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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Published by: Bounce22 June, 2022

You may not expect too much for vegan dishes in London with so many of the best restaurants featuring thick juicy steaks, burgers, and seafood. But you can find quite a few vegetarian restaurants in London if you know where to look.

The best vegetarian restaurant in London depends on what you like and where you are. Yes, there are a lot of meat-eaters in London, but some of the eateries can serve a burger that even the meat-eaters cannot tell is vegetarian. Some vegan restaurants have fine dining while others even have vegan junk food.

Finding a restaurant that is exclusively vegetarian is like a dream come true because that means they have more than just one vegetarian or vegan dish on the menu. There is nothing worse than going to a "vegetarian" restaurant to find that they only have one or two choices.

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in London are also the best restaurants with a variety of different choices. But you want to find a place that has a bunch of different vegetarian dishes to choose from.

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En Root

En Root has two locations in London, one in southern London's Clapham on the corner of Bedford Road and Clapham Park Road and the other in southeastern London on Peckham Rye. With a name like En Root, you know what they are serving. Besides vegan food, they also serve gluten-free Indian-inspired dishes.

Both of these establishments are cozy and casual with some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in London. The menu is created, prepared, and served by vegetarians who truly love what they serve. Our recommendation for this quaint eatery is the Thai green curry with anything else on the menu.

Holborn Mildred's Vegetarian Food

Mildred's has six vegetarian restaurants around London where you can enjoy some of the best vegetarian food in the city. Soho on Lexington Street is a light and airy space with beautiful greenery, Covent Garden on St. Martin's has comfortable seating and iconic artwork, and Dalston at Thomas Tower is a trendy spot with floor-to-ceiling windows.

King's Cross on Pentonville is a bit more formal with fine glassware and decor, Camden on Jamestown has a huge open room with a casual atmosphere, and Mallow Borough Market on Cathedral has stunning parquet flooring and gorgeous lighting. We recommend the mock chicken tandoori with tikka marinade as well as the white bean burger with pickled red cabbage.

The Gate

Another one of the fine dining restaurants, The Gate boasts four locations including the flagship eatery in Hammersmith. With several awards to show for all their work, Michael and Adrian Danial have been serving a fusion of Jewish, Indian, and Arabic cuisines since 1989. In fact, it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London.

This eatery pleases the meat-eaters, vegans, and vegetarians alike with a variety of fresh and delicious entries. For brunch, the wild mushroom risotto cake. These freshly baked cakes are topped with creamy cep sauce and lemon truffle dressing. The supper club menu features a 4-course tasting menu that changes often.

Lyle's Tea Building

Another one of the more formal vegetarian restaurants is not really a vegetarian restaurant at all. The stylish eatery at 56 Shoreditch High Street in northeastern London serves British cuisines that will please non-meat eaters with a vegan menu that will delight anyone, even meat-eaters.

Our recommendation here has to be the Sinodun Hill, honeycomb, and Winslade vegan cheese blend that is creamy and delicious. Book in advance though because this is one of the most popular London restaurants with vegan options.

The Full Nelson Restaurant

Out of all the vegetarian restaurants in London, The Full Nelson has to be the most unique. With quirky decor and charming vegetarian and vegan cooking, this is one you won't forget. Be sure to check out the restroom even if you don't have to go. There is a holographic dog in there that will blow your mind!

The Full Nelson at 47 Deptford Broadway is one of the best vegetarian restaurants to get meat-free meals in a cool and casual atmosphere. We recommend the veggie wings and corndogs that are so tasty, even non-meat-eaters love them. The burgers on the vegan menu are also amazing.


Located on Stoke Newington Church Street in Clissold, you do not have to worry about what to order because you just pick a menu, and they serve you a five-course meal like you only see in the best vegetarian restaurants. They even have wine pairings with vegan wines.

Choose from vegetarian, meat, or seafood, and just wait for your delicious dishes to be served. From crispy tofu made in olive oil with grilled cabbage to fried aubergine with miso sauce, everything you get here is great and you get an awesome view of Clissold Park as well.

Lele's Vegan Restaurant

At 50 Lower Clapton Road, Lele's is one of the best vegan restaurants that serve completely vegan meals, they do not serve meat at all. Their vegan cooking is sublime, maybe because that is all they make and they are good at it. They started out doing vegetarian cooking but went vegan in 2017.

The quaint and pleasant café is full of sunshine, hanging plants, and friendly people as well as sweet treats and delicious traditional dishes. From breakfast dishes to dinner entrees, everything you get at Lele's is healthy and delicious with tasty plates like confit potato latkes and their aubergine schnitzel.

Megan's Clapham Old Town Restaurant

Megan's Clapham Old Town Restaurant allows you to sit under a live olive tree in a room full of fairy lights and pink flamingos. You can find this cheery and fun eatery at 55 The Pavement next to Clapham Common. Megan's has 17 vegetarian-friendly restaurants all over London but this one is the most popular.

Well-known for their earth bowls, you can get one with chickpea curry and avocado, butternut squash, and feta, but the standout dish is the vegan bowl with hummus, spinach, chili, and avocado is the best. Another favorite is the Piri Piri roasted cauliflower wings.

Rosa's Soho Thai Café

Although Rosa's Menu is full of meat dishes at other locations, the Soho location at 48 Dean Street is completely vegetarian now. In all, Rosa's has 28 different locations but only this one has gone meat-free. Not just vegetarian-friendly but completely meat-free. They also serve delicious sharing plates.

The mushroom risotto is the stand-out dish with roasted garlic and crispy onions, but we also recommend trying the pad Thai, stir-fried aubergine, and Thai green curry. Since the change, it has become one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London. This vegetarian café is perfect for casual dining or as part of your date night on the town.


The first Michelin-starred restaurant with a vegan tasting menu, Gauthier Soho at 21 Romilly Street may just be the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. Situated in a chic townhouse with sophisticated decor, the staff makes everyone feel comfortable with five different dining rooms.

All the dishes are French cuisine and are 100% plant-based. The 10-course vegetarian dinner is packed with flavor using seasonal produce and only the finest meat substitutes. Some of the dishes include kelp caviar, confit Jerusalem artichoke, pearl barley, and samphire salty fingers. All meals are served with natural wines.

The Vurger

Of all of the best vegetarian restaurants in London, you may be surprised at this one because it is fast food. Even meat lovers will enjoy these burgers and fries because they really taste good. The entire menu is vegan, even if it tastes like a greasy burger from the other guys. And they have more than just burgers.

The BBQ vegan pork with smoked gouda and BBQ baconnaise sauce is incredible. The french fries are also tasty, but the macaroni and cheese is the favorite here. It is baked in cashew cream and nutritional yeast with turmeric, garlic, and mustard and tastes better than original mac & cheese.

Purezza Vegetarian Pizza

Located in Camden at 45 Parkway in St. John's Wood near Regent's Park, Purezza is not only the largest vegetarian café in London but also the first vegetarian pizzeria. They make their own sourdough pizza crust and plant-based cheese, "meats," and other ingredients.

The salad bar is stocked with fresh greens, veggies, and other plant-based items as well as sourdough toast. They also offer outdoor dining so you can enjoy the fresh air as you eat. This is comfort food at its best because it is fully vegetarian as well as delicious.


Whether you are looking for a big filling meal or just want to enjoy some small plates of vegetarian delights, Kin has you covered. Located at 22 Foley Street by Regents Park, you can get pancakes covered in strawberry sauce and blood orange as well as small plates of vegan chicken and shrimp with tahini sauce.

The menu is fully vegan with vegetarian options like grilled sweetcorn with noodles and pine nuts, or a mountain burger with avocado fries. You won't find any meat options on this menu. But you can enjoy dessert of cheesecake, ice cream, or brownies and classic cocktails including mimosas, bloody mary, and gin & tonic.

Itadaki Zen

Located in Kings Cross at 139 Kings Cross Road, Itadaki Zen is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in vegan meals, sustainable food, and teaching workshops. One of the most unique items on the menu, which we highly recommend is the vegan calamari dish made from fried oyster mushrooms.

You can even get a tofu steak served in homemade teriyaki soy sauce and grilled to perfection. The atmosphere is totally casual and friendly with excellent views of the British Museum, BT Tower, and the Regent's Park.

Holy Carrot

At 2 Hans Cres in Belgravia with a stunning view of Hyde Park, Holy Carrot is a nice airy café with a vegetarian menu that will please every palate. The small plates include purple potato croquettes, calamari, and chunky chips while the large plates boast smoky aubergine with crispy mushrooms, shepherd's pie, and the crab burger.

The vegan seafood platters are popular with plant-based calamari, tuna maki, tofish, crab croquettes, and black rice tartar. You can also enjoy a Vietnamese green roll with heritage veggies and peanut sauce or Holy maki.


You do not often find a vegan restaurant that serves different types of cuisines, but Foley's does it with style and deliciousness. The café is small, seating about 70, but it also has an outdoor bar and a large dining room on the ground floor.

You can get mushroom buns with spring onions, gyoza vegetables with soya wasabi, and aubergine tofu black beans. We recommend the miso salad with beans and pomegranate or the mangetout with fine beans and edamame.

Go Vegetarian in London

Whether you are dining at The Gate St. John's Wood or the Michelin-starred Gauthier, make sure you ask for vegetarian or vegan condiments like vegan fish sauce, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, and butter. You may also want to ask about vegan desserts.

Another tip you may not know is that many of the eateries in London have what they call meat-free Mondays. It is worth checking out. No matter where you choose to eat, just remember that they have a variety of cuisine choices all over London and it is a huge city to explore. Check this itinerary for 3 days in London to see as much as you can while here!

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