LAX Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Los Angeles International Airport is an airport like few others.  The third-largest airport in the world in terms of international travel, there is a plane landing or taking off here every thirty seconds. That’s a lot of passengers moving through.

Chances are that are you are using LAX for a visit to the famous City of Angels or you are going to be doing a stopover on your way through to another destination. Either way, this is a great chance to explore nearby options such as the world-famous Venice Beach, Sony Picture Studios or the high-end shopping street of Rodeo Drive.

There are plenty of other exciting possibilities but you are going to face one major problem. Chances are high that you are going to be carrying baggage, and few things make exploring more difficult than having to drag bags along with you. A great option is to store your luggage at a Los Angeles luggage storage depot and collect it again when your adventure is over.

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LAX Bag Policy

In the airport itself, luggage storage can be complicated. Lockers tend to be either expensive, or, if reasonably priced, difficult to book. It might be better to find a luggage locker near LAX so you can explore. Choose one that you can book in advance by internet, and which offers a good protection policy for your peace of mind.

Once you have ditched your baggage, you are free to explore to your heart's content and can then collect it again just prior to your departure.

LAX food policy

As you would expect, the airport itself offers a vast array of eating facilities which range from burger joints to Asian street food bars. You will find everything from seafood to vegan cuisine, but airport food never has quite the same feel as that food you pick up at a beachside restaurant or Hollywood diner.

In the airport, you are able to proceed through security checks with food, but the strict liquid policy is tightly enforced.  You will be stopped if you are carrying anything over 3.4 ounces of any liquid.

LAX camera policy

Photos have become a hugely popular way to record memories of your trip. There are, however, some specifics to bear in mind if taking photos in the airport complex itself. Surprisingly, you are free to take both photos and video within the airport, but not if you delay security checks in the process. Even in-flight photography is not governed by Federal law these days.

LAX rules

  • You can bring a firearm into the airport building. The weapon must be in a locked box which should be declared at security. Boxes should be fiber, wood or metal. If requested to do so, you will need to produce the key or the combination to the box for inspection.
  • Sharp items such as knives and scissors are not allowed in your hand luggage. You can place these items in your hold baggage.
  • Corrosive or explosive items are not permitted.
  • Gifts and packages should not be wrapped until you have been through security.
  • No insecticides or aerosols. 

Getting to LAX

Any Metro link station will offer a ticket to this airport. The ticket you purchase will also cover the shuttle bus when you get to the LA Union Station. Use the green line but be aware that from LA Union it will take another thirty minutes on the bus to reach LAX itself.

Lax Lockers

Los Angeles is so filled with tourist attractions, venues, beaches, and restaurants that it could fill a book on its own. Suffice to say that there are so many reasons for a prolonged stay in this city that it provides a destination all of its own. Visiting via LAX often indicates a more short-term stay, and storing your luggage for that period may well be imperative for maximum enjoyment.

Try heading towards the city or beach districts where there will be plenty of options in the way of storage facilities. If you are able to reserve a locker in advance by going online, it will avoid the disappointment of finding the lockers all occupied and enable you to take the maximum advantage of your stay.

Be sure to look for a facility that offers protection and tamperproof tags. 

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