London Victoria Visitor Guide 2023: Everything you need to know

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Old house in London Victoria, UK

Victoria is a historic district of London and one of the older parts of the capital which some people prefer to call Pimlico. It's a residential and commercial area as well as being the central transport hub where the Victoria train, underground, bus, and coach stations are located.

The main artery of the archaic neighborhood is Victoria Street which gives the suburb its name. It's lined with grandiose buildings housing deluxe hotels, high-class restaurants, theaters, galleries, churches, and many big-name retail outlets.

When you're making a visit to London to see sights like Buckingham Palace, you may well walk through Victoria to get there after leaving the underground station. You won't be the only pedestrian on the pavements in Victoria and if you have luggage with you, you'll find maneuvering your suitcases through the hordes awkward to say the least. Make your life a lot easier by hiring a luggage storage locker in Victoria so you can enjoy a day of stress-free sightseeing in London.   

Snowman in park in London, UK

Bag policy in Victoria, London

Victoria in London is an area of the city where you can walk around with your baggage quite freely as there are no restrictions on the streets. What you won't find convenient if you have suitcases with you is trying to go shopping in busy stores, entering a restaurant or going into some of the galleries and theaters where large baggage isn't permitted. If you've checked out of your hotel or it's too early to check in, the simplest solution if you want to do any of those activities is to drop your bags at a luggage storage service in Victoria.

Food policy in Victoria, London

Eating out in London's Victoria is an experience which you should be prepared to pay a little extra for unless you dine at a fast-food chain with country-wide regulated prices. While the restaurants in Victoria are expensive, they're also top quality so you basically get what you pay for and there's some pretty sumptuous cuisines to go for too. You'll find it almost impossible to decide what to eat when you're faced with a choice between a traditional British afternoon tea, a ten-course Chinese tasting menu, pasta in an Italian bistro, fish dishes made from Billingsgate Market or Japanese sushi.

Camera policy in Victoria, London

There's an awful lot worth photographing in Victoria so make sure your camera has its battery fully charged before setting out or you could find yourself missing shots and getting totally frustrated. Whether you use color or black and white, you'll find the building facades are great subjects. Little Ben, a diminutive replica of the famous Big Ben, makes for a fun photo and amusing social media post. Take care not to point your lens at a London policeman or traffic warden if you see one though. It won't be appreciated and they definitely won't smile for the camera.

Rules in Victoria, London

The streets of Victoria in London are public spaces so some decorum in behavior is expected of the people using them. While it's not illegal to drink alcohol while walking around, being drunk and disorderly could see your booze confiscated and you taking an unplanned stay in a police cell. Smoking outdoors is also allowed but be cautious where you dispose of any cigarette butts. Throw it, or any other rubbish like paper, cans or take away cartons, to the ground rather than in a waste bin and you could end up with a nasty fine for being a litter lout.

Lockers in Victoria, London

Trailing around Victoria in London with your bags in tow isn't a very comfortable way to see this part of the English capital city. You'll find yourself constantly weaving through the heavy pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, bumping into folks, and generally causing chaos as you go from A to B. Depositing your baggage in a luggage storage service will mean less bruised shins and frayed tempers all round.

There are several bag storage facilities in Victoria where you can store suitcases for short durations. You'll find them in Victoria train station, the Victoria bus station, and the Victoria coach station. These luggage storage services charge per bag for a minimum of three hours, for between three and six hours or from six to twenty-four hours and are higher priced than luggage storage services you'd find in other parts of the UK. There are also Bounce luggage lockers in and around Victoria which are much more economical. To use a Bounce locker all you pay is a minimal daily fee for each bag which makes it a very viable option and one that will save you plenty of readies.

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