Manchester Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Plane on runway at Manchester Airport, UK

Manchester Airport is a major international airport located in Ringway, Manchester in England. Opened in 1938, Manchester Airport spans over 560 hectares of land. Its original name was Ringway Airport and you’ll hear locals still refer to it by this title. 

The airport consists of three passenger terminals as well as a cargo terminal, providing services to 199 destinations. The busy airport sees many people pass through its doors each year and if you’re traveling around England, there’s a good chance you’ll transit through here too. It even ranked the third highest UK airport for passenger numbers in 2019. If you do find yourself at Manchester Airport, you’ll likely be pretty impressed with the facilities. It’s a modern transport hub that offers everything a traveler needs to be comfortable as they wait for their flight. 

Plane at Manchester Airport, Manchester, UK

Manchester Airport Bag policy

As with all airports, bags will need to pass through security screening before you are able to board your flight. For travelers who have a layover at Manchester Airport, there are luggage storage facilities available. You can choose to drop your bags at one of the storage sites so you don’t have to watch them during your layover or if you want the freedom to explore the city in between flights.

If you have an extended layover and need to keep your belongings close by, consider utilizing a luggage storage locker near Manchester Airport. Checking your things into a Bounce storage facility in the city will guarantee you have access to them when you need it, rather than having to travel back to the airport. 

Travelers can choose to pack their own food to eat at the airport or on their flights. However, liquids are not permitted past security screening. There is a range of food options available within the airport. You can choose from fast food favorites like Burger King or KFC, opt for something healthier at one of the various cafes, or get a much-needed caffeine kick from Starbucks or Caffe Nero. There’s also the option to have a sit-down meal at a restaurant or indulge in an alcoholic beverage at a bar before your flight. Whatever your dietary requirements, you will be able to find something at Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport Camera policy

Cameras and video equipment are allowed in Manchester Airport, although there are a couple of things to be aware of. Photography is not allowed as you pass through border control if you are a traveler entering the country from an overseas destination. It is also not permitted in any of the security screening areas.

Also, all camera equipment should be removed from your carry-on luggage when you move through screening checks. If you have a bag dedicated to camera equipment, this will be subject to safety screening just like any other luggage. 

If you are heading into Manchester City on a layover and don’t want to carry your camera gear, consider using Bounce bag storage near Manchester Airport. Your valuables will be safe and secure while you explore without the added weight. 

Manchester Airport rules

Manchester Airport has three options for parking your car. These include onsite, park and ride, and meet and greet. 

As the name suggests, onsite parking refers to parking at the airport in the official car park. There is both a short stay and a long-term option for onsite parking. 

Park and ride is a great option for budget travelers looking to save some pounds. With this option, travelers park their cars offsite and get a shuttle bus to the airport. 

The third option, meet and greet, offers total convenience. Travelers can park their car directly outside the airport, remove their luggage, and hand the key to a parking attendant who will take care of the vehicle. Upon return to Manchester Airport, the traveler simply calls the service and the car will be brought to the front of the airport terminal.

Manchester Airport Lockers

Manchester is definitely a city worthy of exploration, even if you are only in town for a short time. All travelers know the inconvenience of being stuck with your luggage, especially if you only have a short layover and aren’t booking accommodation. If you find yourself in this situation, check your bags into Bounce luggage storage near Manchester Airport. It will take away the hassle of dragging your bags around and you can be comfortable knowing that your things will be safe until you return. Flexible, secure luggage storage - as a traveler, it doesn’t get better than that!

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