11 must see parks in Manchester

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Welcome to Manchester, one of the most influential cities in the United Kingdom. This amazing city is filled with history and personality and is known for many things including its contribution to the Industrial Revolution as well as its notable presence in the football sports scene. It's actually where the very first pro football league was established back in 1888.

Manchester is also the proud Music Capital of the UK and has been influential in the global music scene producing artists and bands like The 1975, The Stone Roses, The Smiths and The Happy Mondays. The University of Manchester is where the first atom was ever split by Ernest Rutherford, and it's also where the first modern day computer was created.

It's clear that Manchester and its people are pretty incredible, and there's so much to do around the city. While seeing the sights is loads of fun, take a break from the hustle and bustle now and then to spend time in the beautiful parks in Manchester. Something to be enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike, hiking, picnicking or playing sports in the lush green spaces are ideal ways to wind down. If you're looking for a place to store your sports equipment or backpacks near the park, take advantage of bounce luggage storage in Manchester. It's easily done on the bounce app.

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Alexandra Park

A beautiful picturesque spot in Manchester is Alexandra Park, which is the perfect place to take a lovely walk at any time of day. It's situated in the Oldham area by the edge of Manchester City Center and dates back to about 1861 with plenty of aged charm.

Inside the park, you'll find a boating and fishing lake, a greenhouse with three impressive conservatories and a sheltered area called the Lion's Den. Before heading out onto the water, grab a snack or refreshments from the cafe found in the boathouse. There's much to make use of inside this 60 acre property like a football pitch, tennis courts and cricket pitch, so make sure that you bring your sports gear.

Of course, there's more than enough space to put down a blanket in the shade for a picnic as well and also some nice sculptures that you can spot while exploring the walking trails and gardens. Bringing the kids with you? They'll have a great time in the playground. This 24 hectare area is sometimes used to host events like the super fun Manchester Caribbean Carnival.

Whitworth Park

The Whitworth Institute established this green space in dedication to the famous engineer after which it was named, and it has been used by the public for leisure and recreational activities since 1904. It's easy to find since it's located on the grounds of the University of Manchester and was previously called the Potters Field. This park is around to stay since it's actually been leased by the Manchester City Council for 1,000 years.

On site, you'll find a memorial dedicated to the 7th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment, which is an important recognition of the First World War. There's plenty for families to do with a play area for kids, and the nearby Whitworth Gallery is a fantastic free museum to check out after you're done in the park.

If you visit in the summertime you might see an ice cream van selling tasty treats, and the spring brings blooming daffodils and other flowers to the area. As you walk around the grounds make sure to visit the Edward VIII statue. This is one of the best parks in the city and is given the Green Flag Award, meaning that it's well maintained, safe, and a great spot for the community to gather.

Piccadilly Gardens

Situated right inside the city center, Piccadilly Gardens is the perfect spot to go for a stroll before heading into the nearby shopping district for terrific retail therapy. The surrounding area is filled with a nice mixture of historic and modern buildings and is also right by the public transport system, so getting to and from the park is a breeze.

The gardens are used as a space to bring people together and are often a spot for cultural events or for live music concerts. While walking around the public park you'll come across fountains and benches which are nice to sit at while chatting with friends. If you're lucky, you might see food trucks selling tasty meals and snacks in this Manchester park but, being located in the heart of town, you'll find lots of nearby restaurants as well.

Heaton Park

As one of the biggest parks in Manchester at 260 hectares, Heaton Park is a good place to visit with the whole family. Aside from playgrounds with swings, slides and trampolines for the kids, there's also a train they can ride on and even an animal center where they can see adorable creatures including donkeys, pigs, ponies and peacocks.

Older visitors may have a better time fishing on the boating lake or playing football on one of the 3 separate pitches. If you want to get active, try the orienteering course that'll bring you through the park. There are often group jogs, perfect for those who are looking for running buddies. Need some refreshments after your run? Visit the garden center which has drinks and snacks for sale.

Other attractions inside the park include an exciting treetop trek, a tramway museum and a golf course. Heaton Park has everything that you need to stay here all afternoon including washrooms, an information area and a van selling ice cream.

Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park is another open space you won't want to miss and is a pretty new addition to the notable parks in Manchester. The grounds were very welcomed, transforming a plain industrial site into a spot for community events and recreation right next to Piccadilly Station. It's the first green space to be built in 100 years and is already being used by the locals for all sorts of outdoor entertainment.

The grounds cover about 6.5 acres of space and are filled with grassy areas and gardens with trees, walking paths, and beautiful views of the River Medlock which it's built on the banks of. The play area is excellent for children and has a total of seven slides and a few trampolines for added fun. The next time that you're looking for somewhere to wander around nature, make your way to Manchester's youngest park.

Prestwich Forest Park

Prestwich Forest Park encompasses 200 hectares of forests and woodlands, with lots of nice open space in between. During your trip to the park, you're bound to come across some wildlife and many species of plants, birds and animals call the park home. The space is used for much more than walks and is a good location for orienteering, cycling or horseback riding.

The forest park is actually made up of four smaller green spaces; Prestwich Clough, Philips Park, Waterdale and Drinkwater Park, and it's a place where you can spend all day exploring. Bring snacks along and set up a blanket to rest on while you enjoy the fresh air.

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park

For a bit of history mixed in with the great outdoors, make your way straight to Castlefield Urban Heritage Park which is part of the grounds of an ancient Roman fort. This space serves as an unofficial conservation area and is a terrific setting for walks along the Bridgewater Canal and nicely landscaped fields. There are even some indoor spaces where you can escape from the sun plus some pretty cool attractions and landmarks.

The park only spans 3 hectares but allows you to explore the Mamucium Roman fort, which has been reconstructed to represent its former glory and the stunning Castlefield Viaduct which dates back to Victorian times. The Museum of Science and Industry can be found here too, so bring the entire family for a day of learning and outdoor activities. There are loads of bars and restaurants in the area as well, giving you plenty of choices for lunch or dinner.

Daisy Nook Country Park

Situated just a couple of minutes away from the heart of the city you'll find Daisy Nook Country Park, a wonderful location to go for a lovely walk or to watch wildlife. Inside the park, you'll find a lake and a canal, plus plenty of rolling meadows and pathways that are shaded by tall green trees. Most of the green space is protected by the National Trust which ensures that the space is well maintained and kept safe for the use of both the people and animals in Manchester.

Every year the park welcomes lots of visitors for its Easter Fair when all kinds of fun and themed activities are put on. It's a beautiful spot to visit at any time of year however, and you can join in on fun activities like kayaking or canoeing when it's warm. It's a pretty big space covering about 40 hectares and features a variety of landscapes and habitats for all sorts of animals, from different species of birds to cows and horses. Fun fact; Daisy Nook was given its name in the dedication of a Benjamin Brierley book.

Platt Fields Park

Come spend time in nature at Platt Fields Park which can be found in Fallowfield, Manchester. It's a popular spot for the young student community to hang out as it's a nice spot for running, meeting up with friends or even dates.

Inside the park, there's a very beautiful lake which is a great place to have a picnic, or you can go for a walk or cycle around the grounds. This is the kind of place where you can go to be active but it's also a nice spot for sitting and enjoying the lovely landscape around you as well.

Didsbury Park

Found right in the midst of Didsbury, this expansive park is always calm and is simply stunning in the spring and summertime when the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. It has everything that you could ever need in a park including a cafe where you can go to grab a snack or a drink of tea if you need refreshments, which are all affordably priced.

There are many attractions in this large Manchester park that people of all ages can enjoy, like a basketball court, playgrounds for children and a bowling club. If you feel like doing something good for the community you can join the Didsbury Park volunteer association that functions inside the grounds.

Chorlton Water Park

This park was created from old farmland that flooded during the 1970s and presently has a nice lake right in its center. The grounds are now a Local Nature Reserve and it's also a Green Flag Park, so it's pretty self explanatory why it's one of the best parks in Manchester. On top of that, Chorlton Water Park is a Site of Biological Importance and plays a significant role in the diversity of local wildlife.

With picnic benches, a playground for kids and plenty of water sports like kayaking and fishing available, it's easy to spend an entire afternoon here. There's a nice loop for walking around the lake but you can also continue on beside the River Mersey if you want to make your trek longer.

Exploring Manchester outdoors

The area of Greater Manchester has plenty of spaces where nature and community come together, and they serve as a much needed break from the bustle and business of city life.

The next time that you feel like you need to get away from the city, give yourself a change of scenery and spend time in nature. If you want to feed your need for adventure you can also head out on one of many hikes in Manchester. If it's a beautiful sunny day, make your way to a beach near Manchester and trek the shore.

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