport instead of carrying it with you.

Lisbon Airport rules

There are some rules you need to take into consideration when travelling through this airport.

  • Firearms, toy guns and projectiles are prohibited and this includes water pistols.
  • No sharp objects including syringes without a prescription.
  • Nothing flammable and no compressed gasses.
  • No electronic cigarettes onboard planes.
  • The international rule about liquids and gels having to be in containers of less that 100 mls and displayed in a clear plastic bag are applied here.

    Lisbon Airport public transport

Taxis are widely used in this city and they tend to be both convenient and economical. The run from the airport to the city should take twenty minutes and cost approximately twenty Euros. Other options include the metro which can be accessed directly from the airport, and a single ticket costs just 1.45 euros while a day pass is a mere 6 euros.

Buses are another option, but if you haven't stored your bags you will be limited to one small piece of luggage.

Lisbon Airport Lockers

Whether you are just day tripping into the city or staying for longer, storing your bags will make your visit far more enjoyable. In the city, you will easily find a locker rental service that will free you of having to care for and carry your bags, while allowing you to enjoy your visit to the full. Look out for options that include a comprehensive protection cover and offer online booking so that you can avoid having to haul bags from rental service to rental service, only to find all the lockers full.

Free of your bags, you can now try a tasting tour of one or more of the country's famed Port cellars or stroll the steep streets of the Alfama area where you will be exposed to local craft artisans and artists. A gentler way to discover this area is to ride the No. 28 tram as it winds its way through this ancient district.

For a different kind of experience, jump on a train from Lisbon Station, an architectural experience in itself, and ride to the traditional coastal fishing town of Cascais. The journey of less than forty minutes will expose you to some magnificent coastline, and end up at one of what is now Lisbon's most popular seaside destinations.

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