Best Brunch In Melbourne: The Definitive Guide

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Welcome to Melbourne, which was once one of the richest cities in the world during the Gold Rush. It is also the Victorian capital and one of the great cities to visit in Australia. There are lots of fun facts about Melbourne that you may not know. For example, the city is home to wild penguins, Melbourne is where the first feature film was ever created, and it was the first city to host the Olympic Games outside of North America and Europe.

Now that you know a bit more about the city you are ready to get out and explore it. While you are sightseeing, you are sure to come across many eateries. Melbourne has the most cafes per capita and also has lots of hidden bars for you to discover. Coffee is big here too, so if you have a reusable coffee cup then make sure to pack it with you! You'll need some food to go with that caffeine so follow this list to all of the best brunch spots in town. Stop by a suitcase locker in Melbourne on your way so you don't have to carry your bags around with you on your quest for an exceptional meal.

Krimper Cafe Melbourne

The first stop on our adventure through the local brunch scene is Krimper Cafe Melbourne. This bar is sort of hidden down an intersection between laneways and is actually housed in an old retired factory. Some of the machinery was left and used as decor which gives an interesting and unique ambiance that makes it a perfect spot for breakfast or brunch in Melbourne.

This cafe is surprisingly popular and can get busy, even though it can be hard to find unless you already know about it. Their brunch menu includes most of your basic dishes like toast, bacon and eggs or waffles. Head to Guildford Lane and while you are here make sure to try their zucchini and corn fritters.

Ima Project Cafe

If you have ever been to Tokyo then you might recognize some of the dishes offered at Ima Project Cafe on Elgin Street. It can be fun to try different cuisines and Melbourne has quite a few, so you should do your best to visit as many as possible!

They have several different bento-style meals featuring pickles and rice as well as other fabulous dishes. Try their miso soup, eggplant or grilled fish, and order a cheesecake or matcha cupcake for an early morning dessert!

Prior Thornbury

If you want to go out for brunch and are feeling a bit fancy then you should make your way to High Street to try Prior Thornbury. This sit-down brunch spot can give you a fine-dining experience with perfectly plated dishes and a relaxed environment. This is a good destination for a date or to treat yourself to some good food.

One of the best dishes at Prior Thornbury is the steak sandwich, so if you don't know what to get you should give it a try. Also, make sure to order their tasty chocolate crumpets.

Mr. Tulk Cafe

Mr. Tulk Cafe is situated inside the State Library of Victoria so if you ever find yourself there and want to grab some food and a coffee you definitely should. It is a popular location for students in the nearby schools as well as office workers in the library, so don't be surprised if it is a bit busy when you arrive.

This is the perfect place for a Melbourne breakfast and you can choose to either dine in or take your food to go. This is ideal if you are in a rush or if you just want to take your meal back to the hotel and eat it there. If you come here be sure to make time to explore the Melbourne State Library too since it is one of the city's landmarks.

Kinfolk Cafe

The Kinfolk Cafe is located right across the street from the Southern Cross Station so it is easy to get to. This place is also worth eating at since they do their best to give back to the community with every chance they get.

They have some pretty tasty dishes that make for a tasty breakfast or brunch meal, and if you want something delicious and healthy you can try their bacon bagel. They also offer amazing coffee and one of their specialties is called the Kinfolk Boilermaker. This consists of coffee two ways with an espresso and a flat white.

Grain Store

Melbourne's Grain Store is a small and minimalistic cafe located within the CBD. Although it isn't big make no mistake that they can serve you just as well as any of the other brunch places so make sure you give them a try while you are in the area.

Service here is very quick and they do a good job at making the space comfortable and airy. Their weekend brunch menu includes ricotta pancakes, toasted granola and sticky pork benedict. If you want a bit of everything you can order their breakfast board which is made with berries, granola, avocado toast, corn fritter and poached eggs. They also have meals more suitable for lunch like a black Angus flank steak or a five spiced duck leg.

Hash Specialty Coffee

Found on Burke Road, one of the most popular cafes is Hash Specialty Coffee. This spot serves incredible coffee that is arguably some of the best in the city. Lattes, matcha tea and different kinds of coffee can be found here, and it should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Some of the more unique drinks include the fairy floss options. For these, you will be given a mug with a ball of fairy floss placed on top and then you get to pour your drink, which can be your choice of matcha, coffee or hot chocolate, over the top. If you are hungry then no need to worry since this eatery also has delicious food. Try dishes like smashed avo or waffles served with duck meat.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground is one of the best brunch spots in Melbourne not only for the delicious food but for the environment. The restaurant on Little Bourke Street is housed in a beautiful building that makes it almost worth a visit on its own. The dining room has high ceilings and a similar feeling to an old church.

As for food, they have an appetizing menu that is sure to satisfy any of your breakfast and brunch cravings. They serve different dishes of eggs, toasted sourdough, ricotta hotcakes or granola. Their crab eggs benedict is also a popular choice.

The Fair Trader

The Fair Trader, located on Exhibition Street, is a suitable name for this Melbourne breakfast spot which is decorated to look like a trade ship. Once you enter the building you will be greeted with stamps, burlap bags and shipping crates which complete the environment and give it a unique personality.

It is a pretty big and spacious place so you can easily meet some friends here for a Saturday morning brunch date. The service is fast and friendly, and with incredible coffee and amazing food, there is nothing not to like. This is a fun spot to bring the family before a day out with the kids in Melbourne. Keep it in mind as a place to start the day!


Another popular restaurant in a beautifully styled building is Lagotto, which makes for a lovely weekend brunch spot. The food here is also delicious and will have you coming back for more!

While you are here you should try their eggs with pork and fennel sausage, avocado, crispy pancetta, yogurt pannacotta and braised greens. Complete your meal with a bloody Mary or another morning cocktail. You'll find this eatery on York Street.

Axil Coffee Roasters

One of the best places for coffee and brunch in the city is at Axil Coffee Roasters and they actually have several locations around the Melbourne CBD. They roast their own coffee beans and offer excellent drinks that pair perfectly with their signature dishes.

If you don't know what to order we recommend the Bircher muesli, feta and smashed avocado, or their panko crumbed egg with beetroot-cured trout. Their taleggio croquettes dish served with shredded ham hock is also a good choice.

The Journal Cafe

This is one of the city's busy brunch places and you will find it just off of the Melbourne City Library, so while you visit one you can stop by the other. The Journal Cafe has a certain aesthetic to it that will make you intrigued and you won't mind staying a while, especially since it is laptop friendly.

They serve some tasty breakfast options that you just have to check out while you are in Melbourne. Also, they are located just off of Flinders Lane in the Melbourne CBD which is home to the Flinders Lane Gallery and can be the perfect activity after you finish your morning coffee from the Journal Cafe.

Cafe Andiamo

Cafe Andiamo is similar to many of the other cafes in Melbourne and is just as good as the rest of them. It is located on one of the busiest streets in the city and is the perfect spot to stop by for a coffee while people-watching as everyone else goes by. Come by Delgraves Street for either breakfast, brunch or lunch!

Their menu has some fairly creative options and all of them are worth eating. Try their shakshuka or smashed avocado that are sure to leave your mouth watering. As with most places in Melbourne they serve excellent coffee as well.

Budapest Café

One of the favorite places for Melbourne locals to get brunch is Budapest Café. The restaurant is clean and inviting with walls decorated in pastel pink Mendl's boxes that will make you feel welcomed and relaxed. Their menu has something suitable for everyone and especially those with a sweet tooth.

Some of their best breakfast and brunch options include matcha ice cream pancakes, custard puffs and tiramisu croffles. Another must-try meal is the mentaiko udon which is made with spicy cod roe, kimchi and onsen egg.

Manchester Press

Manchester Press is another cafe that not many people know about but now that we've let you in on the secret you should definitely give it a try! You will find it in an area of town that is decorated with street art and brick buildings with vines, and you can get the full Melbourne experience by walking through this part of the city.

This cafe is fun because they specialize in bagels, but with a twist. Some of them can get quite fancy and you can choose to make it just how you like it. Add honey or blueberry cream cheese as well as a selection of toppings so you can make the meal to suit your taste. As always, they also have good coffee. Stop by Rankins Lane for a cup!

The Best Breakfasts and Brunches in Melbourne

There are so many brunch spots in Melbourne that you can probably get through your whole vacation without visiting the same place twice. You will find many of them on Exhibition Street although there are cafes scattered around the whole city, and you can definitely come across one quickly if you just walk about.

Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner, Melbourne's restaurants can provide and there is something for all hunger levels and every picky eater. From the basics of brunch like French toast, fried eggs and buttermilk pancakes to more creative options, you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

You can stop by a local café to grab a small bite to eat while sightseeing or make your way to one of the best restaurants for a bottomless brunch if you feel hungry enough. One thing is for sure, you will have to try the delicious coffee at least once while you are in town, no matter what neighborhood you choose to stay in.

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