Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Malaga

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One of the oldest cities in the world and the southernmost big European city is Malaga, Spain. It is the birthplace of the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso and the talented actor Antonio Banderas. With over 300 days full of sunshine every year and lots of tourist attractions, there is no surprise as to why 6.5 million people choose to visit every year.

If you are one of those people who are visiting Malaga you will have lots to do, from visiting museums, going sightseeing or participating in the local festivities. One thing that you just have to do is discover the city's shopping scene and there are some great designer stores and shopping malls to browse in. Leave your suitcases or backpacks at a luggage storage facility in Malaga so you can carry more shopping bags!

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The Best Shopping Malls and Outlets in Malaga

Centro Vialia

The Vialia Shopping Center, also known as Vialia Centro Comercial, is located right next to the María Zambrano train station and close to the bus station too, so it is easy to get to using public transit. It is considered to be one of the top five best places to shop and has over 80 different stores for you to check out. It is newly made, in fact, it is the newest mall in the city, so everything is modern and clean.

If you have some extra time before your train or bus you can browse the stores here to pass the time. If you have a couple of hours to spare and are tired of shopping you can watch a movie in the cinema on the top floor and there are also restaurants where you can dine in case you get hungry.

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is a bit further away from the city centre so it will take a bit longer to reach but the trip is well worth it. If you are on the hunt for discounts then this is a top shopping centre for you and it is a good place to shop on a budget.

Here you can find outlets for some of the biggest name brands from around the world as well as top Spanish clothing names. You will recognize stores like Nike or Ikea, and if you want a break from shopping you catch a movie in the on-site cinema.

Larios Centro

One of the most popular shopping centres in the Malaga city centre is the Larios Centro. It has two floors and is pretty big with 150 different stores. If you are driving and bringing your own car you shouldn't have too much trouble finding parking since there is a two floor parking garage that can hold up to 1,500 cars.

Some of the stores found here include Zara, H&M or Primark, which is great for finding affordable clothing. Other big chain stores and Spanish brands can be found here too. Fast food spots and restaurants are also set up inside in case you want to take a break to eat.

El Corte Inglés

One of the biggest flagship stores in Spain is El Corte Inglés. It is a one-stop shop and a place where you can find everything that you need, making it a convenient spot if you have a big shopping list. It is just a short walk away from a main shopping street, Calle Larios, which you should also check out if you have time.

Here you can shop for everything from home appliances to cosmetic items and fashionable clothing to sportswear. They have big sales usually twice a year so keep your eye out for discounts if you are visiting in July or January.

Designer Stores in Malaga


Start your shopping spree in one of Malaga's most friendly fashion boutiques; Maitina's. You are treated to great service by friendly staff as well as a complimentary cup of coffee to sip on while you browse their stock and even a lip balm to take home with you.

Although it is a new shop with a founder coming from Los Angeles, the local citizens benefit from having international styles as opposed to the Spanish fashion found in most other stores. The shop is located outside of the city centre and even though you will need to travel a bit further to reach it, you can benefit from avoiding the big crowds.

Dezencia Clothing

One of the best quirky boutiques in the city is Dezencia Clothing. They have an inventory that is different than most shops and is suitable for those who have a bold personality and clothing style. The items are bright and colorful with fun patterns that are sure to make you stand out.

The designer and creator of this store, who was also born in Malaga, believes in raising the self-esteem and confidence of everyone who enters her store. The clothing here can't be found anywhere else so give them a shot if you are shopping in this part of Spain.

Lo Minimo

The owner and designer of Lo Minimo, Hilario Carruana, believes in body positivity and does his best to create clothing that looks and fits well. The clothing styles do not try to cover up flaws but instead, try to embrace them. It is one of the unique boutiques that you should definitely check out.

You can purchase and bring home items that you won't be able to find anywhere else and as they are simple and minimalistic, you can wear them with all sorts of outfits. Rest assured that everything will be perfectly fitted to you and your body since the clothing is made on demand and you need to be measured and sized to have it made. The quality is above and beyond as well.

Vera Blonde

One of Malaga's best boutiques for bags and accessories is Vera Blonde. The designer was born and raised in Malaga and has made it her personal mission to create a brand of handbags coming exclusively from Spain.

Each bag is made of the highest quality materials and is created with a unique design. The stylish bags make for a perfect accessory to any outfit, so pick one up while you are in town.


If you are someone who is passionate about the environment and wants to help preserve it as best as you can then you can feel confident shopping at Veganized. They do their best to create non-toxic and environmentally friendly fashion that still looks good.

They sell clothing items for men, women and children, and their stock is composed of different designers that are ecological and sustainable. Some of the names found on the shelves include Manifesto Eco, Wear Your Waste and Ethletic.


An innovative and alternative shop in Malaga is Labienhecha. Inside you will find a treasure trove of garments made using a combination of traditional techniques and sustainable materials. The result is locally made clothing that is ecological and of the best quality.

The team of women behind this brand also promotes local employment and women empowerment. Come here to find purses and wallets, handbags, keychains and belts, among other accessories.


Intropia has a great location in the old town of Malaga ( a terrific neighborhood to stay in) and specializes in clothing and accessories for women. Their products can make you look sharp and put together, making it a great store to visit when you are looking for an outfit to suit a special occasion.

The staff is ready to help you pick the best outfit and everything is made by some of the top Spanish designers. Be aware that prices are high and your shopping cart can get expensive so you should go in expecting to spend.

Mu’Tú Málaga

If you are searching for some of the best cosmetic products in Malaga, head to Mu’Tú Málaga. They believe in helping their customers do better by making steps towards being plastic-free and environmentally conscientious.

This company sells handmade soaps made without sulphates, silicones, palm oil or parabens. They also avoid using animal products or testing and almost everything in the store is vegan friendly as well. Aside from soap, they have solid shampoos that don't have a bottle or create waste, as well as moisturizing bars.

The Best Shopping Areas in Malaga

Calle Nueva

A great shopping street in Malaga is the Calle Nueva which is one of the best places to go to find international brands and shops that are found only in this city. Cars aren't allowed here so you can browse freely and spend hours exploring the different stores and outlets. It is one of the most popular shopping areas so don't be surprised if it gets busy.

Visit the Flying Tiger for everything homeware, or Footlocker and other shoe shops if you are in the market for some new footwear. Other shops that you can find include Decathlon City, Mark & Spencers or Natura which has 3 floors for you to discover.

Calle Andrés Pérez

Another marvelous spot for shopping is Calle Andrés Pérez which has been newly renovated and recently given a new and updated look. They redid the paving and it is now a nice place to explore by foot to see what the area has to offer.

While you are here there will be lots of stores to discover but some of the most unique ones include La Casa del Cardenal, which is one of the city's best antique shops. The Mahatma Showroom is also worth stopping by, especially if you are traveling with kids since it displays traditional toys and also has an art gallery.

Calle Larios

The Calle Larios was once one of the most elegant streets in Spain back in the 19th century when it was built. Today it is still one of the most exclusive streets in the country as well as one of the best places to do some shopping! It is excellent for window shopping or just taking a stroll since it is quite a beautiful road lined with marble and stones. The fact that it is a pedestrian area is also a bonus, as you can walk at your own pace and not have to worry about cars.

Some of the shops found here include Mango, Massimo Dutti, Bimba and Lola or Woman's Secret, which are all chain stores in Spain. Other brands that are known around the world, like Victoria's Secret, Zara or Tezenis, also have shops here.

Calle Cisneros

One of the best places to find exclusive Spanish chain stores selling clothing and accessories is at Calle Cisneros. Some of the shops located here cannot be found anywhere else, so chances are you will be stopping by at some point during your trip.

Many shops on Calle Cisneros are small businesses that are family owned, so it is not somewhere to go for big brand names or designer clothing. From flamenco dresses to Spanish sombreros, this shopping street can help you find all of the traditional local clothing. If you want to try some fresh local produce, head to the Atarazanas Market which is just a short walk away.

Discover the Great Range of Stores in Malaga

The capital of Costa del Sol has a fantastic fashion industry and is one of Spain's best places to shop. If you know where to go you will have no problem finding a shopping mall or outlet selling a good range of items and clothing for everyone. Make sure you put some money aside to treat yourself to something new on your vacation.

Some of the outlets offer clothing at low prices and others are more expensive, but rest assured that the money you pay is well spent on quality items. Some stores are open at different times so you should check the website of individual stores and malls to find their opening hours. How to get to these locations? Read Bounce's guide on getting around Malaga before you start your day. While you are in Southern Spain make sure you spend time in the malls and shopping centres and bring back something new for your wardrobe!

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