15 Unmissable Things To Do In Malaga At Night

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While you are in Southern Spain, you will probably be looking for fun things to do in Malaga at night. During the day, you can visit the museums, galleries, and other main attractions but what can you do at night?

During your stay in Malaga, it is always good to take one of the guided tours or one of the guided day trips out of the city to learn more about the area. You do not have to speak Spanish to understand and it is a great way to find out about all those hidden gems you may miss otherwise. Whether you take a guided tour or a bar crawl, you will enjoy learning more about the city.

Another cool place to see is the Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta. They hold all sorts of events there, including the Picassian bullfight during Holy Week. The bullfighters dress in costumes inspired by Pablo Picasso for a completely unique bullfight. The Atarazanas market in the Soho district is a fun place to visit at night as well.

Touring the Museo Automovilistico (Automobile Museum) is another one of the unusual things to do in the city if you need a break from visiting medieval buildings for a while. It may be a little off the beaten track, but well worth the trip.

Whether you are looking for something to end a family-friendly day in the city or a show at a Roman theater, you will find it in Malaga. Deciding to stay in the city for the evening? Leave your backpacks and bags with a local bag storage site for safekeeping. Then, you can enjoy Malaga after dark without bags slowing you down!

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Los Baños del Carmen

This is one of the hottest beaches in Malaga, but locals say it is mainly due to the exciting nightlife. The bars along the coast here are some of the best in the whole city, many of which feature live performances every weekend.

Los Baños del Carmen near Puerta del Mar also has 1,805 feet of pebbly beach, which makes it one of the smaller beaches but it has the best sunsets. No worry about too much sand here with boulders and gravel instead. And there are some nice restaurants as well.

La Malagueta Beach

Visit La Malagueta Beach, which is one of the most famous in Costa del Sol. The beach has spectacular dark sand that makes it popular with the locals as well as the tourists. Lined with palm trees and a promenade, the urban beach is perfect for everyone.

You can find concessions and eateries as well as a few beach bars to keep everyone hydrated and there is even a playground for the kids. Right next door, check out the Real Club Mediterraneo de Malaga, which is the oldest yacht club in Spain.

Araba Baths

If you have never had an Arab bath, you really need to try it during your visit. Araba Baths at Hammam al Andalus is a special place to relax and enjoy your vacation in a way you never thought possible. The building itself is a work of art with its Moorish architecture.

The baths come in different temperatures and you can choose your package whether you just want a steam bath or a Mimma Water Journey with an essential oil massage. Or enjoy a hot stone massage, mint tea, and sauna, or just relax in the baths of your choice.

Costa del Sol

On a narrow strip of land along the oceanfront, running for miles from Malaga to the British territory of Gibraltar, Costa del Sol means Coast of the Sun in Spanish. In between Costa Tropical and Costa de la Luz, this section of the beachfront is perfect for those who want to soak up the sun. It's a marvelous free activity in Malaga as well.

Along the beach and into the city, you will find fantastic beaches, spectacular restaurants, and trendy clubs and beaches. The charming white hinterland villages are unique and perfect for photos to share on your social media pages.

Plaza de la Merced

Start at Malaga bus station and make your way to Plaza de la Merced. Tapas bars with live music are a big part of the Malaga nightlife and you can find many of them in Plaza de la Merced, also known as Market Square. The first thing you may notice is the huge Monument to Torrijos in the middle of the space. The next thing most people see is Picasso.

On a bench in the square, a bronze Picasso is seated where he took his first steps as a toddler. Have a seat next to him for some unique selfies. The square also boasts the home Picasso grew up in, which is now the headquarters of the Picasso Foundation.

Picasso Museum

Speaking of Picasso, one of the best things to do in Malaga at night is to visit the Picasso Museum. It is open until 7 PM every night so you have plenty of time to explore all 285+ of his works inside. If you happen to be in town on Sunday, it is free all day.

Some of the most notable collections include Women and Men from 1894 to 1906, Cubism from 1906 to 1914, Still Life Cubism from 1911 to 1920, and Modern Classicism from 1922 to 1923. With over 80 years of his work, you can really feel like you knew him.

Carmen Thyssen Museum

Located in a 16th century Renaissance Palace, the Carmen Thyssen Museum is open until 8 PM every day but Mondays, when they are closed. Much of the works are Spanish paintings from the 1800s, which are mostly Andalusian, done by Carmen Cervera. She was the fifth wife of Baron Thyssen and her work is known all over the world.

Besides Carmen Cervera's works, you can also find the work of the Old Masters in the chapel and on the other four levels of exhibits. It is considered to be a real-life guide to art with items by Ezquerra, Zurbaran, Sorolla, and de Torres. You can find it in the historic quarter and it is free to all every Sunday afternoon.

Rooftop Bars

You really have to visit at least one rooftop bar during your stay in Malaga. Why not enjoy some of these rooftop bars on a pub crawl? The clubs and bars in the city center are most often small but free and full of young people, live music, and delicious drinks.

One of the most energetic places is Mitjana Square, which is almost like a big giant open bar. Another one of the popular spots is the Liceo Club where you can dance the night away in a 19th-century palace. It is truly a magical way to spend an evening in Malaga.

Museo de Malaga

Also known as the Malaga Museum, the museum of fine arts is located in a palace constructed in 1791 next to the Parque de Malaga, or Malaga Park. It opened in 2016 and has two sections. One is for the arts and the other is for archaeological artifacts.

Open until 9 PM every day except Sundays and Mondays, the Malaga Museum is free for everyone and boasts art by Goya, Velazquez, Zurbaran, and de Morales. The archaeological section features items dating back thousands of years.

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral is another one of the best things to do in Malaga at night. This stunning cathedral is only open until 6 PM though, so get there early or you will only be able to see the outside. But even that is worth the trip to Plaza Uncibay.

It is just a short walk from Malaga Park and the Malaga Museum so you can start at the Cathedral and then visit the museum before heading to the park to relax and watch the sun set over the Alboran Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Roman Theatre

Discovered in 1951, this ancient theater has been hidden for hundreds of years by the Casa de la Cultura, or Culture House. It is thought to date back to the 1st century and researchers found evidence of use all the way back to the 3rd century.

Made of carved stones, columns, and other ancient materials, the construction was similar to Alcazaba nearby. The archaeological site is mostly open to visitors and you may be able to get a good close-up with ancient items.

Flamenco Show

One of the most popular things to do in Malaga at night is to see a Flamenco Show. You can take a guided tour that includes three hours of tapas and a show or choose your own. The Alegria Restaurante is one of the most popular with succulent tapas and vibrant music.

Another great place to see a show is at the Los Patios de Beatas. The Amaya Family offers both tourists and locals spectacular dancing and music with its Picasso Y El Flamenco Show to celebrate the famous artist who was born in Malaga.

Teatro Cervantes De Malaga

Also known as the Cervantes Theatre, this huge performing arts theatre is located in an 1898 building with an ornate mural on the ceiling. But your eyes will be glued to the stage all night watching whatever performance is going on.

Created for Queen Isabella II in the late 1800s, the building is an architectural landmark with a stunning painting done by Valencia Bernardo Ferrandiz. However, the outside of the building was rebuilt in 1984 after years of neglect. The theatre holds 1,171 guests and has performances all year long.

Malaga Old Town in the City Center

Take a walking tour of Malaga city to find out where to go for the best things to do in Malaga at night. Stroll along the Mediterranean Sea while visiting Malaga because you cannot do it anywhere else. The nightlife is just unbelievable in Southern Spain whether you are wanting to see some contemporary art or would like to chill at the beach.

The city center is also full of pubs, bars, and clubs as well as restaurants and cafes to enjoy. If you want to do some shopping, this is where to go. Or if you want to enjoy a fine dining experience, try one of the hotel chain establishments where you can dine in style. To learn more about Old Town, read the best Malaga neighborhood guide by Bounce here.

Centre Pompidou

If you have heard this name before, it may have been in regards to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. That is because it is an offshoot of the famous French museum and shopping mall. Also known as the Cube, you can find it between Docks one and two in Malaga Port.

This stunning place is open until 8 PM every night but Tuesdays and features over 21,000 square feet of artworks inside a stained glass cube. There are more than 80 pieces in the permanent collection that includes Picasso, Magritte, Bacon, and Miro. They also have a cafe where you can get snacks and soft drinks.

Tapas Bars in Malaga and More

Whether you are heading to Malaga Park for a bike tour or La Malagueta Beach to watch the sunset, you have to spend some time outdoors when you visit Malaga. Shop at the traditional market on nearby streets, take a day trip to Cordoba, enjoy modern art at the Pompidou Centre, or have a good night taking a stroll through the botanical garden. Its central location and being on the coast give it the plus of having its fair share of trendy bars.

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