London Saint Pancras Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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London Saint Pancras train station, UK

London’s St Pancras Station is a station like no other. When it was completed in 1868 it became the largest enclosed space in the world. Its main hall was the longest single-span structure ever built at the time, and it has recently made an international list as one of the world's most romantic structures. Not bad for a mere railway station.

It doesn’t end there either. When it was being renovated to accommodate the arrival of Eurostar trains from both Brussels and Paris, the architects included the once defunct Midland Grand Hotel, rated as one of the best examples of neo-Gothic architecture there is. 

Combine these factors with the fact that this station gives you easy access to London and all that city has to offer, and there is every reason to include this as part of your travel itinerary. There is a lifetime’s worth of things that could be explored from this station, but all of those adventures will be hampered if you are carrying luggage. Fortunately, you can free yourself of your burden by simply dropping it at one of the many locker rental facilities near London Saint Pancras.

London Saint Pancras baggage policy

There is no definite limit on the number or size of bags you can bring to the station with you. Your rail carrier may have restrictions, but these tend to be far more generous than you'll find on an airline. Saint Pancras station offers baggage carts for temporary rental that can help you move your belongings through the station.

You'll find a luggage storage facility inside the station, or left luggage as it's called by the British. However, at busy times, there is often a long line up to use this service, and in the UK, lining up is taken very seriously. You can save yourself some time by using a luggage storage near London Saint Pancras where you can book ahead and know they'll have space for your belongings.

London Saint Pancras food policy

Whether you are arriving or departing on the Eurostar, to or from Europe, or breaking your journey from another London or UK station, you will find plenty to keep you occupied at St Pancras. 

As regards food and drink; this is one of the few stations where people actually come in search of a good meal.  Here you will find all the usual takeaway items you might expect of an international station, but there are also some surprises. The world's longest champagne bar is here. The famous Fortnum and Mason have an outlet in the complex and there are numerous top-end sit-down restaurants to consider.

Many major clothing brands are represented, as well as bookshops, a money exchange, and a pharmacy. If you prefer to picnic in one of the concourses, there are supermarkets that will be able to supply your take-out needs.

London Saint Pancras camera policy

Not only is this train station surprisingly photogenic in its own right, but it also contains some impressive art that you may want to capture digitally. Fortunately, you're welcome to do so so long as your photos are only for personal use. Commercial equipment such tripods and lights is forbidden, and it's probably better to leave those in a luggage storage locker near London Saint Pancras instead. Also, since this is an international train station, make sure you don't accidentally take any photos of security or custom screening areas.

London St Pancras rules

This is a busy station and certain rules do need to be applied.

  • No running, skating, or cycling on platforms.
  • Stand on the right on the escalators and pass on the left.
  • Steer clear of platform edges.
  • Professional photo or film shoots will need to be approved by the publicity department.

    London St Pancras getting about

    The station receives the Eurostar trains to both Paris and Brussels and also high-speed trains to Kent. There are taxis and buses right outside and a direct connection to the London Underground, so you won't be short of transport options.

London St Pancras lockers

Luggage will prove problematic on any venture into London. Many of the major tourist sights don’t allow you in with baggage and have no locker facilities. You would be well advised to store any bags you are carrying so that you can make the most of your visit.

Close to the station, there are locker rental companies where you will be able to leave your bags in complete peace of mind. The best ones offer online reservations so that you can reserve a locker before you get there, as well as free insurance.

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