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Where can I store my luggage in Phoenix?

Within only 50 years, Phoenix grew from a community of thousands to a mega-metropolis of over 1 million. Amazingly, Arizona’s capital is now considered one of America’s most populous and prosperous cities. Millions of people flock to Phoenix annually to take advantage of its warm desert climate and plethora of attractions. Although golfing and hiking are popular Phoenix pastimes, there are also plenty of high-end restaurants, world-class museums, and brilliant boutiques sure to keep city folk happy. Don’t let the desert heat fool you; a trip to Phoenix is never dry!

If you’re interested in luggage storage in Phoenix, then you need to get in touch with Bounce. We now have plenty of convenient & safe bag storage destinations near all of Phoenix’s transportation and tourist hubs. For more specifics on Bounce’s luggage storage in Phoenix, please download our easy-to-use app on your mobile device.

  • Luggage Storage Near Downtown Phoenix

  • Luggage Storage Near Desert Botanical Garden

  • Luggage Storage Near Camelback Mountain

  • Luggage Storage Near Sky Harbor International Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Phoenix Zoo

  • Luggage Storage Near Phoenix Art Museum

  • Luggage Storage Near Arizona Science Center

How much does luggage storage cost in Phoenix?

Luggage storage in Phoenix costs only $5.90 on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage. 

Where is the nearest bag storage in Phoenix?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Phoenix. With 24/7 customer support and up to $5,000 in insurance for every booking, luggage storage in Phoenix as never been easier. 

Luggage Storage Near Downtown Phoenix

The best way to experience the dynamism of modern-day Phoenix is to visit the city’s Downtown district. Thanks to its newfound prosperity, Phoenix’s Downtown is home to some of the trendiest restaurants, shops, and nightclubs in the Southwestern USA. No matter your preferred flavors or fashions, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to tempt you in Downtown Phoenix.

In addition to its world-class dining and shopping, Downtown Phoenix is the epicenter for Arizona’s awesome entertainment scene. From big-budget Broadway musicals to little-known indie artists, there’s always something going on in Downtown. A few of the hottest venues to look into on your Phoenix vacation include the Orpheum Theatre, the Arizona Theatre Company, the Phoenix Center for the Performing Arts, and the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre.

While skyscrapers dominate Phoenix’s contemporary skyline, you’ll also find traces of Phoenix’s past all around Downtown. The obvious historic draw in Downtown is the Arizona Capitol Museum where guests can learn all about the 48th state’s history. After visiting the State Capitol, consider visiting the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Basilica, the Wells Fargo Museum, and the Rosson House Museum to learn even more about Phoenix’s heritage.

Looking for luggage storage in Phoenix? Take a peek at the Bounce-approved destinations in and around Downtown. All of the hotels and stores on Bounce’s list have the highest security standards, so there’s no need to worry leaving your bags with our partners. Plus, Bounce offers a generous $5,000 in insurance to each of our customers for extra peace of mind. Definitely look into Bounce’s luggage storage in Phoenix if you need help in Downtown Phoenix.

Luggage Storage Near Downtown Phoenix

Located just south of Scottsdale, the Desert Botanical Garden is a roughly 150-acre park highlighting the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert. Visitors will find many well-manicured paths on the garden’s grounds to help fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the thousands of plants on display. Botanists at the Desert Botanical Garden are particularly proud of their extensive list of endangered agave and cacti plants, so be sure to keep a lookout for these rare species. Also, don’t forget to check out the Desert Botanical Gardens’ events calendar before visiting. In the past, this popular Phoenix attraction has hosted stellar events such as nighttime illuminations, culinary lessons, and even yoga classes.

Nobody wants to lug around bags when admiring Arizona’s unique fauna, especially if you’re visiting in the summertime. That’s why Bounce offers luggage storage in Phoenix with many destinations around the Desert Botanical Garden. Now you won’t have to worry about anything weighing you down on a trip to Phoenix’s top-rated garden.

Luggage Storage Near Camelback Mountain

Hiking enthusiasts in Phoenix must schedule a day trip to the top of Camelback Mountain. Located just north of Scottsdale, Camelback Mountain boasts the best panoramic views of Phoenix from its 2,700-foot summit. Reaching the top of Camelback, however, is no small feat. Only experienced hikers should attempt the arduous Echo Canyon or Cholla trails. If you’re new to hiking, consider taking a more leisurely walk around Camelback’s base. No matter what path you choose, please make sure to stay hydrated and regularly apply sunscreen.

Before embarking on your Camelback Mountain excursion, take a look at Bounce’s luggage storage in Phoenix or nearby Las Vegas luggage storage options. You’ll find many of our bag storage in Phoenix options are located very close to Camelback. Go ahead and enjoy your hike; Bounce will take care of all your bag storage needs.

Luggage Storage Near Sky Harbor International Airport

Anyone flying into Phoenix will undoubtedly end up in the city’s Sky Harbor International Airport (IATA: PHX). Only a 10-minute drive from Downtown Phoenix, PHX is one of the Southwest’s busiest airports with well over 44 million annual passengers. In addition to its role as the closest airport to central Phoenix, PHX is a major hub for both American and Southwest Airlines. It’s a good idea to research PHX before visiting Phoenix just to have a smoother travel experience.

Currently, there is no place for luggage storage in Phoenix International Airport. Thankfully, Bounce has plenty of bag storage in Phoenix locations around PHX anyone can take advantage of. So, if you need to drop off your parcels when flying into Sky Harbor, then feel free to work with Bounce for your luggage storage needs.

Luggage Storage Near Phoenix Zoo

Parents traveling to Phoenix with kids must add a stop at the city’s 125-acre zoo to their itinerary. Situated next to the Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo has four major animal areas spread around 125-acres of property. In addition to highlighting local species, some of the more exotic animals housed here include zebras, giraffes, and lions. There’s also a fun interactive area where children can pet farm animals, ride horses, and hop on the back of a camel. Don’t leave the zoo without taking a trip to the central play & dining area, which boasts a carousel and a 4D theatre.

Please don’t feel the need to carry heavy bags and parcels around the Phoenix Zoo. Bounce now offers convenient luggage storage in Phoenix, especially around tourist draws like the zoo. For only $5.90 per day, you could leave your heavy bags at one of our approved hotels and stores.

Luggage Storage Near Phoenix Art Museum

In addition to serving as the center for Arizona’s visual artists, the Phoenix Art Museum is becoming a strong player in America’s contemporary art scene. Housing almost 20,000 precious objects from around the world, the Phoenix Art Museum specializes in telling the story of the American West. In addition to its American art sections, the Phoenix Art Museum has a diverse array of works from brilliant Latin American, Asian, and European artists. A few prominent names featured in the Phoenix Art Museum’s collection include Claude Monet, Delacroix, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Oh yeah, don’t leave the Phoenix Art Museum without seeing the artist Gilbert Stuart’s famous portrait of George Washington!

Please note: the Phoenix Art Museum now enforces strict bag policies. Under current guidelines, anyone with bags over 11’’ x 15’’ won’t be allowed inside the museum’s main galleries. Definitely take advantage of Bounce’s luggage storage in Phoenix destinations before visiting this influential art museum. Without all those bags weighing you down, you can truly appreciate the artistic masterpieces housed inside this museum.

Luggage Storage Near Arizona Science Center

Along with the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Science Center is a perfect place for families in Phoenix. Situated in the Downtown area, this award-winning science center has four floors filled with fun hands-on exhibits. From the latest in robotics and hi-tech innovation to the fundamentals of astrology, biology, and physics, you’ll find hundreds of ways to get your children interested in science. In addition to the hundreds of interactive exhibits, the Arizona Science Center is also home to a massive IMAX theatre and a revered planetarium.

Bounce has plenty of bag storage in Phoenix within walking distance of the Arizona Science Center. Simply use our mobile app to book your preferred location and drop off your luggage when you’re ready. It’s that simple! If you need more info, please address your questions to one of Bounce’s expert employees.


Andie Haddad

Local Guide

Convenient to the Met, which does not allow luggage at coat check. Very easy check in and check out process, with lovely people at the front!

Ariel A

This was so cool!!!! Great service, extremely easy to use, and totally affordable! I didn't know where I'd leave my luggage while we explored San Fran, so I easily Googled luggage storage and found this company. At first it was a little odd dropping my bag off at a chocolate store, but the lady at the register was able to immediately pull up my reservation without any problems and then she put a lock on my suitcase and gave me a card to get it back with. She pushed the bag to the back of their storage room and I came back about 6 hours later to pick it up. Great service, I will definitely be using this again when I travel!

Hayley Hewitt

Local Guide

Can’t believe I haven’t used this service until now. So easy & convenient. I 100% recommend.

Isabel B.

I used Bounce during a recent trip to NYC, and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience of the process. To be honest, at first, I was very apprehensive. The thought of leaving your stuff at a random store, in a place where you are not from and you don't know whether is safe or not, it doesn't matter if anyone gives it a seal of approval, its difficult to be completely comfortable with the idea. However, I was very glad to be proven wrong. The place I chose was a great, clean bodega/deli in Soho and they were very responsive and the whole process felt very seamless. It was our last day in NYC and we had the full day before leaving the city, however our Airbnb was on the upper east side so we did not want to have to go back and forth. I would definitely recommend Bounce for travelers, especially when you need a place to just store your luggage for the day. The price could not be beat (since its for the whole day) and I will definitely be using this again!

Ciara C

Fantastic experience with Bounce! Stored a bag at the Grand Central location and on my last day at the 9/11 Memorial location. Both locations had friendly, efficient staff that were helpful and made everything very easy. Such a great option if your hotel isn't ready or you don't want the hassle of a bag in the city. Great, safe option. Thanks Bounce!

Ching Yuan Y.

Local Guide

Bounce is the best luggage storage service provider in the New York. I sent an email at midnight , and I got an email back in 10 mins. They are not only solve my issue but also provide solutions. You have to try Bounce !!