Where To Find The Best Street Food In Naples

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Naples, or Napoli, translates to 'new town' and is one of Southern Italy's most iconic cities. It is the country's third largest city and was founded by the Romans back in the 8th century, making it about 3,000 years old. Near Naples Port, Naples' historic center was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1995. It is now one of the most densely populated places in the area as well as a popular spot to book a vacation. You can find this town by the Gulf of Naples, which is a beautiful area with a rich aquatic ecosystem of reefs that are home to tuna, small sharks and fish.

Naples is well known for its history and culture, as well as its cuisine. You may know that this city is the birthplace of pizza back in 1830 and the world's very first pizzeria was built here and is still open today. This city is a wonderful place to visit if you want to try some of Italy's authentic cuisine and it is home to many great street food spots as well. Follow this guide if you want to try the best street food in the city. To use both hands as you enjoy all kinds of street foods, leave your bags at a luggage storage service in Naples, and get started!

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Naples


At T'Imballo, you can try a reworked version of timballo that can't be found anywhere else. The dish that you can buy here is neatly packed into pasta that can be eaten anywhere or on the go with ease. It is similar to the delicious authentic Italian meal filled with potato, rice and pasta, but it is all contained in a crispy shell.

They offer dishes with some more unique fillings if you want to try something new, like sushi or even cake. You can find their street food kiosk on Via Francesco Cilea.

Pastificio Di Martino

This place offers street specialties of pasta, namely the classic spaghetti al pomodoro, packed away conveniently so you can eat it on the go. The pasta is prepared fresh for you, so once it is ready you can take your meal to a nearby spot to sit and enjoy the food.

Your dish will be a combination of tomato sauce, virgin olive oil, basil and a fresh slice of bread. This street food vendor is found in Piazza Municipio and a good place to fill up after a long walk or hike.

Mammamì Neapolitan

This Italian street food kiosk offers some pretty tasty meals that we recommend you try during your stay in Naples. There are some delicious meals on their traditional Italian menu, and since everything is served in takeaway boxes you can eat your meal while walking around the city.

Some of the dishes offered here include eggplant parmigiana or antipasta. You can also choose a meal like deep-fried fish or meat drenched in sauce with a side of sautéed vegetables or mozzarella balls. Compliment your meal with a refreshing beer or glass of wine. Mammamì Neapolitan is found on Via Vergini.

Pizzeria Oliva Corso Garibaldi

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning one of the pizzerias that are scattered around the city. Pizzeria Oliva Corso Garibaldi sells delicious traditional pizza and they give you the option to eat your meal inside or take the food to go in a paper cone. The portions are big and affordable, making it the perfect spot to stop by for a tasty meal in Naples.

Everything sold here is made of delicious fresh dough, flavorful sauce and a selection of toppings. You can order a normal pizza cooked in one of their wood-fired ovens or try a different dish like a deep-fried pizza fritta. Find them at Piazzetta Marconiglio.

Eletroforno Giulia

This street food was spot first opened back in 1950 and is now a popular spot for many locals and tourists to dine out. You can find great food here as well as an outdoor terrace perfect for meeting with friends and enjoying the nice view of Naples while you eat.

They have great choices for breakfast or brunch like a brioche or croissant and have another menu with different options of street specialties for later in the day. The lunch and dinnertime meals include grilled sandwiches, arancini, potato croquettes, pizza, omelets, or other meals made with fish and meat. You can find them at Piazza S. Luigi in Naples.

Bontà Siciliane Seconda Sede

This small bakery is an affordable pastry shop and has a menu full of sweet treats for you to try. If you get thirsty you can also order an alcoholic beverage or Italian espresso to go with the street foods that you order from here.

Some of their choices include brioche covered in a sweet sugary powder, cannoli that is crispy and full of flavor, or delicious donuts filled with cream. The arancini is a savory option if you are looking for something not too sweet. This shop is found on Via Massimo Stanzione.

Bowl Napoli

This is a healthy option for street food in Naples. They have bowls made of colorful fresh ingredients like salads, as well as fish bowls with tuna or meat dishes made of steak and chicken. They also sell matcha tea and some healthy sweets that are perfect for dessert.

Their menu has some great vegan and vegetarian options as well as food perfect for meat lovers, so everyone can find something tasty here. They are located on Via Salvatore de Renzi.

Where to Find the Best Naples Street Food Spots

Mercato Pignasecca Market

Found in the center of Naples' Montesanto neighborhood is the La Pignasecca market. It stands today as the oldest marketplace in the city and was built on an area that was dedicated to vegetable plots until the market first opened back in 1,500. The name of the market, which means 'dried pine', is in remembrance of the tree that stood in the old garden found here.

Today the area has a huge market selling some of Italy's best street food, from fresh fruit and vegetable shops to pasticcerias, tripperias, and more places for you to grab a bite to eat. It takes up several city blocks so there is lots for you to explore. You can buy ready-made meals here like traditional hand-rolled pasta or fresh seafood caught off the gulf. This is not only a great place to eat but also to learn about the local food scene. Some of the stalls sell clothing and souvenirs too, and the market is open every day of the week beginning at 8am local time.

Fuorigrotta Market

This Naples market is a popular spot for both locals, tourists and citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods to stop by and shop. Many of the stalls here sell items like household décor, shoes and clothing, but there are also quite a few that sell food.

You will mostly find raw products here but it is definitely still worth checking out. Lots of shops sell spices, local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and pastas, so if you don't find any ready-made meals you could always find a recipe and try to make your own Italian street food dish. The things sold here make great gifts or can be brought home to spice up your own meals. This market is open starting at 7 am between Monday and Saturday.

Mercato Borgo Sant'Antonio Abbate

This Neapolitan street food market is lively and a popular spot for many locals to buy fresh produce. The small shops set up here include stalls selling fruits and vegetables, fishmongers and other street food stalls, as well as clothes and unique knick-knacks.

There are also some great places to buy ready-made meals and even a soft drink kiosk that dates back to 1935. Everything sold here is affordable so it is definitely worth checking out, even if you don't plan on buying anything. The market can get pretty busy so be aware of your surroundings. It is open daily from 9 am to 7:30 pm.

Street Food Festivals in Naples

Piazza Garibaldi International Street Food Festival

Be ready to party at the Street Food Festival in Piazza Garibaldi with live DJs and over 50 national and international stands selling some of the most popular street food dishes. This is one of the best experiences for food lovers who visit Naples and it is usually held for several days in the first week of May. The festival is where you can go to try different street food and drinks, and although it is an outdoor festival it will be held in a covered area so that the event can go on even in the rain.

The festival has three main areas; a European area, an international area, and an Italian area. Be sure to visit each one to try the top street food dishes from around the world. There will be vegan and vegetarian options available too so anyone is welcome to visit the festival. The event is held in the area near the Central Station and is free to attend.

Fuorigrotta International Street Food Market

If you can't make it for the festival mentioned above then try to visit Naples later in May for the International Street Food Market at Fuorigrotta. This area in the city is already a well known place to try local street food, but during this event they expand to welcome tastes from all over the world.

Here you can try food from all corners of the globe including Poland, Mexico, England, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Germany, Argentina, America as well as Italy, of course. There will be a tour of the event so you can decide which meals to fill your stomach with and craft beers sold on site. This festival takes place in Piazzale Tecchio in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood.

Naples Pizza Village

Pizza lovers unite at the Naples Pizza Village event which takes place most years for about ten days in mid-September. This is the place to go to enjoy some live music entertainment, Italian culture and, of course, the famous Italian dish of pizza.

This local festival has been a huge hit for every year that it was held and is always a busy time for the nearby pizzerias. In past events each pizza maker who participated in the event would bake a pizza every 34 seconds, and watching them work is quite the experience. This is a good place to branch out and try different pizza toppings while enjoying the top choice for street food in Naples.

Trying the Best Street Food in Naples, Campania

The benefit of street food is that most of the dishes can be taken anywhere in the city, which means that you can eat a tasty meal on the Amalfi Coast or another place in the historic part of the city.

The streets are filled with eateries, pastry shops and cafes that are favored among people living in the city or travelers from far away. You can find some street food perfect for anytime of the day, whether you want a fresh croissant and shot of espresso in the morning or a quick snack of sweet sfogliatella in the evening. Either way, Naples is full of classic Italian dishes that are well worth trying.

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