Is Liverpool safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Liverpool is best known for its amazing nightlife, football team, and of course, The Beatles. Beatlemania hit Liverpool hard, and what better place to fly into than John Lennon Airport? This fun destination is a major city in Merseyside, in north west England and in 2008 was dubbed the European Capital of Culture.

Visitors from around the globe flock to this maritime city in late spring and summer, making it one of the most popular destinations in the UK. Post pandemic 2021, Liverpool saw over 42 million people visit to see the rich architecture and landmarks. Filled with restaurants, nightclubs, museums, art galleries, shops, and so much more, this city of 486,000 people is the perfect place to explore with friends or as a solo traveler.

Ready to trace the steps of the Beatles? Don't miss the Cavern Club while here. Drop your bags with Bounce in Liverpool to ensure your valuables are safe and sound while you hit the streets. From the busy Bold Street to quiet parks, Liverpool is a safe city to spend time in.

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Is Liverpool safe to visit right now?

Whether you're an experienced nomad or this is your first trip, staying safe while traveling should be your top priority. By choosing to visit Liverpool, you'll find that the streets are pretty safe and the locals friendly and welcoming. With a 2021 Global Peace Index of 33, the United Kingdom has some places you may want to avoid, but Liverpool is not one of them. Still, check your government’s official travel guidelines for Liverpool before you decide to travel.

Since Liverpool is a major city in England, there will still be petty thieves working the streets, especially in the popular touristy areas. Petty crime is expected in any city, including pickpockets and scammers. Thankfully, with street smarts and an understanding of how petty thieves work, you'll make wonderful memories in Liverpool.

Top petty crimes and scams in Liverpool affecting tourists

One of the best ways to stay safe when you're traveling, no matter where you're going, is to blend in and look more like a local than a tourist. This means keeping your belongings secure in a Bounce locker rather than lugging them along while you're sightseeing. Our Liverpool safety tips will come in handy too.


The most common crime in many bustling cities is pickpocketing and this is true in Liverpool also. Most of the popular tourist areas have pickpockets working the area. They target unsuspecting travelers so the best way to combat pickpockets is to keep your eyes open and your belongings close.

Use a small crossbody bag instead of a bigger, bulky backpack or purse. Keep your wallet in your front pocket if possible. Don't keep all your money and cards in one spot, and only carry a small amount of cash.


With Liverpool drawing so many tourists, stay alert and be cautious of groups of people acting odd or anyone trying to distract you, and don't leave your food or drink unattended.

Is Liverpool safe to travel alone?

Solo travelers heading to Liverpool will find it fun and relaxing. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy doing alone and many of the locals are friendly so you'll probably make a few friends while visiting.

The United Kingdom has a rating of 26 on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index making it a good place for women to visit either in groups or alone. Liverpool's crime rates are not high so if you're a woman traveling alone, you can feel at ease exploring everything from Tate Liverpool to the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Using common sense when venturing out to the attractions by yourself will also keep you safe.

Safest neighborhoods in Liverpool

Here are some of the safest Liverpool neighborhoods.

Liverpool City Centre

The pulse of Liverpool downtown. It is a kaleidoscope of architectural styles and tourist attractions mashed together into a grid of streets brimming with colorful shops, restaurants, and landmarks. St. John’s Beacon, or Radio City Tower, is located here and you don't want to miss the chance to see St. George’s Hall.

The Royal Albert Docks are home to redbrick warehouses along the Mersey waterfront. It is also home to the International Slavery Museum and Merseyside Maritime Museum. Even though it is a crowded area, the crime rate is relatively low here and it is considered the safest area in Liverpool. Walking through the city centre is the best way to get to know the area better.

Baltic Triangle

This is most likely the coolest neighborhood in Liverpool and is filled with vintage clothing boutiques, trendy coffee shops, and amazing craft beer breweries. The main artery in Baltic Triangle, Jamaica Street winds through the area to the Liverpool ONE shopping area. Along the way, you'll see Liver Birds, a street mural by Paul Curtis. The Liverpool Wings is another terrific mural in this neighborhood. Enjoy a nice meal at one of the adorable cafes.

Georgian Quarter

One of the more upscale neighborhoods in Liverpool, the Georgian Quarter has a large variety of museums and art galleries as well as delicious brunch spots. The Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Hall is located here and is the perfect spot to sit back and relax while listening to a live concert. The Liverpool Cathedral is right on the edge of this neighborhood and is a safe place to visit.

Other areas that are considered safe to explore in Liverpool include Sefton Park, River Mersey, Anfield, Walton, Breckfield, and Merseyside. These areas are terrific places to spend the day exploring or have a great night listening to live music.

Is Liverpool public transportation safe?

Public transportation in Liverpool is considered safe. You'll need to stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings when you're riding the crowded metro or even the bus. But, for the most part, you'll find the public transport system in Liverpool to be enjoyable.

Taxis are also safe to use, just remember there are two types of licensed vehicles for hire in Liverpool: private hire vehicles and hackney cabs.

You have to pre-book a private hire vehicle. You can book by calling the company, using an app or website, or in person at the taxi office. Private hire vehicles will have a red and white plate on the back of the vehicle and one on the windshield. There should also be door signs with the logo of the company. The driver will have an id badge.

Licensed hackney cabs have a “Taxi” roof light and a yellow plate on the front and back of the vehicle. There is also an illuminated sign inside the vehicle that shows the number plate. You can hail a hackney cab on the street, just look for the “For Hire” light to be on. You can also call a taxi company and request a hackney cab.

When you request a Liverpool licensed driver either for a private hire vehicle or a hackney cab, it is a program the Merseyside Police have set up with the Liverpool City Council to ensure drivers have passed extensive background checks. When you land at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, you may want to use an app to request a taxi or private vehicle.

Important emergency numbers in Liverpool

When traveling to another country it is best to know the important emergency numbers so if you run into trouble you know who to call. Europe has a universal emergency number, similar to the United States’ 911 emergency system, making it easy to call for help no matter where you're in Europe.

Make sure you have the contact information for your country’s embassy with your important papers. You may not ever need to use this information, but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  • England’s international code: 011
  • England’s country code: 44
  • Liverpool area code: 0151
  • European emergency number: 112
  • UK Emergency number: 999

Staying safe in Liverpool city centre and beyond

Overall, Liverpool is a safe city with a crime rate below the national average. In general, you'll find city life here to be laid back and fun. Big cities can have a bad reputation, but locals love Liverpool and encourage you to relax in this great place.

A visit to the independent shops will lift your spirits as will a stroll along Albert Dock where River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. Visiting the UK in late spring is one of the best experiences. Maybe take a tour of some of the UK cities including Newcastle, London, and Manchester before heading to Liverpool.

Heading to England soon? Read Where to Stay in Liverpool: The Ultimate Guide to find the best accommodations and How to Get Around Liverpool so you can tackle the public transport system when you arrive.

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