Hard Rock Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Hard Rock Stadium visitor guide

Hard Rock Stadium is a multi-use stadium that is located in Miami Gardens in Florida. This is the stadium that is home to the Miami Dolphins, but you might also see a musical event or other performance here in between game dates for this NFL team. The stadium is one of the coolest places to visit if you are in Florida for a vacation or live nearby, and there are lots of things to keep you busy in the area.

If you have tickets to see a game or another event at Hard Rock Stadium during your time in Florida, we can help! Take advantage of Bounce’s Hard Rock Stadium luggage storage to ensure you don’t run into any issues with getting into your game on game day. We also offer luggage storage locations around the Miami area if that’s more convenient for you.

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Hard Rock Stadium bag policy

Hard Rock Stadium bag policy

The Hard Rock Stadium bag policy is very clear about which items are allowed inside the stadium for events. You can bring in one clear vinyl or plastic bag that is 12” x 6” x 12”. This bag can also be a Ziploc-style bag.

You might also be allowed to bring in a small clutch or purse that is about the size of your hand. If you have diaper bags or other kinds of medical bags, these will need to be cleared by gate personnel and will require a search. They might not be allowed to be brought in if they are not being used for these purposes.

Smartphones, binoculars, and cameras are permitted, but there are no exceptions to the bag rule without prior arrangements. If you need to check a bag at the gate, the fee is $15, and there are no outside lockers. You will be handing off your items to staff to keep them safe during the event. This is why working with Bounce for your luggage storage needs is far preferable to having to store items at the last moment at the gate.

Hard Rock Stadium food policy

The Hard Rock Stadium food policy is simple and easy to follow. No outside food is permitted unless it’s needed for medical reasons. There are many, many restaurants to choose from inside the venue, and even people with food allergies or dietary restrictions will be able to eat a meal here.

Cash is not accepted inside the stadium to pay for food, so make sure that you have other forms of payment with you. You can also convert your cash to prepaid VISA gift cards at set locations around the stadium.

Guests are allowed to buy two alcoholic drinks at one time. Alcohol sales cease near the end of games. Alcohol from outside the stadium may not be brought in with guests. You are allowed to use mobile ordering within the stadium so that you can eat at your seat.

How to get to Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium transportation

If you are worried about how to get to Hard Rock Stadium, this info will help. Taxis are allowed to drop off and pick up at Gate 4. Rideshare is required to pick up and drop off at Lot 42 on NW 27th Ave. This lot is a 20-minute walk away from the stadium, so you will need to plan for this part of your trip in advance.

Sunpass allows stadium goers to use “easy pay” to get into the parking lots around the stadium. This system also offers a discounted parking rate for holders of these passes. There is a parking hotline if you have questions, or you can email the stadium to find out what your best options will be for things like accessibility parking.

There is no public transit that takes you to the stadium, so you will need to plan to drive or use another form of transportation.

Hard Rock Stadium camera policy

Video cameras, monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are prohibited inside the stadium per the Hard Rock Stadium camera policy. You can bring in personal devices like cell phones, but you will not be allowed to record for professional purposes. You also must refrain from taking videos or capturing photos in a way that impedes other people from enjoying the game.

Anyone who is interfering with the progress of a game will be ejected from the game without re-entry and without a refund of the cost of their ticket.

Hard Rock Stadium rules

Hard Rock Stadium rules

Hard Rock Stadium policies do not condone or allow illegal, disruptive, or irresponsible behavior from any ticketed guest inside the stadium. All guests are required to follow stadium rules and comply with the requests and instructions of security personnel. Anyone who is not willing or able to comply with the rules will be removed from the game without re-entry.

The gates of the stadium open four hours before kick-off for Miami Dolphins games. The Green Lot parking gates are open for five hours before kickoff m(ideal for tailgating). All other lots are open four hours prior to kick-off.

Stadium gates do not open for access to your seats until two hours before kick-off. Tailgating is allowed in various lots around the stadium. You will need a valid parking pass to be allowed to tailgate. No beer kegs are allowed on the grounds, and no box trucks are permitted. No open fires are allowed, but grilling equipment can be used to prepare food in parking areas prior to kick-off.


Hard Rock Stadium is a very fun place to head to if you want to catch an NFL game or another event during your trip. This stadium has clear rules, and it is easy to have a great time on the grounds of the stadium. Make sure that you get your luggage and personal possessions stored safely with Bounce before you head to the stadium. Having fun on gameday means being prepared to walk right into the stadium and make the most of your much-anticipated event. Plus, then it’s so much easier to head out after the game to experience some of Miami’s iconic nightlife, including some fantastic rooftop bars.

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