17 Unmissable Things To Do In Montreal At Night

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Montreal, Canada is a fantastic city with a plethora of tourist attractions, museums, art galleries, and other fun to enjoy on your visit. However, most of these activities are only available to you during daytime hours. What are you supposed to do at night in Montreal?

We have some Montreal travel tips to share with you after doing extensive research on Montreal nightlife. Whether you are looking for the perfect Montreal Museum open after five, want to enjoy the fun around a race at the Canadian Grand Prix, or take an evening boat ride on the Saint Lawrence River to Saint Helen's Island, we've got the scoop.

Downtown Montreal is full of exciting things to do at night whether you want to try your luck at the Espacejeux Montreal Casino or listen to some tunes at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Old Montreal is also a special place at night with its historic old buildings and the glass condos of Griffintown.

See some of the best Montreal attractions from the Old Port to the Jean-Talon Market. Montreal, Canada is famous for its food as well, with some of the best smoked meat sandwiches, poutine dripping with gravy, and bagels with delicious cream cheese. Drop off your bags at a Montreal suitcase storage locker and go enjoy the nightlife without anything weighing you down!

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Notre Dame Basilica

This should be your first stop because they close their doors earlier than many of the other places. If you can make it there before five, you can embark on your own tour of the basilica. If not, schedule an evening tour for a private experience of this amazing place.

Facing Place d'Armes Square, the world-renown 1829 church is a historic masterpiece in Old Montreal. The interior is a Gothic Revival masterpiece with dark blue vaults decorated in gold stars, a sanctuary of silver, purple, red, and blue, and unique detailed wood carvings.

Underground City

If you cannot decide what you want to do, choose to go to the Montreal Underground City. It is the largest underground establishment in the world with just over 20 miles of pathways. It is perfect during Montreal's cold winters since you do not even have to go outside to get from the museum to the store or restaurant. In fact, you do not have to go outside at all if you stay in one of the seven major hotels connected to the Underground.

The Montreal Underground City connects more than 200 restaurants and 1,700 shops, museums, motels, and more. There are also several squares and plazas as well as the Arena with year-round ice skating, Olympic Stadium, Mont-Royal Park, and Place Ville-Marie. You will also get to enjoy many cultural events with the Montreal Planetarium, Montreal Biodome, the Stewart Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and 10 Metro Stations to get you around.

La Ronde Amusement Park

You haven't visited Montreal until you have been to La Ronde. Amusement parks are not just for kids anymore. In fact, some of the thrilling rides at La Ronde are only for people over 18 years old. It boasts eight roller coasters and a total of 40 amusement rides as well as live shows, games, and carnival food.

The main attraction is Le Monstre, which is 131 feet high and is the highest roller coaster in the world with a double track. The park is just over the Jacques Cartier Bridge on St. Helen's Island next to Parc Jean Drapeau. Grab a beer from the beer garden and play some games or experience some of the old and new rides to explore.

Mount Royal Park

Mont Royal is a small mountain in Mount Royal Park just a short way from Old Montreal. It was home to many indigenous people in 3,000 BC and thousands of ancient weapons and pottery have been found there. While you are in the park, grab some Montreal bagels and hike up Mont Royal to visit the Mount Royal Chalet on the summit.

Today, there is a 103-foot cross on top, placed in 1643 by the founder of the city, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve. At night it is lit up and is a breathtaking view. You can also go snowshoeing or skating in the winter, take a hike in the woods, or enjoy a bike ride. They also have cross-country skiing available.

Street Art on Saint Laurent

Street art is always on show and the best place to view it is on Saint Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. In fact, it is one of the most visited tours in Montreal due to the amazing artwork. This is a unique setting though because the walls get a makeover every year during the Montreal Mural Festival.

Every summer, artists from all over the world come to redecorate Saint Laurent Boulevard, each one hoping to have their piece viewed by many in the coming year. Because this happens every year, there is always something new and beautiful to see at the mural festival. You can also enjoy live music, food, and drinks to enjoy all night long for 10 days in the summer.

Montreal Observation Wheel

Also known as La Grande roue de Montreal, the giant Ferris wheel was built at the Old Port of Montreal to celebrate the city's 375th anniversary in 2017. Each of the 42 cabins on the wheel has tempered glass all around for a stunning view of the city from atop the Montreal Observation Wheel 197 feet up.

The cabins are equipped with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter so you can ride all year long. The ride takes about 20 minutes and since it is open until 11 PM, you can get some amazing views of the colorful lights all over Montreal. For an even bigger thrill, take a special ride in gondola 42 with glass floors.

McCord Museum

This natural history museum is located right next to McGill University in downtown Montreal and focuses on the distribution, study, and preservation of Canadian history. On Wednesdays, the museum is open until 9 PM so you can enjoy learning about Montreal at your leisure.

Opened by philanthropist David McCord in 1921, there are more than 15,000 artifacts and documents dating back to the 1800s. This national historic site also has archaeological items dating back 10 thousand years.

Old Montreal Tour

If you have not taken an extensive tour of Old Montreal while in town, be sure to schedule an appointment. No matter when you visit Old Montreal, Canada, you will certainly not be disappointed. Montreal is a special place with a lot of history and culture as well as nature and attractions.

Most tours include learning about Montreal's rich history and walking on the cobblestone streets to see the sights. Montreal has quite a few walking tours as well as food tours. You can visit the largest basilica, St. Joseph’s Oratory, and check out the scenic views of the city from Mont-Royal.

Just For Laughs Comedy Club

If you are looking for a little chuckle or a night of hilarious laughter, check out the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in July. The stage will be set for tons of fun all night long with the biggest names in comedy. And if you are not there during the festival, don't worry, there is still plenty to laugh about.

Considering it is the largest international comedy festival in the world, you really should not miss this one. There will be thousands of comics to enjoy and you can even meet the Just for Laughs mascot, Victor. You can find the fun at the Place des Arts performing arts center.

Montreal Fireworks Festival

If you like fireworks, this is the best you will ever see. In the summer, usually in June, this festival is actually a competition of many different fireworks companies around the world with 10 days of amazing explosions. In the past, this festival typically averages more than 6,000 fireworks in a sensational 30-minute explosion of sound and beauty.

You can find this pyrotechnic party just about anywhere in the city. All you have to do is look up at the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. However, the best view is from La Ronde Amusement Park on Helen's Island where you can also enjoy some rides, play games, and taste some of the delicious carnival food.

Montreal Jazz Festival

The Guinness World Records has listed the Montreal Jazz Festival as the largest in the world. During the summer, usually in June or July, approximately 3,000 jazz artists from all over the world perform over 650 shows, of which 450 of them are free.

During the festival, the downtown core of Montreal is closed to traffic for 10 days while jazz lovers enjoy music from noon until midnight. People come from all over and in the past there have been about four million attendees in those 10 days. They play on over 20 stages so you are sure to find one nearby.

Montreal Botanical Garden

If you enjoy plant life of all kinds, you should definitely not miss the Montreal Botanical Garden on Sherbrooke and Route 125, which is part of the Space for Life Museum that includes the Planetarium, Biodome, and the Insectarium.

The Chinese Garden is the most popular with its artificial mountain, Lantern Festival, and bonsai trees. Also, the Monarch Oasis butterfly exhibit takes one of the top spots as well as the Bird Garden and Edible Garden.

Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Every Wednesday, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts stays open until 9 PM for those who would rather browse the beauty in the evening. See the permanent as well as temporary exhibitions totaling thousands of works of art from all over the world.

In fact, the art museum features approximately 45 thousand pieces within a variety of collections. The International Contemporary Art collection boasts work by David Altmejd and Henry Moore. But the main attraction is the Early to Modern International Art where you can see El Greco, Goya, and Rembrandt.

Montreal Planetarium

On Thursdays, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium also stays open later. For just a few dollars, relax in one of the comfortable cushy seats as you learn all about the galaxies, stars, and other astronomy sights. The IMAX theater features free science films about the origin of life, meteorites, and other astral info.

The planetarium can be found at the Space for Life Complex which includes the botanical gardens, the Biodome, and the Insectarium. See a presentation about the aurora borealis and then go check out some bugs, plants, and over 4,800 animals.

Downtown Montreal at Night

If you want to fill your nights with music, laughter, or dancing, you can find a variety of nighttime clubs to visit in Montreal, Canada. Hang out at the Old Port, enjoy a Montreal bagel at Olympic Park, or explore some of the Montreal nature in the city's parks. These Montreal travel tips can help make your great vacation into an awesome vacation.

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