The Best Time to Visit Liverpool 2024: the Ultimate Guide

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The Best Time to Visit Liverpool: the Ultimate Guide

Liverpool is a city in the northwest of England, with a population of over half a million people. The city is most famous for its Beatles-related tourism, but there's plenty more to see and do in Liverpool. Royal Albert Dock is a complex of warehouses that have been converted into shops, restaurants, and museums, including the Museum of Liverpool. Anfield is the home stadium of Liverpool Football Club, one of the most successful teams in the history of English football. And finally, the River Mersey flows through Liverpool and is a popular spot for walks and boat rides. So whether you're a fan of the Fab Four or just looking to explore a new city, Liverpool has something for everyone.

Liverpool is a lively and vibrant city, with something to offer visitors all year round. However, the best time to visit Liverpool depends on what you want to see and do while you're here. The temperate maritime climate can be unpredictable with high humidity, lots of clouds, and rain regardless of the season. If you're looking to experience the city's famous nightlife, then the spring and summer months are the best time to visit Liverpool when the average temperature is generally higher. This is when the streets are filled with people enjoying the warmer weather and the many outdoor bars and pubs.

If you want to catch a glimpse of some of Liverpool's famous landmarks, then autumn is the ideal time to visit. The leaves on the trees change color, creating a beautiful backdrop for photos. And, winter, which has the highest monthly rainfall, also has its perks. Attractions won't be as crowded and this season is friendlier on your budget.

Before you set out to explore Liverpool, regardless of the time of year, don't carry all your bags with you. Head to a luggage storage in Liverpool and let Bounce take care of your suitcases. Besides, you'll likely want to have at least one hand free for an umbrella.

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When to visit Liverpool

Summer in Liverpool

For anyone who insists on the best weather conditions available, you should plan your trip to Liverpool in the summer. Rain is generally at its lowest point during this time, but that doesn't mean you'll escape it entirely. You can expect an average of nine days of rain in each summer month, which is similar to the spring and fall.

Aside from a lower chance of rain, when you visit Liverpool in the summer, you get access to outdoor concerts, festivals, and even a chance to go to the beach. The water will be quite cold, but if you aren't daring enough to go swimming, it's a lovely spot to escape to from the city center for a relaxing picnic.

As for the temperature in Liverpool during the summer, you're looking at average highs of around 70°F (21°C) in July and August, which is the hottest month, then June is a bit lower with 66°F (19°) as the average high. The relative humidity is lower, which is nice, and the sun is bound to make an appearance or two. The lowest temperature in Liverpool during June, July, and August will be around 52°F (11°C), which shouldn't stop you from an evening stroll as long as you have the right clothing.

When you're deciding what to pack when you visit Liverpool in the summer, you'll want to bring a little bit of everything. A lined waterproof jacket, umbrella, shorts, t-shirts, long pants, and a light sweater should cover what you need from morning to evening. The ideal is to layer since the temperature fluctuates somewhat drastically from morning to evening. As the weather warms up, it would be nice to carry a small backpack or bag to have somewhere to put all the extra layers.

The best season to visit Liverpool

The summer's pleasant weather unfortunately has a few drawbacks as well. The better weather isn't exactly a secret and draws more tourists than any other time of year. Add this to the fact that the summer is the high tourist season almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere, and you can imagine that the city gets more than a bit crowded. Prepare to wait in line longer for the attractions, pay higher average prices for your accommodation, and wait for a table at that perfect outdoor patio.

Want to avoid some of the summer downfalls of crowds and still take advantage of the high temperatures? Then June is a great option for you.

Fall in Liverpool

If you aren't a traveler that has to travel during the summer, fall can be a great option. The weather stays relatively warm into October and the crowds start to dissipate once the kids go back to school. The weather is cool and comfortable, making it perfect for exploring the city's many attractions. Plus, fall is also a great time to take advantage of some of the city's best hotel deals as they try to hang on to the summer highs. There are thinner crowds at some of the city's best attractions, like the Royal Albert Dock or a Mersey River cruise.

When you visit Liverpool in the fall, you can expect different conditions depending on the month. Early autumn, somewhat unsurprisingly, is the warmest with average high temperatures fluttering around the 65°F (18°C) mark. September lows dip to an average of 50°F (10°C) overnight, and this gets worse into October and November. In November, the highs are the same as the lows in September and you can see temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C).

The Best Time to Visit Liverpool

Packing for a fall trip to Liverpool really depends on what month you choose. In September, you can still get away with light clothing most days, but in November, you're going to need a heavy (and ideally waterproof) coat. October is the rainiest month of the year in Liverpool, so be prepared for wet weather conditions most of your trip if you book at this time. In fact, to put it into context, Liverpool gets around 12 days of rainfall in October and typically sees total precipitation of around 3.75 inches (95mm) of rain in this month alone. And, November offers much of the same experience weather-wise.

The best fall visit to Liverpool is likely in mid-September to avoid crowds and get better prices on tours and hotels. The football season is in full swing by then, and if you can't get tickets to Anfield, which is extremely difficult, or Goodison Park, you can still head to a local pub to watch the game. Just make sure you support the right team as the Liverpool FC and Everton rivalry runs deep.

Winter in Liverpool

Winter in Liverpool sees long and cold nights, and in December, which is the coldest month of the year, at least you also see the lowest relative humidity. You can still expect about 3.5 inches (90mm) of rainfall, although snow is uncommon. But, if you're looking to escape to a winter wonderland for a few days, when you visit Liverpool in the winter, you might get lucky and find the ground dusted with snow.

When to travel to Liverpool

December is a festive month around town with Christmas markets scattered around the city, twinkle lights, and warm pubs to help take the edge off. Due to the weather, tourists tend to stay away from Liverpool in the winter, especially in January and February.

Since the weather is quite changeable, it's a good idea to tune in to one of the weather stations on your hotel tv before you venture out for the day. At least that way, you'll know what you're in for and can bring the appropriate stuff.

For a list of what to pack for a winter Liverpool trip, make sure you have a warm coat, waterproof boots, sweaters, and the always-needed umbrella. You should also pack layers because the temperatures will still fluctuate, just not as drastically as the other seasons. The average high temperatures in December, January, and February are 46°F (8°C) and the lows can dip well below freezing.

When you visit Liverpool in the winter, you won't need to be out in the elements if you don't want to. The city offers countless things to do inside where it's warm and dry. It's the ideal season to visit if you prefer museums, galleries, and basically any other indoor attraction. With Tate Liverpool, the Liverpool Museums, the Beatles Story, football games, and the British Music Experience you can stay busy for days.

January offers some of the best deals on tourist attractions and accommodations, whereas prices in December do increase due to the holiday season.

Best time to vacation in Liverpool

Spring in Liverpool

As the days get a little longer and the temperatures warm up, spring in Liverpool brings a feeling of positivity and happiness that the winter is coming to an end. The rising temperatures hit 52°F (11°C) in March, 55°F (13°C) in April, and 63°F (17°C) in May. The lows tend to hover around the low 40s, but it's nothing a spring coat can't solve.

You'll want to pack for spring in Liverpool much as you would in the fall. Layers are your best friend, especially in May when a t-shirt during the day can be enough. You can't go wrong with light sweaters, long pants, a raincoat, and an umbrella. May is the most humid month of the year in Liverpool and the spring, in general, sees an average rainfall of about nine days a month.

In spring, and especially as the city ramps up for summer, you'll find great outdoor festivals, markets, and concerts in the city center that celebrate the ability to be outside again. Check out the Wirral Walking Festival and Rock Out at Sound City to start. Pubs are still a great option to have in your back pocket to spend a rainy afternoon, especially if a football game is on.

Low prices are still possible on hotels, but they do start an upswing around mid-April. If budget isn't too much of a concern, mid-April and May are great months to experience Liverpool without the crowds of the summer, but with somewhat pleasant weather conditions.

When to visit Liverpool, UK


If you have an extreme aversion to wet weather, Liverpool is probably best left off your itinerary. But, if you can handle a few showers, the city will reward you with impressive sights and wonderful experiences. Liverpool weather is certainly changeable, but you're almost guaranteed to experience rain if you choose the Merseyside city as your next holiday destination. But, it's not all bad, and the great things to do can usually make you forget about the weather, even if it's just for a while.

Summer offers the best weather in Liverpool, but along with it comes crowds and higher prices. If you hate to wait in long lines, maybe this season isn't your best option. The spring and fall offer perfectly pleasant weather most of the time, and if you like snow and prefer to visit indoor attractions, winter might be a good fit.

One thing that you are pretty much guaranteed in Liverpool is rain. Just have your trusty umbrella in hand (or buy one from one of the many city center vendors) and have a plan or two for indoor things to do if the weather takes a turn. No one should miss out on the experience that is this charming northern English port city just because they don't want to get a little wet.

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