Mexico City Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Terminal building at Mexico City Airport

Mexico City is the busiest airport in Latin America.  If you are on a layover and don't have time to get into the city, all is not lost. There are plenty of shops to keep you amused and the Mexicans don't mind if you take a nap in the terminal, though you may have trouble finding a seat. Other options in this regard include hotels within the airport complex itself.

In Terminal 1 is an exhibition area featuring Mexico's flora and fauna as well as information on the Mexican aviation industry. It is open twenty-four hours a day, all year round. Two of the city's museums also showcase some of their exhibits in this center on a revolving basis.

The nearby Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as the Blue House, is dedicated to this world-renowned Mexican artist and also offers fantastic photo opportunities. If you want to enjoy more of the outdoor culture, stroll the streets on a self-guided walking tour or visit Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela where you will find a breathtaking array of local crafts.

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Plane at Mexico City Airport, Mexico

Mexico City Airport bag policy

Each carrier will define its own luggage limits. As far as carry on baggage is concerned, international rules apply. All liquids and gels must be in bottles of 100 mls or less and these must be carried in a separate plastic bag from the rest of your hand luggage.

Other items that are prohibited are firearms, including toys and replicas. Any explosives including bangers and fireworks. No sharp or pointy objects. No alcohol including tequila. No lighters.

More unusual is the prohibition of sticky tape, measuring tapes, salt, flour or detergent. You may bring along human ashes or organs, but you will need the correct documentation for either.

Mexico City Airport food policy

One thing is certain about this airport. You will never need to be hungry. There are more than one hundred different eateries including cafes, bars and sit-down restaurants. As one would expect, there are plenty of tacos, enchiladas and pozole stews available. If you are more comfortable with burgers, pizzas or vegetarian foods, there are many vendors who will meet your requirements.

Mexico City Airport camera policy

As with airports around the world, it's a good idea to be conscious of where you point your camera. Although cameras are allowed inside the airport, you're not allowed to take photos of the secure areas or security personnel. Also, setting up a tripod or professional lights in the middle of the airport is bound to obstruct other passengers and attract the wrong kind of attention. If you have expensive camera equipment, your best bet may be to leave it at the luggage storage service near Mexico City Airport so you don't fall foul of any rules.

Mexico City Airport rules

  • Smoking is not permitted in most of the terminal buildings. However, both terminals one and two have an indoor smoking lounge for passenger's use.
  • Keep your customs declaration form with you at all times. Bags are subject to search not only by security staff but also by customs agents to make sure you're not entering or leaving the country with anything you shouldn't have.
  • There are many places where you can grab a drink in the airport, but public intoxication is not allowed.

Transit Options

There are both taxis and Uber taxis, but by far the best way to get from the airport to the city itself is by Metro Bus line 4. It operates every day of the year and takes around thirty minutes to reach the city center. It is considerably cheaper, and often faster than its taxi equivalent. A further option is the Metro subway which can be accessed on foot from Terminal 1. Trains take fifty minutes to the downtown area and operate every day of the year until midnight.

The bus will drop you in the heart of the historic city center, and here is a good place to free yourself of cumbersome baggage by storing it in a nearby locker rental facility. You are now within easy walking distance of the Metropolitan Cathedral which dates back to 1737 and the Templo Mayor Museum, which is a must-see for any first time visitor to this area.

Mexico City storage lockers

This is such a colorful city that even if you are simply on a layover, it will be worth getting into the Old Town if you have the time. There is a great deal on offer in terms of both food and culture. Mexico is a country that loves its food. In addition to the usual Mexican dishes that we have become familiar with in our own countries, there are one or two that beg to be sampled.

Escamoles are ants’ eggs that look a little like pine nuts. They are simply fried in onion and chilli and served in a tortilla, giving a buttery taste that is surprisingly appetizing.  Barbacoa is a dish where goat meat is seasoned and spiced, topped with maguey leaves, and then cooked over an open fire.

There is little need to introduce the famous Mariachi music and you will be exposed to plenty of that, but the downtown area is also awash with organ grinders. These musical entrepreneurs have been performing in the streets since 1890, and many of them have been doing this from one generation to the next.  

To really enjoy any of these experiences, why not drop your baggage at a convenient locker storage service for a few hours or days so that you are free to enjoy your visit unencumbered? Look for a service that allows for online booking and offers a comprehensive protection cover for total peace of mind while you explore.

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