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8 October

7 must see parks in Naples

Naples is known for its historic buildings and its pizza. But Naples has beautiful parks worth discovering as well. Choose your favorite park and take an afternoon stroll.

13 June

8 best hostels in Naples

Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with much to see and do in the city. Enjoy its famous pizza and so much more and then rest at night in one of the best hostels in Naples.

Beaches near Naples, Italy
27 April

5 beaches near Naples: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

World-famous places like the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast are within easy reach of Naples. As a result, the city is one of the best places you could possibly visit if you want to combine both urban and beach adventures. Plus, Naples is one of the sunniest cities in Italy, so the beach season here is long.

Naples on a budget
12 April

Naples on a budget: 7 travel hacks to save on your trip

If you want to save money but still have a beautiful Italian trip, Naples is the perfect place to make your travel budget stretch further. Visit Naples with the help of our budget tips, and you'll find you can have as good a time here as in any other Italian city, but for a fraction of the cost.

romantic restaurants in Naples
6 March

6 romantic restaurants in Naples for the best date night

Known as the birthplace of pizza, it's not surprising that the culinary scene in Naples is brimming over with fantastic food. Views of Mount Vesuvius, the scenic Gulf of Naples, and an abundance of history all set the scene for an unforgettable date night in the city.

3 February

Is Naples safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Naples is a city where tourists get to live like locals and see amazing sights. But is Naples safe? We say it is and this guide tells you why.

What to eat in Naples
11 September

What to Eat in Naples: 11 Treats You Should Not Miss

In a country known for good food, Naples manages to stand out. With everything from Neapolitan pizza to arancini to buffalo mozzarella, the treats of Naples will never disappoint. Here are all the main foods you have to try next time you're in town.

11 September

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Naples

Imagine tasty bruschetta, meatless patties, and pizza marinara in Naples. These restaurants will serve you these delicious dishes and more!

18 August

Naples On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

Naples is a pretty destination, rain or shine. From food tours to Gothic cathedrals, Naples on a rainy day will be a treat!

18 August

3 Days in Naples: Everything You Should Know

If you have 3 days to spend in Naples, you will enjoy every minute. To make the most of your time here, read our extensive 3 day itinerary.

18 August

The Best Time to Visit Naples 2024: The Ultimate Guide

When should you go to Naples? We'll tell you the best time of year to explore this marvelous destination based on your interests.

Rooftop bars in Naples
16 August

Rooftop Bars in Naples: 9 Places to Drink with a View

The scenic city of Naples, with its picturesque bay, towering volcano, and historic landmarks, is ideal for a rooftop bar visit or two. Consult our list when you need help deciding which rooftop is best for you.

Best day trips from Naples
9 August

Best Day Trips from Naples

Naples offers an incredible natural setting on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the shadow of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. Beyond the city itself, there are so many incredible locations to explore in and around the Campania region that it would be a shame not to see them for yourself.

Wine tasting in Naples
8 August

Wine Tasting in Naples: 9 Places You Have to Try

In a city known for food located in a region known for wine, you'll have no trouble eating and drinking as much as you want in Naples. The wine tastings here can be a simple trip to a local enoteca, an educational experience at a museum, a full-day tour, or a one-off visit to a local vineyard. Whatever your preference for wine tasting, Naples has you covered.

26 July

Music Festivals in Naples in 2022

Music festivals surround the city of Naples! Make it your home base and venture out to festivals. See the local festivals or make your way to nearby places for a variety of music.

23 February

Where To Stay In Naples: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Every Naples neighborhood has a charm all its own. From Old Town to Chiaia and beyond, a part of the city that will steal your heart is right around the corner. Take a look at our list to help you decide where to stay in Naples!

23 February

How To Get Around Naples

Did you know Naples has hydrofoils? This is just one of the transportation options in this beautiful European city. Learn how to get around Naples to see all that you have on your itinerary.

22 February

13 Unmissable Things To Do In Naples At Night

Naples is the perfect place to enjoy a unique nightlife scene. We've got a list of fun and fabulous things to do in Naples after dark!

22 February

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Naples

Street food in Naples is a popular option for dining out. Grab a tasty slice of pizza or a delicious timballo with savory fillings and end the meal with any flavor of cannoli. Wherever you decide to stop, the options are endless!

22 February

Best Brunch In Naples: The Definitive Guide

Are you hungry for brunch? From pizza to sfogliatella and more, Naples offers a marvelous breakfast and lunch combo. The best brunch in Naples? We've compiled a detailed list to satisfy your cravings!

22 February

The Top 11 Free Things To Do In Naples

From majestic basilicas to historic streets and pretty park spaces, Naples has plenty of things to do for little to no cost. This guide will tell you fantastic Naples sites to explore for free!

22 February

The 12 Best Museums In Naples

Naples has many excellent museums. Choose to visit the The National Archaeological Museum and definitely do not pass up the Bourbon Tunnel. All of the information you need on the best museums in Naples is right here.

21 February

15 Things To Do In Naples With Kids

Naples is a city full of fantastic opportunities to both learn and have fun. From climbing Mount Vesuvius to exploring Castel Nuovo, Naples is an ideal place for a family vacation!

21 February

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Naples

Naples is full of terrific shopping districts and streets to check out for the best souvenirs, Italian specialties and local artisan treasures. Find exactly what you are looking for in Naples. We'll tell you where to shop!

21 February

The 14 Best Hikes In Naples

Imagine hiking the Amalfi Coast or trekking up Mount Vesuvius. These are just two of the hikes we cover in this guide. The best hikes in Naples are within reach! Find out where they are located.

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