Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Milan

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Restaurants in Milan, Italy

Milan is a lovely place to visit and there are so many things that you can see and do when you are in town. You will love that you can see historical sites as well as heading out for enjoyable adventures every day. If you choose to stay in the old part of the city, you will have access to all kinds of dining. Even if you are staying outside the oldest part of the city, you will be able to access amazing dining around every corner. If you prefer vegetarian dishes, or you eat vegan due to dietary or personal limitations, it can be hard to find the right vegetarian restaurants in many cities.

When you head to Milan, you will probably want to have your hands free to have fun while you are in town. You will want to place your luggage in storage that is secure and safe. You will feel so much better when you do not have to worry about your luggage.

Once your luggage is safe and secure, you can enjoy all these vegetarian restaurants with ease from the first moment you arrive.

Café in Milan

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Milan

If you have been planning to see sites like the Duomo Milan or any of the other sites that offer a lot of history in this city, you will still need to take breaks to eat. If you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurant in Milan, this guide will help you to make the most of your dining experiences. Some of these locations also offer vegan dishes as well.

Looking for vegetarian food or vegan food in this city is not difficult at all and this guide will get you access to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. You will find more than just hearty salads visible on these menus as well. The best vegan burgers and the most delicious desserts are around every corner in this city and you will be able to enjoy them all with this guide in hand.

La Vecchia Latteria

This spot is located right in the middle of the city and you will find that there is so much to love about this spot. La Vecchia Latteria is actually a "milk shop" which is a bit akin to a diner in the US. This is a comfortable location to have a meal and you will be able to pop in off Via Torino from lunch to the dinner hour. There is also a vegan menu here to enjoy. Some people comment on the small size of the space, and you might want to take your food to go if you want to have a roomier eating space.

Flower Burger

This is the ultimate really enjoyable vegetarian restaurant and you can come here for amazing vegan and vegetarian burgers. The buns are purple, yellow, and other delightful colors due to the flavorings and flower that are used to craft them. Enjoy edamame, sprouts, plant-based burgers and grilled and baked vegetables here. There are few vegan restaurants in Milan that are this unique and special. This is the first branch of this well-known chain and you will find it located on Viale Vittorio Veneto 10. They have variable hours and you will want to check out the times that this vegan burgers location is open before you plan to head to this spot.

Eating in Milan, Italy

Joia Kitchen

This is a really nice location that offers high-end dining. They are mostly a vegetarian restaurant but they also offer some lacto-vegetarian options. This is one of the higher-end places in Milan and this is a haute cuisine location that offers comfortable dining in a lovely environment. This spot serves late lunch and dinner but they also offer delivery options to some areas. If you love fancy veggie and vegan dishes, this is the right place to visit. You should make sure to put in a reservation just to be safe when you want to eat here.


This spot is one of the nicest Krishna locations in the city and you will love that you can enjoy all kinds of great vegetarian restaurant options here. This spot is located in the heart of the city on Via Valpetrosa and you can eat dinner and late lunch here. Hare Krishna uses light spices which makes it a great choice if you hate strong flavors and just want to taste the veggie food they prepare. The prices here are very reasonable and you will love that you can enjoy everything from vegan food to vegetarian plates.


This is not really a restaurant. This is actually a deli location but it offers a full range of veggie burgers, miso soups, and more. You will enjoy healthy dishes of all kinds here and you can grab and go if you want to head out to your next adventure without waiting around. This spot offers very affordable meals and you can find it in the Via Tortona area. This is almost like a street food location and it offers you the chance to get great vegan food and vegetarian food for a great price.

Restaurants in Milan


For vegan and macrobiotic key items, you need to head to Vegamore. This spot is a great option for a varied and exciting vegan menu and you will be able to choose anything from a raw vegan plate to vegan cakes and more. The vegan food craze has a home here and you will love that you can choose from so many different meals here. This restaurant is located in the Via Crema area and they have a juice bar as well as offering vegan cappuccino.

Pan GhEA

This spot offers five course meals that you cannot get at any other place in the city. The menu here changes daily and you will note that this is the only vegetarian restaurant in the city that offers this kind of fine dining experience. This is a vegan restaurant as well and you will love that you do not have to struggle to find anything that you might want on this menu. Shopping for vegan friendly restaurants that also offer vegetarian dishes and vegan comfort food options can be tough in some places, but this spot will answer all your needs.

Deliziamente Naturale

If you are looking for vegan restaurants on the eastern side of the city, this spot should top your list. This restaurant is almost hiding on Via Ronchi and they offer a great tasting menu of vegetarian and health food options. There are few places on this side of the city that will give you access to such healthy food and you will be glad that you dropped in here for a lunch in particular. This spot is also really affordable and you can grab your meal and go if you wish.

Mantra Raw Vegan Restaurant

This is a vegan restaurant where you can get entirely raw meals as well as allergy-friendly meals of all kinds. The cold-pressed juices are really excellent here and you can get an affordable vegan lunch at this post as well. Their raw bread is incredible and the plating is beautiful. This is a cozy but upscale location that offers you everything from vegan desserts to hearty salads and more. This restaurant is located on Via Panfilo Castaldi and it is one of the best vegan restaurants in this part of town.

Outdoor dining in Milan, Italy

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

For raw ice cream and organic chocolate, you need to head here. This is a good choice for fully raw vegan options as well as desserts and candies that fit in this diet choice. This is a quick vegetarian fix for a sweet tooth that calls Via Pastrengo 2 its home. You can also get gelato and smoothies here too. This is a great choice for veggie fast food in the dessert category that will not break the bank.

Come a Casa

If you love tofu and other vegan dishes, this is the right place to visit. You can head here to enjoy one of the most beautiful vegan restaurants in Milan. This spot is great for tofu and seitan lovers but there are many other vegan options on the menu here too. They also have gluten-free choices on the menu here as well as wholemeal options. This location is in Piazzale Siena and you can get organic beer here as well as juices.

Alhambra Cafe

For vegan options that are dessert and bakery items, this spot needs to be your go-to. You will find that this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Milan for desserts and sweets. They also serve sandwiches and other raw food items at lunch time. There is also a buffet style dinner served here and you can enjoy all the best organic café cum deli offerings that you might have been looking for. Vegan and vegetarian desserts are hard to come by, especially ones that are very enjoyable. Vegan restaurants don't always serve desserts, but this location on Via Tadino will offer you the best sweets and treats in the whole city.

Restaurant in Milan


Head here for vegan soups, quiches, sandwiches, and more. This is one of the top three vegetarian restaurants for a well-rounded menu and it is tucked away in Via Lazzaro Spallanzani. You can also get vegan burgers, tacos, and more here. You can also get juices and cakes here which is a really nice benefit to complete your entire meal with ease. This is a good place to head for everything from vegan quiches to mediterranean food. There is a well-rounded menu on offer here and one that will satisfy many tastes with ease.

Capra and Cavoli

There is almost everything that you can imagine on the menu here. You can sit down to eat here or enjoy a takeaway meal from this spot. This spot is as beautiful as a tea garden and you will love sitting down here for some four tomato tartare with strawberries, a dish that offers crispness and health benefits that cannot be enjoyed in any other location in the city. There is a buffet here as well and you will love your visit to Via Pastrengo when you sit down here.

BistròBiò cucina ortocentrica

Located in the Isola area, this special spot will allow you to enjoy a full vegan breakfast as well as some of the best spicy Indian flavours in the city. There are vegetarian and vegan options on this menu and you'll love this most unique of the vegan restaurants in Milan. This is an even better location to enjoy a vegan burger than Flower Burger. This is a vegan restaurant that is head and shoulders above the other options in the city for vegan friendly meals of all kinds.

Waterside restaurants in Milan

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Milan Are Everywhere

If you want to enjoy vegan cakes, fruit and vegetable options, and amazing sit-down dining, you will find lots of great options in this city. This list of the best vegan restaurants in Milan will allow you to have an amazing meal while you are in the city that you will not soon forgot. Vegetarian and vegan friendly dining is not always easy when you are on vacation but Milan is a great place to enjoy delightful meals for this eating preference.

You can get everything from vegan wines to delicious plant-based burgers in this city and you will be walking distance to all of the most important parts of the city when you choose any of these locations. For those who love vegan and vegetarian food, this is the right place to visit.

Once you have placed your bags in secure storage in Milan, you will be free to head out to your first vegetarian restaurant of the trip. Making sure that your bags are secure is the first and most important step when you arrive in the city before you start enjoying your vacation.

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