Santa Monica Pier Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Santa Monica Pier, California

The famous Santa Monica pier is a must-visit if you find yourself in Los Angeles. Given that this popular attraction is shown so regularly on television and social media, you’ll feel as though you’ve been dropped in a movie as you wander past the concession stands and iconic amusement park. 

Built in 1909, the pier was initially created as a mechanism to transport sewage from the city into the ocean. Thankfully, this was stopped in the 1920s, and the site has since evolved into the buzzing attraction it is today. Head to Santa Monica Pier on your next LA trip and make sure to take in the incredible ocean views as you indulge your inner child with a corn dog or a ride on the rollercoaster. 

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier Bag policy

Bags are permitted at Santa Monica Pier, although we can’t imagine why you would want to carry heavy or bulky luggage as you stroll through the crowds. It will also be difficult to look after your belongings if you plan on enjoying the Ferris Wheel or any of the rides at the amusement park. 

If you happen to get stuck with your luggage due to a late check-in or early check-out, consider dropping them at a Bounce luggage locker near Santa Monica Pier so you can enjoy the attraction without the inconvenience. Bounce offers a safe, flexible place to keep your things so you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

Santa Monica Pier Food policy

Santa Monica Pier is all about classic American cuisine, casual eateries, and Carnival favorites. There’s a number of small concession stands dotted along the pier offering items like hot dogs, fries, and soda that can easily be enjoyed as you walk around. For a sit-down option, there are various cafes including Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe, Rusty’s Surf Ranch, or Marisol Cocina Mexicana. You can even get some shrimp or ribs at Bubba Gump Shrimp! Definitely head to the pier with an appetite as it’s hard to visit without at least getting a snack.

Santa Monica Pier Camera policy

Santa Monica Pier is recognizable around the world thanks to the many photographs and videos of it circulating online. Get your own Santa Monica photo to remember your trip or share with your friends on social media. The beach to the left of the pier is a perfect spot if you’re looking to have the amusement park as your backdrop, although you can’t go wrong with snaps on the actual pier that showcase the stunning California coast.

If you are traveling with heavy camera equipment, take some photos then store it with Bounce luggage storage service near Santa Monica Pier. You can get the pictures you’re after and then enjoy the place without the weight!

Santa Monica Pier rules

Los Angeles is a city where everyone drives and if you want to check out Santa Monica Pier, we recommend you get a car. That way, you’ll have the flexibility to explore the city and surrounding coast as well.

There is parking at the pier which is open 24 hours a day. Rates vary depending on whether you visit on a weekend or weekday, and it’s free for people with disabled placards or plates. Additional parking is located further up the Pacific Coast Highway if you are happy to take a short walk to get to the pier. 

Alternatively, you can get public transport to Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Pier Lockers

Santa Monica Pier is a fun attraction for the young and young at heart. It is, however, not somewhere you’d want to visit with lots of luggage. Bounce is a place to store suitcases near Santa Monica Pier so you can explore the iconic site without the hassle. A vacation can be ruined by these types of inconveniences, so it’s best to avoid the frustration altogether. With Bounce, your things will be safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy your vacation the way you deserve. Flexible storage at an affordable price - it’s a win-win!

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