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Where can I store my luggage in Milan?

For centuries, Milan, Italy has played an integral role in Italian life. It has existed since the Caesars ruled Italy. It also saw the likes of Napoleon and of course, Mussolini. Yet for all of the changes that Milan has endured, the city has survived and eventually thrived. In the 21st century, it is a place where art and design flourishes, where tourists visit and where culture and history reigns.

On any given day, city visitors love to take in the treasures highlighted in the museums of the city, where it’s possible to witness art created by the Greats of old in the same building as some of the modern Greats of the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s also a place where foodies get their fill of local cuisine. At lunch, plates featuring samplings of saffron risotto, delicious veal cutlets and seasonal fruits are served at local eateries. The best cooking in Milan blends the culinary traditions of Italy, with cooking techniques borrowed from other European countries.

Finally, Milan boasts a modern tech culture and is home to many startups and world-class businesses alike. It’s an excellent place to learn the ins and out of business. Students from all over the world come to Milan to study at renowned institutions like the Polytechnic University of Milan, the Milan Academy of Fine Arts and the Domus Academy, to name but a few.

Clearly, a visit to Milan requires your undivided attention. The best way to make that happen is to secure luggage storage in Milan right when you arrive in the city. Fortunately, Bounce’s city partners are happy to help people like you find bag storage in Milan before they embark on their adventures in this cosmopolitan Italian city.

  • Luggage Storage Near Milan Centrale Railway Station

  • Luggage Storage Near Duomo

  • Luggage Storage Near Lambrate

  • Luggage Storage Near Malpensa Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Milan City Centre

  • Luggage Storage Near Castello Sforzesco

  • Luggage Storage Near Garibaldi Train Station

How much does luggage storage cost in Milan?

Luggage storage in Milan costs only $5.90 on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage. 

Where is the nearest bag storage in Milan?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Milan. With 24/7 customer support and up to $5,000 in insurance for every booking, luggage storage in Milan as never been easier. 

Luggage Storage Near Milan Centrale Railway Station

The Milan Centrale Railway Station serves as the city of Milan’s primary train station and has done so since the early 1930s when this impressive building replaced an older station. Aside from being Milan’s main train station, it’s also Italy’s second-largest station, after Roma Termini in Rome.

The station boasts 24 tracks that lie below a roof made of pristine glass and arched metal. From this station, you can reach cities and towns throughout Italy, as well as other destinations outside of the country. Each day, more than 300,000 people make their way through this important transportation hub.

If your travels take you to Milan’s Centrale Train Station, be sure to check out your options for luggage storage in Milan in or around the train station. It’s likely that you’ll find a Bounce city partner in one of the many shops, restaurants and coffee houses that occupy the station’s lower and mezzanine levels, as well as in the streets nearby. Bounce partners with businesses just like these to provide bag storage in Milan and in other cities, like Paris, Munich, and Kharkiv. Consult your Bounce app to find a drop near you.

Luggage Storage Near Duomo

It’s astonishing to think about how much faith it takes to begin construction on a cathedral that won’t truly be finished for centuries. If that kind of faith inspires awe in you and you love grand architecture, then you won’t want to miss a trip to the Duomo of Milan.

Construction began on the Cathedral in the late 1300s. Its construction tells the story of some of the world’s greatest artists and architects, as well as its own story. Even Leonardo da Vinci was involved with the Duomo at one point. Throughout times of war and unrest, as well as peace and prosperity, the Duomo has been a beacon to the faithful and the curious alike. It’s not to be missed.

Finding luggage storage in Milan near the Duomo allows you to see this impressive edifice without being weighed down by your luggage. Bounce has partners near the Duomo, who’d love to take your bags for a couple of hours or even for the day.

Luggage Storage Near Lambrate

Lambrate counts as one of Milan’s funkiest and most fun neighborhoods. The vibe here definitely leans toward youthful, though the young-at-heart also have a great time here. Given its proximity to the Polytechnic University of Milan, it has become a popular stomping ground for students, who gravitate to this neighborhood because of its bars and pubs. The cost for an evening out is low, due to the college-town sort of vibe it has, which makes it an excellent place for a traveler on a budget. The most popular stop for the brewpub crowd is the Birrificio Lambrate Golgi, the city’s oldest brewery.

But there are more than just pubs in this neighborhood. Coffee houses and excellent eateries have plenty of offer the ardent foodie. Many visitors love to grab a cuppa Joe and head over to Lambro Park, the city’s largest park. This park gives them the open space they need to meet up with friends and family to enjoy an afternoon in the Italian sun.

Before you set off to have a drink with friends at Birrificio Lambrate Golgi, you’ll want to look into luggage storage in Milan in Lambrate. It’s easy to locate one of Bounce’s many partners in the city. Just log onto our app and go.

Luggage Storage Near Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa Airport serves the metropolitan area of Milan, which includes Liguria, Lombardy, and Piedmont. It provides additional service to Ticino, a Swiss Canton. Lying some 30 miles away from central Milan, this airport has two main terminals, as well as a cargo terminal. Almost 25 million people passed through this airport in 2018, making it Italy’s second-busiest passenger airport. Many major airlines fly through Milan Malpensa Airport, including Air Canada, Air Albania, Air France, Air Italy, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and United Airlines.

Check out Bounce’s options for luggage storage in Milan in and around the airport when you’re visiting this magical city. A quick look at our app will tell you which of our partners provide city visitors with bag storage in Milan in this area.

Luggage Storage Near Milan City Centre

As with most major world cities, sometimes the best place to start your city adventure is to start it in the city’s center. That’s certainly true of Milan. It’s a city filled with grand places to shop, as you will discover once you hit the Grand Gallery. This opulent house of shopping has the spirit of an opera house and the wares of the best shopping plazas in the world. Speaking of the opera, no opera fan should leave Milan without seeing La Scala Opera. This place is known the world over for its beauty and opulence, as well as for the stunning operas that are performed here. Architecture lovers can take a guided tour of the opera house, even if seeing the opera might not be in the cards. However, for those who can swing a night at the opera, rumor has it, that it’s well worth the time.

If it’s intellectual pursuits you’re after, then go straight to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology. It’s as stunning on the outside as it is on the inside. If you can imagine da Vinci’s notebooks were made into 3D displays, then you can imagine what you might see in this museum. If you can’t imagine it, then you definitely have to go, particularly if you’re a fan of his work.

All these and plenty of other fascinating destinations are waiting for you. All you need to do is take a trek to Milan’s city center. Naturally, you’ll check out your options for luggage storage in Milan near this hub of activity. After all, destinations like the Grand Gallery and the da Vinci Museum deserve your full attention.

Luggage Storage Near Castello Sforzesco

Once you’ve shopped your heart’s content at the Grand Gallery, you ought to make your next stop Castello Sforzesco, a 15th-century castle that feature stunningly beautiful grounds and impressive fountains. It’s no exaggeration to say that the castle’s “front yard” is a large pond with numerous fountains.

Aside from these sights, the castle has much to offer history buffs, architecture students and tourists alike. There are museums and artifacts that tell the story of this castle’s long history within its secure walls.

Luggage storage in Milan allows you to wander the castle and its impressive grounds, without the weight of your bags slowing you down. The grounds of the castle are very large and will likely require most of the day to see properly. Connecting with one of our area partners will relieve you of your bags so that you can see this important landmark unencumbered.

Luggage Storage Near Garibaldi Train Station

Garibaldi Train Station serves as Milan’s primary train station, offering train service to more than 25 million people a year. Trains leaving from this station go to other parts of Italy and beyond. Constructed in the early 1960s, this train station replaced three of Milan’s train stations, to bring train passenger traffic to one more centralized spot. It offers numerous types of train service, including night trains and high-speed train service. It’s twin skyscrapers and mid-century modern design provide a visual contrast to some of the city’s other, more ancient sites.

If your travels bring you to Garibaldi Train Station, make sure you look into your options for luggage storage in Milan in and around the train station. Log onto Bounce’s app to find one of our city partners near here.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the best places to stay and eat while in Milan?

    The most popular restaurants to visit are Via Paolo Sarpi, Pizzeria Spontini, and Piz. Additionally, the highest ranked hotels within Milan are IH Hotel Milano Gioia, Hotel Bristol, and Hotel Da Vinci. When traveling on a budget, the best hostels in Milan are Ostello Bello, Mio Hostel, and Gogol'Ostello.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions in Milan?

    Milan offers several scenic parks including Sempione Park, Indro Montanelli Public Garden, and Giardino della Guastalla.

  • What public transportation exists within Milan?

    When flying to Milan, you're likely to pass through Linate Airport or Aeroporto di Milano-Bresso. You're likely to pass through Airport Bus Bergamo, Milano Lampugnano, or Airport Bus Linate if arriving by bus and Milano Centrale, Milano Bovisa railway station, or San Donato Milanese if arriving by train. Popular metro stations like Duomo, Centrale FS, or Cadorna can be used for transit within Milan

  • What are the best museums and historical attractions in Milan?

    If you're looking for a good museum in Milan, we recommend Sforza Castle, Brera Art Gallery, and Royal Palace. If you prefer to be outside, you can give yourself a walking tour and see some of Milan's most popular historical attractions including Church of St Maria delle Grazie or Signurun de Milan and monuments like Arch of Peace, Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, or Statua di Leonardo da Vinci. Lastly, you can enjoy the local ruin of Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milan Amphitheatre, or Circo Romano.

  • Where can I store my luggage in Milan?

    We've partnered with local Milan businesses around the city who offer a dedicated storage room or a designated area that's off limits for customers.