Montreal Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Montreal is a big, multicultural city and a world leader in several industries. The city enjoys mild summers and is known for its art, culture, international festivals and events. Winters get much colder and Montreal receives lots of snow and ice throughout the entire season, making it a winter wonderland and a great spot for winter sports.

Although winters in this city can be brutal there are also lots of seasonal attractions to look forward to, like the Montreal Christmas markets! They are a highlight of the Christmas season and a wonderful way to spend the holidays in Canada. Local artisans are in full swing, selling everything from unique crafts to delicious food. The atmosphere is festive and holiday ready.

There are quite a few for you to visit, and no doubt you'll find plenty of special things to buy. When your arms are full, stow your bags at a nearby Montreal luggage storage facility. Then, keep shopping!

Old Montreal Christmas Market

The Montreal Christmas Market is held each holiday season at Place-Jacques-Cartier which is found in the Old Montreal area. It is more than just a market and feels like a party with its live music, fire pits, and refreshments like mulled wine being sold to keep you warm as you browse. They like to keep the market engaging with interactive programs targeted toward both grown ups and kids.

The market is usually only open for the second half of December, so don't miss out! There are dozens of stalls set up in the area selling an assortment of items that make terrific Christmas gifts like candles, accessories, crafts, ornaments and food. The market is also decorated with sparkling Christmas lights, creating a magical wintery atmosphere.

What to do near Old Montreal Christmas Market

Old Montreal is filled with tourist attractions so why not find something else to do after visiting the market? Check out the Château Ramezay history museum which is just a short walk away.

Marché de Noël de Jean Talon

This Marché de Noël, or Christmas market, is found in the Jean Talon Market which is a nice covered venue that will keep you safe from the snow and ice of the cold Canadian winters. Usually, the Jean Talon Market sells local produce, but during Christmas time they take on a more festive spirit.

This market is open for about a month between late November and late December, so you should have plenty of time to pay them a visit. At this time of year, they still sell lots of food and seasonal delicacies, but you can also find small items that could inspire you with Christmas gift ideas.

What to do near Marché de Noël de Jean Talon

The streets around the market are surrounded by fantastic restaurants. Why not take a food tour around the area? If you aren't full of treats from the market, of course! There is also a nice greenspace called Parc Jarry that has a lake and can be a pretty spot to take a stroll.

Montreal Christmas Village

Each year the Montreal Christmas Village makes an appearance at the Atwater Market Square. It almost feels magic as you hear the Christmas carols sung and smell the tasty Christmas treats. The market supports eco-responsible trading so you can feel good about what you purchase, and with so many great products you will have a hard time not buying anything!

The Christmas Village is open on weekends from late November to mid December, so make sure that you visit to do some Christmas shopping around the 50 different market stalls selling everything from clothes to food. The space is adorned with festive decorations and also puts on programs with theatrical programming and activities targeted towards children, like Santa's workshop.

What to do near Montreal Christmas Village

After you've seen enough at the market you should check out the Corona Theatre. This performing arts venue often has some sort of concerts or events happening, but check in advance if you want to secure tickets.

Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal

This is one of the main Christmas markets in Montreal and the locals look forward to it every holiday season. You will find it at the Place des Arts in Quartier des Spectacles and it is a place where many regional artisans gather to sell local products. It is also a great spot for visitors to shop for presents. Search through the dozens of stalls to find something nice to gift your friends and family.

There is lots to see here aside from shopping, like Christmas carol singing, cooking classes, karaoke and other outdoor activities. It can get chilly outside so bundle up and start sipping mulled wine or hot chocolate to keep yourself warm! This is one of the longest running markets in the city and stays open between late November all the way until early January.

What to do near Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal

The entire area of the Quartier des Spectacles has fun things for you to do and you won't have to search far to find some kind of concert or event. Check the schedule for the Théâtre Maisonneuve performing arts theater or even the Opéra de Montréal, they might have something interesting going on!

Vegan Christmas Market

If you are a foodie then you just have to visit the Vegan Christmas Market on Sainte Catherine Street before Christmas Day. The local food scene is a constantly changing landscape, so why not branch out and try something new at this Montreal Christmas market? It is only here for the festive season so take advantage of it while you can!

This market is only open for a few weeks in December. Everything sold here is completely vegan and, although most of the stalls sell food, you can also find clothes and other items. There is something here for everyone, not just vegans!

What to do near Vegan Christmas Market

Sainte Catherine Street is one of the top shopping streets in the city, so consider treating yourself to a shopping spree after visiting the market! For more options of things to do check out Westmount Park, it has a play area for kids and some nice paths to walk on.

Spending the Holiday Season in Montreal, Quebec

A trip to Montreal will never be boring, especially if you visit close to Christmas time since there is always something festive going on. Listed above are some of the best Christmas markets in Montreal and they are great places to go for a date with a loved one, or just somewhere to embrace the Christmas spirit. Instead of buying your presents from big brand names and companies, why not get something unique from the local artisans?

Now you are ready to enjoy the Christmas Markets in Montreal. For more things to do in Montreal, check out these other guides.

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