Miami Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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palm trees on a beach

If you’re looking for a beach vacation in the US, there’s a good chance Miami is at the top of your list. Known for its stunning white-sand beaches, excellent weather, and entertainment precincts, it comes as no surprise that many travelers flock to the destination each year.

Located in Florida, Miami is a city that has it all. There’s an array of art galleries and museums for those who are interested in culture, an endless number of bars and clubs for those looking to party, and outdoor parks and beaches for those hoping to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air.

Whether you’re in town for the food, the shopping, or the beaches, there’s no denying that your trip to Miami will be filled with fun and good vibes.

A weekend in Miami

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11 Best Ways To Experience Miami In 2024

Miami is renowned for being one of the hippest cities in North America. It really does have everything you could ever want including superb stretches of sandy beaches, incredible recreational facilities, and world-class art galleries and museums. When it comes to exploring the mega-metropolis, it can be hard to know which way to turn first. Check out the eleven companies mentioned below and you'll find the right ones to help you make your visit to Miami as totally unforgettable as you could ever hope it to be. To make your trip even easier, drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Miami before you start exploring.

Best Combination Tour – Miami Info Tours

Deciding whether to tour Miami by bus or by boat can leave you scratching your head. Forget the confusion and go sightseeing with Miami Info Tours. Set off on an open-top bus to see the main terrestrial sights then swap transport modes for a sedate ninety-minute cruise around Biscayne Bay, past Downtown, and out to Fisher Island.

Start organizing seeing Miami by bus and boat with Miami Info Tours by calling them on 1-305-894-6409 or emailing them at for more information.

Best Bus Tour – Miami Double Decker

It's hard to catch a proper glimpse of what you're passing when you're on ground level. That's a problem easily solved by taking a bus tour of Miami run by Miami Double Decker. They have open-topped double-decker buses so once you've climbed the steps and taken a seat, you'll be high above everything and get great views, as well as the breeze blowing through your hair, while you drive around the city.

To board a Miami Double Decker tour give them a call on 1-305-865-9999 or drop an email to for more details.

Best Paddleboard Tour – Miami Beach Paddleboard

For a couple of hours’ peace and quiet, there's nothing better than going out solo on a SUP. You can hire a paddleboard from Miami Beach Paddleboard for an hour or two then hit the ocean for a paddle around the bay or as far as Monument Island if you're experienced. For something completely different, go with Miami Beach Paddleboard on a sunset paddle with a glow-in-the-dark board.

Prepare to paddleboard in Miami by contacting Miami Beach Paddleboard by email at or call them on 1-786-428-4402.

Best Group Tour – Open Miami Tour

It's not always practical to join up with other tourists if you're traveling with family or in a group as your agenda may not coincide with that of the relevant tour company. Open Miami Tour can provide you with a private tour of the city in a convertible, glass-topped minibus. They'll take you out for a full or half-day or even in the evening if you want to see Miami by night.

Get in touch with Open Tour Miami by emailing them at or give them a call on 1-786-585-6139 to organize your private minibus tour.

Best Food Tour – Miami Food Tours

Walk, or get whizzed between tasting points on a golf cart, on a Tour des Forks food-oriented outing with Miami Food Tours. Depending on which one of their multiple offerings of tours you choose to go on, you'll sample seafood on South Beach, muse over Miami's Novelle Cuisine or crunch on Cuban pastries while being fed snippets of history and cultural info. It's a tasty way to go sightseeing and dining at the same time.

Find out how to join a Tour des Forks with Miami Food Tours by emailing them at or alternatively, give them a call on 1 786-361-0991.

Best Helicopter Tour – Heli Air Miami

Get a bird's eye view of Miami, by taking a flight over the city with Heli Air Miami. This is an incredible opportunity to take in scenic views of the city, spot main landmarks, and circle over Biscayne Bay where you might spot dolphins, sharks, and manatees.

Take off with Heli Air Miami by giving them a call at 786-527-5674or email them at for information and availability.

Best Street Art Tour – Wynwood Art Walk

The Wynwood Walls are an area of Miami where street artists from all over the country have been let loose to do their thing. View the impressive graffiti on a Wynwood Art Walk and the guide will let you in on all sorts of inside information about the murals you're seeing and the artists who created them. You won't fail to be amazed by what they've done with a simple spray can of paint.

Join a Wynwood Art Walk tour by calling 1-305-814-9290 or email to reserve your place.

Best Pedicab Tour – Sobe Rides

If you like to chat with your partner about the sights you're seeing while going around Miami, you'll probably know from experience that it's pretty difficult if you're riding bicycles. Take a pedicab from Sobe Tours and you can sit side by side to share the views while someone else does the pedaling. Sobe Rides’ sturdy, rickshaw-like trikes are driven by a knowledgeable guide so you won't need to use a guidebook to get detailed information on the city either.

Plan your pedicab tour of Miami with Sobe Rides by emailing them at or call them on 1-754-307-7630.

Best Segway Tour – Segway Tours South Beach

If you've always wanted to give it a go, but then lost your nerve at the last moment, when you're in Miami is the ideal time to master Segway riding. Once you've been briefed, had a practice and are in control, you'll follow the guide from Segway Tours South Beach along a seven-mile route through the city on wide cycleways and the occasional sidewalk. After the tour, you can try out a hands-free Segway too if you're brave enough.

Get ready to ride a Segway through Miami with Segway Tours South Beach by calling them on 1-954-804-0253 or by dropping an email to

Best Water Sports – South Florida Trikke

Get actively adventurous in Miami by practicing some amazing water sports or by going on a wild speedboat ride. South Florida Trikke can organize jet skis and parasailing for you as well as a mega adrenaline thrill on a super-fast speedboat. It's a fast and furious maritime experience and that's for sure.

Hit the water with South Florida Trikke by emailing them at or give them a call on 1-305-830-9440 for more details.  

Best Boat Tour – Miami Tour Company

No drop of water in or around Miami is left unexplored by the boat rides offered by the Miami Tour Company. Glide through the everglades on an airboat, cruise around the bay, see marine life through a glass-bottomed craft, or sail up to Key West on a booze cruise. Whatever tour floats your boat, you'll soon notice that Miami looks different when you see it from on the water.

Get ready to go boating with the Miami Tour Company by emailing them at or give them a call on 1-305-260-6855.

Miami is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. There’s a whole heap of attractions located in a central location, but plenty of ways to simply relax if that’s what you’re looking for! Here are some ideas to make your short Miami trip a memorable one.

  • Bayside Marketplace: This outdoor retail and entertainment precinct is located right on the water, offering a great atmosphere and impressive views. Indulge in some retail therapy or grab a meal.
  • Miami Seaquarium: Get up close to some of the world’s most interesting sea life at Miami Seaquarium. It’s a great day out for all ages.
  • Collins Avenue: This famous street is worth a visit. Known for its big hotels, the strip is lined with places to eat so it’s worth a visit even if you aren’t staying there.

Miami Lockers

Miami is a city that will make you want to get out and explore, so you won’t want to be inconvenienced by your bags! Whether you travel for business or leisure, you’ve probably experienced the hassle of being stuck with luggage. Make that hassle a thing of the past with luggage storage services in Miami. Bounce will take care of your bags, offering you flexible storage so you don’t waste a moment of your trip.

Off the beaten path in Miami

Looking to get off the beaten path in Miami? You’re in luck. This city has a lot of hidden treasures to explore. Check out the following sites to get an entirely different perspective of Miami.

  • Venetian Pool: This historic pool dates back to 1923 and is a hole carved out of coral rock. You can swim under waterfalls, making it the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.
  • Monkey Jungle: A unique take on traditional zoos, this attraction sees people walk through tunnels while the monkeys roam free. Worth a visit for any animal lover.
  • Gold Coast Railroad Museum: Be transported back in time with a trip to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. You’ll be impressed by the range of historic cars and memorabilia on site.

What to do alone in Miami

Miami skyline

Miami is well set-up for travelers, making it a convenient spot for a solo business or travel trip. It’s easy to get around, has plenty of attractions that can be experienced as an individual and offers convenient bag storage in Miami’s city center and surrounds so that you’ll never be stuck with your luggage. To give you some inspiration for things to do alone in Miami, we’ve put together the following list.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: This stunning villa offers impressive architecture and exceptional gardens. Spend some time admiring the grounds and wandering through the landscaping.
  • Coconut Grove: Parks, shopping and restaurants, Coconut Grove has it all. A great place to indulge in some retail therapy or some people watching.
  • Little Havana: Miami has a strong Cuban culture and there’s no better place to experience it than Little Havana. Take a stroll down Calle Ocho (8th Street) to truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere and colors.

The best souvenirs in Miami

There’s no shortage of places to pick up some souvenirs in Miami. Whether you’re looking for mainstream items from big brands or unique memorabilia to commemorate your trip, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Bayside Marketplace is a popular area to pick up some gifts or typical Miami souvenirs, while Little Havana will offer you some items with a Cuban twist. Once you’ve collected all of your gifts and personal souvenirs, check them into a Bounce bag storage facility in Miami. You can continue exploring (or even make some more purchases!) without having to drag around your bags.

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