15 Things To Do In Naples With Kids

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Naples is Italy's third biggest city, following Rome and Milan. It is a pretty impressive place considering it is nearly 3,000 years old and also where the first pizza was ever made. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to some amazing ancient structures, including three castles from the thirteenth century.

Although the city is old there are lots of interesting things to do here, and it is a great place to book a family vacation. If you are looking for something to do in Naples with the kids then you have come to the right place, and this guide will help you find ways to fill your vacation with fun things for the whole family. To keep the kids energized and carefree, store their backpacks and extra gear with a Naples luggage storage service. Don't let anything slow them down!

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Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

This place, which is also called the Naples National Archaeological Museum, is a great place to take the kids and somewhere that adults can enjoy visiting too. It is home to a collection of artifacts that were preserved from the ancient Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii and is a great way too see what the cities used to look like thousands of years ago.

Some of the things here are over 2,000 years old and the exhibits are quite impressive. If your kids really seem to take an interest in the subject, consider taking day trips to the actual sites of these old towns where some structures are still left standing.

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotterranea, which translates to Underground Naples, is a truly unique and interesting place that everyone should visit since it is so different from the city that you know on the surface. The whole historic center of Naples has another world just underneath and there are many things for you to see here, like ancient burial sites and old Roman structures.

You can visit old air-raid shelters from WWII and ancient markets while exploring the underground city and it can be a fun thing to do in Naples with kids. It is a nice way to learn about the history of Naples while going on a fun adventure as a family.

Castel Nuovo

One of the architectural symbols of Naples is Castel Nuovo and is a great place to take kids who have a creative imagination and a love for the medieval times. The castle is big and an incredible place to visit in person considering that it was constructed all the way back in 1279.

The establishment first served as an art and literature center in the old city but is now a historic landmark in Naples. The marble castle's exterior has an impressive arch and two towers that really make it look like something from a storybook.

Mount Vesuvius

One of the amazing activities to do in Naples is to climb Mount Vesuvius, which was the very volcano that erupted and destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. The volcano is still active but is not set to erupt for a few more decades, although it has erupted at least 50 times in the past that we know of.

The climb can be challenging but once you reach the summit you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the city and the Mediterranean sea. This activity might be better suited for older kids and families who are used to being active, but if you are up to the task it is definitely worth it.

Città della Scienza

This is a good place to have fun and learn something new at the same time. The science center of Citta della Scienza is full of interactive exhibits and hands on activities in the labs and workshops that help teach kids new things through experimentation.

There is an exhibition on the human body, an exciting 3D planetarium, a museum that can teach you about bugs and an aquarium on site. They often have temporary exhibits set up so you never know what you might be able to learn here.

Piazza Plebescito

This is not a specific activity but definitely a place worth checking out in Naples because there is so much to do in the surrounding area. Piazza Plebescito is a nice place to stop for a coffee while the kids explore the plaza nearby.

You can do some sightseeing here, since the Church of San Francesco di Paola as well as the Royal Palace are found nearby. It is also just a short walk away from one of Naples' biggest shopping streets, Via Toledo, which is a good spot to do some window shopping.


A fun place for kids to play and explore is at Lilloland. You will be visited by the establishment's mascot, Lillo the crocodile, before you are sent out to enjoy the 3-story building full of play centers and game rooms.

Your kids can have fun playing in ball pools, slides, tunnels and climbing walls and it is a great place for them to take out some energy. Everything is safe so the parents can relax in the restaurant area while watching their kids have a blast in the obstacle courses. Workshops, parties and theatrical entertainment shows often happen here too.

Certosa di San Martino Hanging Gardens

The hanging gardens found at Certosa di San Martino is one of the hidden gems in Naples and this attraction is a wonderful place to take a walk and enjoy some time outdoors. This green space used to be a former monastery and is found on top of Vomero Hill which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The chapel is impressive and has stunning hanging gardens that can be fun and exciting to see. If you want to spend a bit of money you could enter the museum that is found inside the old monastery.

Funimondo Adrenaline Park

This is one of the more modern activities that your family can do on your trip and it is located in the Agnano district of Naples. Funimondo Adrenaline Park is a sort of obstacle course adventure filled with rope bridges, boardwalks, ladders and puzzles and the goal is to make your way through the different courses.

Several different difficulty levels are available so young kids can still participate but older children and even adults can be challenged too. You will have to learn balance, agility, strength and endurance to get through the courses but this activity is fun and a great way to be active as a family.

Zoo di Napoli

The Naples Zoo or Zoo di Napoli is always a hit among kids visiting the city and serves as both an entertaining place to see cool animals as well as a research and species awareness center. The establishment is spread out over 100,000 square meters where the animals are allowed to roam freely as opposed to being locked in cages like they might in a traditional zoo.

There are over 400 different species of animal here as well as more than 200 plant types that are from all around the world. Workshops and guided events go on regularly here as well as summer camps and parties so check their schedule to see what is happening while you are in town.

Teatro dei Piccoli

The Teatro dei Piccoli, also known as The Little Ones' Theater, offers fun entertainment and activities for young kids. The space puts on regular shows, concerts and movie screenings suitable for younger audiences and many of them are interactive too.

The theater has enough seats for up to 450 people, which is a good thing since the shows are pretty popular. Most activities happen between October and April and the best time to visit is on weekends when themed workshops and family friendly events are often put on.


Another recommended stop on your family trip to Naples is Edenlandia, which was the first ever amusement park in Italy. The rides found here today can range from vintage to futuristic and it is sure to keep the kids happy and entertained.

Merry-go-rounds, train rides, bumper cars and a Ferris wheel are just some of the rides that you can enjoy here. There are rides suitable for young children, like the caterpillar roller coaster, as well as more exciting activities, like a high speed Viking boat thrill ride and the Ranger coaster that are better suited to older kids. This activity is located in the Fuorigrotta district and there are also bars and street food spots found nearby in case you get hungry.

Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli

The Palace of the Arts of Naples is an impressive center full of contemporary art exhibitions. It is a good place to experience Neapolitan culture and also offers activities specifically targeted towards kids, like the PANkids project that is put together by non-profit organizations and associations.

This program is filled with fun craft projects and activities for your kids to experiment and get creative with. On weekends there are guided tours for small kids which you should definitely take a look at.

Ospedale delle Bambole

Since 1895 anyone who visited the Spaccanapoli area of Naples could visit the Ospedale delle Bambole, or the Doll Hospital. The place is still running today and is hard at work restoring and repairing different dolls and toys in the following departments; makeup, mechanics, hairdressing, ophthalmology and tailoring.

Attached to the same building is a small museum where you can see some of the oldest antique toys and dolls. This place can be magical for both kids and adults.


The beautiful residential area of Posillipo is filled with more than just houses but also has restaurants and cafes selling delicious Neapolitan sea food and desserts like gelato. It is a nice neighborhood to take a stroll and spend a relaxing afternoon in Naples.

One of the best parts about this area is the stunning view of the Gulf of Naples. You can explore the region while taking in beautiful sights of the beaches and spending time appreciating nature.

What are the Best Family Activities in Naples?

The Best Activities in Naples for Younger Kids

Teatro dei Piccoli: The Teatro dei Piccoli is geared towards entertaining younger kids, so they will have the best time at this activity.

Città della Scienza: This outing is perfect for young kids, since they will be able to have fun while learning new things in the interactive exhibits.

Lilloland: Lilloland is an exciting and safe place for little kids to play and be active.

The Best Activities in Naples for Older Kids

Mount Vesuvius: Climbing Mount Vesuvius can be difficult to trek and might be better suited towards older children.

Napoli Sotterannae: This activity also requires a lot of walking, and can be spooky since it is all underground.

Funimondo Adrenaline Park: This park is perfect for people of all ages but some of the courses are reserved for older kids.

Free Things to do in Naples with Kids

Piazza Plebescito: You can explore the Piazza Plebescito for free, although if you buy anything then you will have to pay.

Certosa di San Martino Hanging Gardens: You can enjoy the outside of the churches and garden without cost and tickets to get inside are free on the first Sunday of every month.

Posillipo: Posillipo is a gorgeous neighborhood that you can stroll around free of charge.

The Best Experiences for Kids in Naples

Italy is a beautiful country and if you are lucky enough to take the family on a trip to Naples then you are all in for a treat. There is so much to do here and every tour offered around the city can teach you a lot about the history and culture of Naples. You can visit an interactive museum where kids can have fun in addition to gaining new information about the city and life in general, or have a relaxing day by the beach. Once you land at Naples International Airport, take this guide to find imaginative things to do with kids in Naples. Have an amazing vacation in this stunning Italian city!

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