Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Madrid

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Madrid is the Spanish capital, the second-largest city in Europe, and boasts over 3.4 million residents. Along the shores of the River Manzanares on the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is a great place for water activities. You can find several beaches and a plethora of parks along the river and dotted throughout the city.

If you are looking for a place to work with just the right amount of services, great coffee, and homemade cakes or delicious pastries, there are many cafés in Madrid with productive space and free wifi. When you are done working, why not spend some time shopping in Madrid? You can find some of the best malls, boutiques, and shopping plazas in the Spanish capital as well as some fantastic markets. Check out Gran Via for Primark, H&M, and more.

Whether you are in Madrid for business or pleasure, it is always good to know about the best coffee shops to work from in case you need to catch up on emails or finish that important brief before tomorrow's deadline. Madrid is full of fantastic coffee shops with free wifi, great service, and even a full food menu in some.

Some of the best cafés in Madrid have wifi and tables large enough to work from. And most of them do not mind if you take over a table for several hours as long as you order from the coffee menu. You can grab a carrot cake or avocado toast with your cold brew while working or find a meeting point with great wi fi and wooden tables to do some collaborative work.

Spain is a beautiful city so it is also nice to find a café with a view and some of our favorite places are just a stone's throw from the main attractions in town. Before heading out to grab a cup of coffee with your laptop, find a local Bounce affiliate to store your luggage for safekeeping.

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Café Belen

For friendly service and the best espresso, Café Belen, also known as Café Bethlehem, is a spacious place with individual tables and great music that is not too loud. You can work here until evening and then put the laptop away and enjoy some cocktails because after dark it turns into a cocktail bar. This is really convenient for those of us who like to unwind before heading back to the hotel.

This casual spot is just a short walk from the History Museum of Madrid and has a serene atmosphere with its bright blue walls. If you need to take a break, walk around and look at the art in the art gallery where they have featured such greats as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. You have access to free wifi and refills as well as an assortment of snacks and sandwiches.


C. de Belén, 5, 28004 Madrid, Spain


Hola Coffee

The two most recognized names in the Madrid coffee scene, Nolo Botana and Pablo Caballero are the owners of this and Mision Café. They were the first to bring specialty coffee to Madrid and put their pride in quality and atmosphere. This is one of the favorite cafés of the locals, which you will notice when you see how crowded it is. If you really want to work at Hola, be sure to get there early so you can get a table.

There is plenty of open space to move around as well as prices that are easy on the wallet. They refuse to serve coffee that you have to take out a loan to buy. If you are into art, the Queen Sofía National Museum Art Centre is right next door with paintings from Dali, Picasso, and Miro. You are also not far from the Plaza Mayor, Toledo Gate, and the Royal Palace of Madrid.


Calle del Dr. Fourquet, 33, 28012 Madrid, Spain

La Bicicleta

Also known as The Bicycle, this hip café offers you a cozy space to work with an unusual decor of mismatched chairs and tables. The tables are a bit too small for working with others, but it is perfect for independent working and you can enjoy La Bicicleta's delicious tapa dishes if you need a boost.

You will not have to worry about getting a table if you plan ahead because this place offers reservations too. It is one of the best coffee shops for young adults and there are two locations so you can choose the one you like best. They are both great for working. The only downside is that there are not many available outlets at the Galileo site.


Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9, 28004 Madrid, Spain

C. de Galileo, 39, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Toma Café

From café con leche to flat whites, Toma Café has whatever you are looking for including gluten-free snacks and baked goods. In fact, they are known for their amazing flat white as well as their toasts and loaf cakes. There is plenty of space and great wifi so you can work without interruption. Just make sure you order a coffee or something to support the café as you work.

There are now two of these and they are known as the best cafés for their fast internet and delicious homemade cakes. They roast their own beans in Madrid at the coffee roastery by the second location on Feliciana with hard-to-find options like cold brew and filter coffee. If you have some free time, take one of their classes in coffee brewing.


C. de la Palma, 49, 28004 Madrid, Spain

C. de Sta. Feliciana, 5, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Café de la Luz

If you are used to working from home on your comfy couch or favorite lounge chair, Café de la Luz is perfect for you. Their cozy furniture is plush and homey with coffee tables and a wood-burning stove. The calm and comfortable atmosphere almost makes you feel like you are home alone so you will have no trouble getting your work done.

Its name means Café of the Light and you will feel this is perfectly fitting with all of the stunning lamps and the tables by the windows. The drinks menu is long with an entire page of just coffee and tea and they serve brunch until 3 PM. There are many different kinds of coffee to choose from including flat white, espresso, and cold brew. However, the place is popular so get there early if you want a good seat on the couch.


Calle de la Puebla, 8, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Federal Café

Located near the Conde Duque cultural center and just across from the Liria Palace, Federal Café is the perfect spot to get things done. The tables are big enough for a laptop and a plate of food as well as a partner if you have one. With so much bright sunshine coming from abundant natural light, you do not have to worry about getting sleepy. Besides, they have delicious coffee to keep you alert. And all of their coffee drinks are made with fresh and pure milk.

Along with the coffee menu, you will find a tempting menu of tasty food including vegetarian and vegan options. They are known by locals for their scrumptious breakfast, and you will not be disappointed no matter what you order. But the sweet potatoes are outstanding and the French breakfast of a flaky, buttery croissant with melty cheese is mouthwatering.


Pl. del Conde de Barajas, 3, 28005 Madrid, Spain


Between El Retiro Park and the Royal Garden, you can find Plenti, a nice and friendly café that serves delicious hot coffee and fresh breakfast made when you order. It is just outside the Prado Museum so it is a great place to stop and do some work before or after visiting the art gallery. The only downside is that it is a very family-friendly Madrid café so you will see a lot of kids here.

However, there is outdoor seating available so you can enjoy the sun while you work as long as you are not distracted by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The menu has a delightful British influence with baked eggs, porridge, avocado toast, and special Scandinavian smorrebrod, which is rye bread with delicious toppings. The service and atmosphere are very friendly here too.


Calle de Moreto, 17, 28014 Madrid, Spain

HanSo Café

If you are looking for a quiet place to work, this is not the place to go. HanSo Cafe is a very social place just a stone's throw from Gran Vía. This is one of those cafés where the food looks as good as it tastes, including the decorative coffees. The red velvet tea is a colorful and delicious drink for a change of pace.

If you are working alone, you can sit at one of the window seats but the middle tables are perfect for groups. Not far from Calle Francisco de Rojas with its numerous theaters and cinemas, you can catch a show when you are done working and eating some delicious food from their all-day brunch menu.


Calle del Pez, 20, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Pum Pum Café

This unique spot has tables made from school desks so there is a spot for you to stash your laptop or books while you are eating or working on other things. Pum Pum Café may be small but it has a big enough space inside for you to have all the room you need if working alone.

Here you can get vegetarian options and they do not mind if you stay a while to get some work done. In fact, they encourage it. The pastries are amazing, avocado toast delicious, and the acai smoothie is unreal but their coffee, self-serve water refills, and calm atmosphere are what keep locals coming back.


Calle del Tribulete, 6 28012 Madrid, Spain

Monkee Koffee

Just a short walk from La Latina markets, Monkee Koffee is a very friendly spot as its owners insist on meeting everyone who comes in. The sweet coffee shop is stylish and in a wonderful location right next to Santander Park and the Dinosaurios World Museum. One thing to note is that they have a 45-minute wifi limit but that can often be handled by purchasing more coffee or a snack.

The seating is great if you like having the option to sit on the couch to work or just relax. The background music is nice and it does not interfere with your concentration. But the delicious smells coming from the kitchen might. The chocolate Oreo cookie cake is sublime and the donuts are perfect for dunking.


C. de Vallehermoso, 112, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Work with delicious coffee

Packed with international people, Madrid is the place to meet new friends and form business acquaintances. Another place to mention is Café del Art on Plaza de Cascorro, where you can enjoy a bookshop and exhibition hall during a break. Others worth mentioning include The Little Big Café Fernández de Los Ríos, Lolina Vintage Café, and Rebel Coffee Shop.

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