The 14 Best Hikes In Naples

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Founded in the first millennium BC by the Greeks, Naples, Italy is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world. Also known as Napoli, it is also the regional capital of Campania, which is an administrative section of Italy.

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, this city is located off the Amalfi Coast of Naples and boasts a generous number of natural areas with hiking trails, paths, and routes that will take you along the best sections of Naples. Whether you are looking for an easy walk in the park or a rugged and remote hiking route that takes several days, you can find all that and more among the hikes of Naples.

There are many different choices of hiking trails in the city and outlying areas from the short walk in Ciro Esposito Park to the shores of the Gulf of Naples. Of the many hiking trails in Naples, the Path of the Gods is one of the most popular along the Amalfi Coast with most of it along the cliffs where you can see forever.

If you are more interested in hiking trails in the major parks of Naples, there are a vast array of routes from fast and easy to backpacking for days in the mountains. The best hiking trails in Napoli have amazing views of the gulf as well as the surrounding areas.

There are so many things to see and do in Naples. Enjoy everything from the museums to the art galleries and the elegant dining establishments to humongous modern shopping malls inside, and the many hiking trails all over Napoli as outdoor pursuits. No matter your interests, don't lug shopping bags or backpacks along. Look for a luggage storage locker in Naples and lighten the load as you explore!

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Naples

The Path of the Gods

One of the best and most popular hiking trails in Naples, the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast is an incredible trek with views like no other place on earth. The name comes from Giustino Fortunato, who was a politician and historian in the mid-1800s because of the sparkling water and the mythological history.

The trail is of moderate difficulty and ranges from three to six miles depending on where you start and end. Most people start from Bomerano as it keeps the scenery in front of you instead of behind you. Climb to the summit of Tre Calli for a stellar view of Naples.

Mount Vesuvius (Monte Vesuvio) Park

The most well-known volcano in the world, Mount Vesuvius, is located just to the southeast of Naples in Mount Vesuvius National Park. The volcano is still active and, at over 4,200 feet above sea level, it is one of the most difficult but rewarding hiking trails in Naples.

There are 11 hiking trails totaling 33.5 miles of hiking on the volcano, but the most popular way to get to the top is a hiking trail of about 2.5 miles. At the top of the volcano, you can get the best views of the Bay of Naples as well as the surrounding areas. Learn more about the city of Naples as well as the demigod Hercules.

Botanic Gardens of Napoli

Near Napoli Centrale, the famous Naples park opened in 1807 and the 30-acre botanical garden and research base offers guided tours or you can explore the hiking trails on your own. The garden boasts rare plants and greenery to see with a total of over 10,000 plants.

At the Museum of Paleobotany and Ethnobotany of Naples, you can learn all about the flora of Italy and read some of the content at the library. Hiking trails throughout the park include sections of international plants, citrus gardens, and a palm collection.

Royal Forest and Palace of Capodimonte

This is one of those places in Naples where you can spend an entire day trekking on the hiking trails but still not see everything there is to see. Located in front of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte, the Royal Forest has trails throughout the grounds from the Church of San Gennaro to the Tower Garden.

Some of the hiking trails will take you to the best spots in the park but the best path is a loop of about 3.3 miles around the outer perimeter. From the beginning of the trail by the parking lot to the Royal Forest with its statues and fountains, trekking through this garden is fun for kids and adults.

Astroni Crater Nature Reserve

While you are in Naples, explore some of the hiking trails of Naples along the Astroni Crater Nature Reserve. Naples Park is full of trails with places that used to be used for therapeutic baths before the 1500s when the volcano created Nuovo Mountain of Naples.

Today, the Astroni Crater is packed full of hiking trails where travelers can see lakes, flora, and fauna like deer, gazelles, and antelopes. Some of the places have information content maps or plaques to describe the details of the hiking trails and what you can find.

Positano Amalfi Coast Hiking Trails

The cliffside village of Positano is just to the southeast of Naples with some of the best hiking trails in Italy. The main draw to this area is the beach filled with stunning pebbles and the 13th century Virgin Mary icon.

The Montepertuso hiking trail is an easy 1.5-mile walk through the forest or you can try the difficult 4.1-mile trail to Santa Maria del Castello of Naples. Don't miss Positano Beach, one of the most popular places along the coast where you can rent kayaks or take a boat tour.

The Environmental Archaeological Park of Pausilypon of Naples

Also known as the Parco Archeologico del Pausilypon of Napoli, this ancient villa of Naples has historic grottos and the Publius Vedius Pollio built back in the first century BC. The archaeological site features an amphitheater you can only get to through a long tunnel.

The Emperor of Naples, Augustus, once lived in the area on the Gulf of Naples where rich knights built homes such as the one of Pausilypon. Be sure to take a boat tour to see the submerged ruins of the villages of Naples.

Partenio Mountains Regional Park of Napoli

This National Park of Naples in the Partenio Mountains offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and all sorts of activities that everyone can enjoy. With over 37,000 acres, the park comprises 22 different towns in the Avella Mounts from the Apennine Chain of Naples.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed on your hike through nature include visiting the Guglia Rocciosa (rocky spire) of Naples, climbing the Salita di Montevergine, getting some unique selfies with the Il Cratere, and checking out the Abbot Vignarelli monument. Your walk will take you hours or days, depending on which trekking path you take and what activities you want to enjoy along the way.

Easy Hikes in Naples

Naples Historic Center Walking Tour

This 1.8-mile loop walking tour is the best way to learn about the city from a local. Take a nice easy walk through the historic center of Naples including seeing the San Carlo Opera House and Castle Nuovo. You will also have a chance to do some shopping as you walk through the Umberto Galleria Shopping Area before going on to the Capella San Severo to see the Veiled Christ sculpture.

The River of Lava

The easy hike of less than a mile starts at the Vesuvius Observatory where you will embark on the path through the forest of hazelnut, chestnut, and locust trees. Down the hill a bit you will find walls built by the volcano back in 79 AD before going uphill to a flat spot where you can see for miles among the volcanic flowers of pink, purple, and yellow. Most of the lava river dates back to the 1944 eruption and it makes an excellent hiking medium.

Intermediate Hikes in Naples

Termini to Klippen Loop

If you want something with a little more of a challenge, put on your boots and try this 4.2-mile loop trail starting at the Termini Bus Station where you can get a cool view of the peninsula. Most of the path is easy to follow but there are spots where you have to do some maneuvering and thinking. Pack extra water and a first aid kit because some of your hiking will be in the woods.

Galleria Umberto to Piazza Garibaldi Loop

Starting on Umberto, you can expect easy walking for this part of the trip but it is over eight miles in total so it can be challenging. At about two miles in, you will be at the Naples Underground created thousands of years ago before starting a scenic walk along the coast. You reach the Ovo Castle five miles in before looping back, seeing the Cathedral of Naples along your way. The trip usually takes about 3.5 hours.

Difficult Hikes in Naples

Porta Nolana to the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum

Beginning at the Porta Nolana in Naples and head southeast on the main road to Mercato where you can see the Casa del Portuale on the coastline. In fact, you will see many parks and plazas on your way and can stop at your leisure but the Herculaneum Park is just about six miles of mostly coastline and woods.

Nocelle - Vista su Positano Loop

This difficult hike may only be 7.7 miles, but it takes you through some difficult terrain. The mountain hiking part of the path is 5.6 miles and can be challenging even for experienced hikers. Hiking over the Tre Calli Mountain and around Monte Stella Calabria are the most difficult areas going over dolomite beds and limestone cliffs.

The Best Hiking Trails in Naples

From trekking the Amalfi Coast to taking a walk along easy hiking routes, there is a trail that suits all travelers to Naples. For more information on any of these places or trails as well as the activities that can be enjoyed in the area, you can check out the information hubs online or at one of the parks where you want to hike.

Although the places we listed here are open to the public now, make sure you check online for more information about closures. Each hike in any of these places is subject to closure due to weather and other issues.

The Amalfi Coast on the Gulf of Naples is one of the most popular hiking areas with the best views. But if you want the most flora and fauna as well as a good workout, you can find the most amazing hiking routes from short trails in Ciro Esposito Park to the Lungomare di Napoli on the Amalfi Coast in South Naples.

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