American Family Fields visitor guide: everything you need to know

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American Family Fields visitor guide

American Family Fields of Phoenix, formerly known as Maryvale Baseball Park, is the spring training facility and second home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Every spring, Wisconsin’s MLB team hosts a mini-season of baseball. It’s a major destination for Milwaukee fans (who will doubtless delight in the Arizona sunshine after a long winter back home) and locals who want to catch some major league ball. 

The facilities span a few acres, and the stadium is a miniature version of a major league ballpark. Most importantly, a baseball game at American Family Fields of Phoenix is a faithful recreation of a proper Milwaukee Brewers game, so you can expect the iconic Sausage Race to take place during the sixth inning. 

If you’re thinking about traveling for a Brewers spring training game, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the bag policies and rules at American Family Fields of Phoenix. Most bags are prohibited in the park, so arranging luggage storage elsewhere is the best option. The best idea is to visit an American Family Fields luggage storage like Bounce, which has dozens of locations around Phoenix and the surrounding areas. It’s hassle-free and will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy a full slate of spring training baseball.

American Family Fields food policy

American Family Fields bag policy 

The American Family Fields of Phoenix bag policy essentially prohibits all backpacks, tote bags, luggage, and all large items. The maximum size for a bag is 9” x 5” x 2” if it has multiple compartments. Single-compartment bags must be smaller than 12" x 6" x 12". There is no clear bag policy at American Family Fields of Phoenix. 

Medical, ADA, and family exceptions will be made for diaper bags and any items meant for accessibility purposes. Otherwise, these are fairly strict bag policies that prohibit all luggage. 

Fortunately, Bounce’s West Bethany Home Road storage spot is a close facility to American Family Fields, and the Midtown location is another convenient location if you’re staying in bustling downtown Phoenix. 

American Family Fields food policy 

The American Family Fields of Phoenix food policy prohibits all outside food or drink, with the exception of one empty plastic water bottle per customer. 

Luckily, American Family Fields of Phoenix has perfectly recreated the Milwaukee mothership with its Wisconsin ballpark classics like bratwursts, cheese curds, and kettle corn. Obviously, there will be Milwaukee staples Leinenkigels and Miller on draft (the name of the team is “the Brewers,” after all). Sadly, there are limited options for vegans and those with gluten-free dietary restrictions. 

Because the venue is located outside the city center, you won't have as many options as Chase Field or Footprint Center, so your best bet is to grab a beer and a brat at the game. The best food and drinking option near American Family Fields of Phoenix is the Throne Brewing Restaurant and Bar, which serves up some of the best craft beer in Phoenix.

How to get to American Family Fields

American Family Fields transportation 


If you have access to a car, driving to the stadium is a very convenient way to get to American Family Fields of Phoenix. Parking is plentiful and only costs $10 for a normal car ($20 for a truck). Parking lots open three hours before the first pitch, but tailgating is not ideal due to the sun and heat. 

Taxi and rideshare

If you’re staying downtown or nearby, Uber and Lyft are the most convenient ways to get to American Family Fields of Phoenix. This is especially useful if you want to partake in the stadium’s many bars. Taxis are less common, but you can get one from downtown. 

Public transportation

Phoenix does have public transportation options, like buses or light rail, that can take you close to the stadium, but these aren’t very convenient and can involve spending extended periods of time in the sun and heat waiting for buses. Unless you have a direct route to the stadium, it's not recommended. 

Walking and biking

If you are staying nearby, walking or biking to the stadium could be an option, but beware of extreme heat before planning any length walks or bike rides to American Family Fields of Phoenix. 

American Family Fields camera policy 

The American Family Fields of Phoenix camera policy prohibits all camera lenses exceeding 8” in length, along with professional equipment like monopods and tripods. There is no clearly stated policy regarding selfie sticks and GoPros. The major moment you’ll need a camera for will be the picture opportunity with the mascots who participated in the Sausage Race, which happens in Concourse 117 before the bottom of the 6th inning.

American Family Fields policies

American Family Fields rules 

Banners, signs, and flags 

Banners, signs, and flags are allowed so long as they are not affixed to a metal pole or wooden stick. Broomsticks, sadly, are not allowed, regardless of whether or not the Brewers sweep the other team. 

Prohibited items 

Lawn chairs and umbrellas are prohibited as per the American Family Fields of Phoenix policies. While these are common spring training supplies, this is an entirely seated arena, and it basically never rains in Phoenix. 


The box office is where ticket sales, will call, and ticket resolution are handled. One box office is located at the main entrance behind home plate (there is another near the first base side of the ballpark). Mobile tickets are the preferred method of entry, but good old-fashioned paper is used for tickets purchased onsite. While spring training games rarely sell out, it’s a good idea to buy tickets ahead of time, especially if you’re planning a whole trip out of it. 


Whether you have a layover in Phoenix and are looking for something to do, or you’re a die-hard Brewers fan ticking something off your bucket list, visiting American Family Fields is a great way to spend an afternoon at the ballpark. Just remember that you don’t need to lug your bags everywhere. With Bounce, you have a reliable and convenient way to store your bags while you catch a game or explore a city.

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