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What to do in London

Terminal Five, Heathrow Airport, London, UK
13 January

Heathrow Airport Visited Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

Heathrow Airport opened for business way back in the mid-1960s and after a relatively slow start, it has now become one of the busiest international airports in the world. The ginormous installation that comprises the airport facility covers more than twelve square kilometers of land near the village of Longford to the west of London.

Old house in London Victoria, UK
12 January

London Victoria Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Victoria is a historic district of London and one of the older parts of the capital which some people prefer to call Pimlico. It's a residential and commercial area as well as being the central transport hub where the Victoria train, underground, bus, and coach stations are located.

Victoria Coach Station, London. Photo by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
12 January

Victoria Coach Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

As the economic and political capital of the UK, London sits at the very heart of the nation’s transit network. As well as the famous London Underground, the city is also served by a multitude of train and bus lines. Many of these buses, or coaches as long-distance bus services are called in the UK, terminate at Victoria Coach Station.

London Saint Pancras train station, UK
12 January

London Saint Pancras Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

London’s St Pancras Station is a station like no other. When it was completed in 1868 it became the largest enclosed space in the world. Its main hall was the longest single-span structure ever built at the time, and it has recently made an international list as one of the world's most romantic structures. Not bad for a mere railway station.

Great Court, British Museum, London, UK
12 January

British Museum Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

The British Museum is one of the oldest and finest museums in the world. Housing over 8,000,000 objects and artifacts, this was the first museum ever to cover all areas of human knowledge.

Victoria Station, London, UK
12 January

Victoria Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Victoria Station is a key part of London’s transport infrastructure. Formed by the joining of two competing train stations, Victoria Station first opened in 1923. With several renovations over the years, Victoria Station has continued to serve the British capital and is one of the busiest in the city, with over 80 million passengers using the station each year.

Guard at Tower of London
12 January

Tower of London Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

The Tower of London is situated on the north bank of London's Thames River. It is a 900-year-old castle fortress famed for holding the Crown Jewels. It has also played host to some pretty famous prisoners such as Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Lady Jane Grey. None of these stays ended very well, as they were all beheaded.

Wembley Stadium, London
12 January

Wembley Stadium Bag Policy Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Wembley Stadium is an icon of British sports and entertainment. Located in London, Wembley is the biggest stadium in the UK and the second-largest in all of Europe.

Plane at Stansted Airport
12 January

Stansted Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

London Stansted is a small airport situated 34 miles from the city itself. This means that if you are traveling to or from London, then you need to consider your travel connections carefully.

Paddington Station, London, UK
12 January

Paddington Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

London's Paddington Station has been one of the city's main transport hubs for almost two hundred years. Opening with only four platforms, the station has been expanded over the decades as train traffic and passenger numbers increased to contain thirteen platforms as well as connections to the London underground system. 

Victoria Station, London
12 January

Victoria Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

London's Victoria Station opened to passengers in the autumn of 1860 when steam locomotives were the mode of pulling carriages along the railway tracks. Steam was phased out and replaced with diesel-powered engines around one hundred years later, ending the more romantic age of train travel.

tower bridge london
12 January

London Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

London is the UK's governmental and financial capital, but it's so much more than that. As the biggest city in the country by a wide margin, it's also the cultural engine for the entire nation. The center of a globe-spanning empire for centuries, London has absorbed influences from around the world to make it into the cosmopolitan place it is today, and it remains a center for both immigration and vacationers alike.

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Best beaches near London
13 January

5 beaches near London: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

Although London isn't blessed with tons of sandy beaches itself, there are some great beaches near London for those willing to travel. And a sunny day on a sandy beach makes the ideal escape from the city with its crowds and high prices.

13 January

How to Get Around London

Don't let moving about London intimidate you. You'll want to see as much as you can! Whether by train, bus, on foot and more, getting around London is explained here.

13 January

The Top 12 Free Things to do in London

Though London is a city of royals and majestic castles, not everything there is expensive. In fact, there are many free things to do in London and we'll tell you what they are!

13 January

The 10 Best Hikes in London

London is a marvelous city. It's also fun to head outside the downtown area to explore more of this wonderful destination on foot. Read about the best hiking opportunities near London.

13 January

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping in London

Wondering where the best shopping areas in London are? From vintage deals to luxury finds, we've got the scoop on shopping in fabulous London!

13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In London

London has a lot of marvelous things about it, including the local street fare! Where to find the best street food in London? Read on for all you need to know.

13 January

14 Things To Do In London With Kids

London is the place for a spectacular vacation, and that includes when you bring the family. For the best info out there on things to do in London with kids, read this guide!

13 January

The 12 Best Museums in London

What better city to explore fantastic museums than London? We've got a list of the must-see museums in London – check it out!

13 January

14 Unmissable Things To Do In London At Night

London at night is exceptional! From a cruise on the Thames River to hopping from pub to pub, London is a fun place to be after dark!

13 January

Where To Stay In London: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

London has many neighborhoods, from cool and trendy to historic to architecturally beautiful. Learn about wonderful spots to stay in London!

13 January

3 Days in London: Everything You Should Know

For the best way to make the most of 3 days in London, you don't have to look far. We've compiled a terrific guide right here!

13 January

Music Festivals in London in 2022

London is a wonderful place to enjoy music festivals both big and small. The Queen's Yard Summer Party is one to add to your list!

13 January

London On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

Yes, it rains often in London but there is so much to do that you'll be happy to spend time inside. See our fun-filled list for London on a rainy day!

13 January

Best Brunch In London: The Definitive Guide

Looking for a late morning or middle of the day meal? The best brunch in London awaits! Take a look at some terrific places to enjoy brunch.

13 January

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London

If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant, you will have no trouble finding one in London. We've compiled an extensive list right here!

Best day trips from London
13 January

Best Day Trips from London

Whether you're interested in exploring English history, literature, or architecture, there's a day trip that's perfect for you. And with convenient transportation options available, getting out of London for a day is easy and stress-free. So get out there and start exploring!

Wine tasting in London
13 January

Wine Tasting in London: 11 Places You Have to Try

While England isn't exactly known for its wine, London is a place where you can seemingly get anything, including your favorite vintage. In this guide, we'll give you all the best wine tasting spots in the city from vineyards to wine schools to wine bars.

13 January

London Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

London is a city that comes alive with Christmas cheer and celebrations. Check out these markets to be part of the fun!

What to eat in London
13 January

What to Eat in London: 13 Treats You Should Not Miss

From traditional British food like a Sunday roast and a full English breakfast to international fare from India, China, and beyond, London has a tasty food for everyone. How many different foods on this list will you try?

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in London
13 January

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in London

From industrial chic to converted churches, the coffee shops in London suitable for remote working are plentiful. In addition to a pleasant work space, you can also get an amazing cup of coffee. Which one will you set up shop in?

Rooftop bars in London
13 January

Rooftop Bars in London: 10 Places to Drink with a View

There are some absolutely amazing rooftop bars in London, and while they can range anywhere from ultra-swanky to down-to-earth, not literally, they all have one thing in common, and that's amazing views of the city skyline.

12 January

7 best hostels in London

Planning on hosteling your way through the UK? Start in London at these terrific hostels, some of which have Bounce luggage storage for traveling light.

12 January

Is London safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Everyone wants to visit London at least once! To find out how to make the most of your visit and stay safe at the same time, follow our tips.

Best Romantic Restaurants in London
12 January

7 romantic restaurants in London for the best date night

You don't have to wait until February 14th appears on the calendar to plan a special date night, especially when you're in London. The UK capital has some of the most romantic restaurants in the country, and they're ones that will make any date night a truly memorable affair.

12 January

The Best Time to Visit London 2024: the Ultimate Guide

What do you plan to do when you visit London? Your plans will have a bearing on when you decide to go. We've got the scoop on the best time to visit London.

12 January

8 must see parks in London

While everyone has heard of Hyde Park in London, there are myriad pretty spaces to explore in this wonderful city. We've compiled a list of the best parks in London, from places to play sports to areas that deserve reflection.

The best weekend trips from London
12 January

8 easy must-do weekend trips from London

The hustle and bustle of a city like London can be a lot. Needing to get out of the big city is a natural feeling, so going on a weekend getaway to the country, a national park, or a charming smaller town, known colloquially as city breaks, just makes sense.

London on a budget
12 January

London on a budget: 6 travel hacks to save on your trip

Can you visit London on a budget? Yes, with a little planning. Choose an affordable hotel, avoid fine dining restaurants, look out for happy hours, and add inexpensive things to do to your itinerary. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your travel budget stretches as far as possible.

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