Best Brunch In Naples: The Definitive Guide

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Naples is best known for its pizza, but the food scene really is so much more than just the authentic and iconic pizza. While you may think dining on pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sounds heavenly, you may quickly discover that you really do need more. Brunch is not necessarily an overly popular concept in Naples, but there are still plenty of places that do offer a great brunch menu.

Brunch in Naples is typically served on Saturday and Sunday until around 2:00 p.m. Finding the best brunch in Naples is as easy as choosing from this list. From traditional American brunch food to local fare and fantastic fusion dishes, your taste buds will truly thank you for taking them on a culinary adventure.

Before you decide where to enjoy the best brunch in Naples, lighten your load of extra bags and backpacks. Drop them at a luggage storage service in Naples and enjoy a terrific meal. Whether you stop to dine at a hotel or a restaurant favored by the locals, the food and ambiance will be wonderfully Italian.

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Address: 19 Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Napoli, Campania 80134, Italy

This dessert shop or bakery is the perfect place to go when you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a fantastic place to drop in and relax with friends over lunch. Their specialty is the Ministeriale which is a dark chocolate disc with a liqueur-filled center. Guests rave about this brunch treat and it will literally melt in your mouth.

You will want to give the pastiera a try, it is a traditional Neapolitan pastry made of a ricotta tart that has been flavored with orange flower water. The pastiera recipe is the same one that was created over 100 years ago. Scaturchio is believed to be the oldest Pasticceria in Naples, making it not just a great place to grab a sweet treat, but a great history lesson as well.

Sbuccia e Bevi

Address: 238 Via Duomo, Napili, Campania, 80138, Italy

During the week, Sbuccia e Bevi is a popular choice for students studying at the university as it is within walking distance of the campus. On the weekends, it is a popular hangout for those seeking fantastic brunch options that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. This small restaurant is filled with activity throughout the day.

Fresh fruit salads, veggie burgers, quinoa salads, homemade sweets, vegetable-filled pastas, fresh smoothies, and hand-squeezed juices are just a sampling of what is offered. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy dining here, there are plenty of amazing choices on the brunch menu.

Il Vero Bar del Professore

Address: Piazza Trieste e Trento 46, Naples

While you will not find an overflowing brunch buffet here, you will find the best coffee in Naples from basic, or classic roast, to more elaborate, frothy concoctions. The coffee is what brings people in and keeps them coming back. Located in the historic Piazza Trieste e Trento, you can do a little sightseeing after grabbing a quick meal and coffee.

Il Vero Bar del Professore is only a one-minute walk to Piazza del Plebiscito and a two-minute walk to Galleria Umberto. Order a robust coffee or one of their more delicate dessert coffees and complement it with a pastry or two such as brioches, croissants, babbà, and sfogliatelle, as well as some amazing local sweet treats.

Stairs Coffee Shop

Address: 96 Via Luca Giordano, Napoli, Campania, 80129, Italy

This rather quaint looking café is really the epitome of modern chic with the exposed brick, leather sofas, and handwritten blackboard signs throughout. It is definitely not just a coffee shop, but a dining experience, especially when you visit for a weekend brunch. You can enjoy traditional buttermilk pancakes, eggs, or French toast with maple syrup.

You can also order loose-leaf teas, delicious and bold coffees, and hot chocolate served with whipped cream. Order a glass of wine or a cold beer while you relax with friends and go ahead and order a slice of New York cheesecake or even their iconic and decadent rainbow layer cake. The reviews for Stairs Coffee Shop make it worth your while to visit.

Gran Caffè Gambrinus

Address: 1 Via Chiaia (in Piazza Trieste e Trento) 80132 Naples

Have a late night last evening? Gran Caffè Gambrinus is the go-to place for breakfast in Naples and is one of the longest running restaurants in the city, having opened its doors in 1890. This elegant restaurant has gone through several facelifts through the years but is still a fabulous place to spend a lazy weekend morning or early afternoon enjoying brunch with friends.

Dine on a sweet or savory breakfast and lunch combo and your taste buds will thank you. Drinks here are always accompanied by ice cream, a pastry, or aperitifs giving it a truly international vibe. The fresh fruit salads are delicious and while the prices may seem a bit steep, the classic Neapolitan breakfast served is well worth the cost.

Birdy’s Bakery

Address: 14B Vico Bellebonne e Chiaia, Napoli, Campania, 80121, Italy

Brunch in Naples with an English and American flare is easier to find than you think. Birdy’s Bakery opened its doors in 2012 as the first American bakery in Naples. Located in one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the city, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, English tea, and after dinner drinks. On the weekends make reservations for brunch and catch up with friends over a delicious meal.

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes or toast with thick jam and homemade butter are definitely a fan favorite. But the cheeseburger is also a popular choice as is the traditional American and English breakfasts with hash browns, bacon, eggs, and beans. Most of the dishes offered here cannot be found on a typical Italian brunch buffet. Guests will be delighted by the variety of dishes available.

Chalet Ciro

Address: Mergellina fronte via Orazio (on Via Caracciolo), Naples

Take a stroll along Via Caracciolo’s seaside promenade when you are in Naples and plan on enjoying a delightful brunch at Chalet Ciro. Your guests will love the relaxing atmosphere and you will love the moderate prices, especially if you are on a budget. Opened in 1952, Chalet Ciro is a fantastic place for locals and tourists to hang out.

Constantly reinventing classic dishes, you will definitely want to try a little bit of everything when you visit. From ice cream and brioche to smoothies and pastries, you will find traditional English foods as well as classic Neapolitan fare. Order a bold coffee or maybe a more playful dessert coffee to compliment your meal for a fantastic dining experience.

Cuori di Sfogliatella

Address: Piazza Garibaldi 93, Napoli and Via Toledo, 271, Napoli

You seriously cannot say you have enjoyed breakfast and brunch in Naples without indulging in the ancient pastry sfogliatella. This pastry is native to the Campania region and is simply a ridged pastry made out of dough similar to phyllo dough and then stuffed with a filling that is sweet and creamy. There are a few savory variations but a true sfogliatella is sweet and flaky.

Cuori di Sfogliatella specializes in this traditional and tasty pastry. You can follow your nose down the street right to this bakery. Order a fragrant cup of coffee to go with your sfogliatella and savor the experience of eating this Neapolitan dessert. Order one or two to enjoy later or share with friends and family.

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Address: 32 Via dei Tribunali, Napoli, Campania, 80138, Italy

A list of the best brunch spots in Naples is not complete without at least one or two pizzerias. While pizza is not a typical brunch food in other parts of the world, when you are dining in Naples you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza. Your mouth will be watering before you even step through the door at the Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo.

Using local, fresh ingredients Sorbillo’s pizza is simply amazing. The prices are pretty cheap and the portion sizes are rather generous. You can bring the whole family and enjoy dining on the best pizza in Naples or grab a few friends and relax on the weekend. Locals and tourists love visiting Sorbillo’s.

La Masardona

Address: 27 Via Giulio Cesare Capaccio, Napoli, Campania, 80142, Italy

While not necessarily the traditional cheese and tomato pizza, La Masardona specializes in the pizza fritta which is dough that has been deep fried and stuffed with tomato, salami, ricotta, provola cheese, and cubes of lard. It is similar to the fried calzone that Americans are so fond of and is really easier to eat than a slice of pizza.

This pizzeria is truly a hidden gem with metal chairs tucked under Formica tables. Grab your pizza to go and wander through the streets checking out the architecture of Naples or pull up a chair and kick back with friends while going on a culinary experience of fresh, hot, and so delicious pizza that sends your taste buds dancing.


Address: 100 Via Carlo Poerio, Napoli, Campania, 80121, Italy

Offering a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free organic foods, Cambiovita is the best place to enjoy a delicious weekend brunch when you are looking for something that is bit healthier than the sugar and cream-laden pastries and starch-filled pastas that are popular at most eateries. Your tummy will thank you for giving it something lighter and healthier.

Grab your friends and dine in for brunch enjoying freshly squeezed juices including ginger, celery, orange, and apple. Order a slice of buckwheat flour cake known as kamut to go with your juice and check out the fresh fruit salads and quinoa salads available. Order some goodies to take home and enjoy later.

The Best Brunch in Naples

Finding the best brunch in any city can be somewhat daunting. We've saved you the search and offered the best dining experience for a terrific breakfast and lunch combo. Head to Napoli Centrale and branch out from there in search of delicious food. From eateries with castle views to hidden treasures that deserve a try, the best brunch in Naples is right around the corner!

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