Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Naples

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No matter where you go, there is always time for some retail therapy, and shopping in Naples is one of the most fun activities you can do while you are there. Naples is one of the largest cities in Italy and boasts some of the best shopping in the country so taking the time to buy some souvenirs and other items while you are in Naples is a perfect idea.

Some of the best shopping in Naples can be found in the malls as well as famous shopping districts and streets. However, if you want unique souvenirs and gifts, the souvenir shops are the best places to buy them. No matter whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing, or other items, the Coastland Center shopping mall features over 150 shops, clothing boutiques, and eateries to choose from all in one place in the city.

Shopping in Naples is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn more about the culture if you go to Old Town Naples where you can find Third Street South, Galleria Umberto, Tin City, and Fifth Avenue South. Another unique shopping spot is San Gregorio Armeno, which is a shopping alley with nativity scenes as well as souvenirs and other shops selling goods from local artisans.

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Via Toledo is an ancient street and is one of the most important shopping spots in the city of Naples, Italy to buy artisan items and souvenirs. The street is almost a mile long. It starts at Piazza Trieste e Trento and ends in Piazza del Plebiscito with the Piazza dei Martiri in the middle. If you are looking for a place with the most appealing prices or the most variety, whether you hit a shopping street or shopping gallery, Naples has a variety of shops to peruse.

Chiaia district is the site where independent boutiques and tailors are experts in quintessential Italian elegance. You can lose yourself in the city streets in the heart of Naples, where you'll find all the souvenirs you want in the many shops. Corso Umberto is one of the wide streets in the center of the city, home to both big-city brands and small shops and boutiques.

Where Piazza Bovio and Piazza Garibaldi connect is the home to many big commercial chains as well as shops filled with items made by local artisans just for travelers to enjoy. There are many things you can buy here that you cannot get anywhere else in Naples such as handmade nativity pieces and crafts. So, it is worth it to look for the most interesting items.

Whether you want to buy something for your loved ones back home or the latest items from your favorite fashion designer, you can find it on the streets of Naples. Out and about shopping and laden with bags? Drop off your purchases at a luggage storage service in Naples and then continue the fun in the Chiaia district, Corso Umberto, San Gregorio Armeno, or any other place you find some great shops.

St. Gregory the Armenian

Also known as San Gregorio Armeno, on this shopping street in the center of Naples, there are a plethora of religious items, handcrafted products, and unique pieces made by Naples artisans. Also known as Christmas Alley, San Gregorio Armeno is nestled in between Via del Tribunali, San Biagio dei Librai, and Spaccanapoli by Marigliano Palace. There are dozens of stores where you can find handmade nativity figures and other figurines. It is the only place to get such figures in Naples.

The main focal point, however, is the San Gregorio Armeno Church and Monastery of Naples. The site was chosen by the Byzantine Empire in the 8th century where a temple was located but the church was not built until the 1500s. Although the street is known as Christmas Alley to the locals, the street is bustling with artisans selling their handicrafts all year long such as artwork, tapestries, and more.

Chiaia District

For those who want high-end items such as name-brand jewelry, clothing, makeup products, and accessories, The Chiaia District between Piazza Vittoria and Mergellina in Naples is the place to go. It is one of the most affluent districts in Naples and boasts luxury brand shops and small designer boutiques where travelers can shop and be pampered all in the same place. You can also find the Institute of Benedetto Croce as well as the home of Benedetto Croce in this district.

Visitors to Naples can also enjoy everything from the Castel dell Ovo to the Piazza dei Martiri and the Villa Pignatelli Museum of Naples. It is home to 16 buildings and stores as well as historic structures from the 1500s to the present. And the park in the middle of the stores, the Villa Comunale, is a great place to relax and unwind. Some of the places to shop include famous stores such as Tullierie, Rubinacci, and Anhelo.

Corso Umberto (Galleria Umberto I)

Travelers to Naples flock to the Galleria Umberto I across from the San Carlo Opera House to experience the architecture and the shopping at this mall that opened in 1890. The high glass dome on the top of the cross-shaped building is stunning and has been the center of shopping and entertainment since the early 1900s.

The Galleria Umberto building itself is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the setting of the novel called "The Gallery," written by John Home Burns in 1947. Although there is much information on the galleria and its beginnings, the main reason it was built was to "make the city healthy again" by rebuilding cities.

Via Toledo Naples

How to get here? Start at Napoli Centrale and stop at Toledo. The metro ride itself is something to see! Via Toledo is one of the oldest shopping streets in Naples, connecting the Piazza Dante with the Piazza Trieste e Trento, with seven miles of shops. Besides being a fantastic place to shop, it is also a fun place for shoppers to hang out and learn more about the history of Naples and Italy.

In fact, there are 14 monuments and plazas in Via Toledo such as Palazzo Buono, and the Chiesa di San Nicola alla Carita. The street was first created in 1536 by Pedro de Toledo, who was a Spanish Viceroy and has become a main shopping and social spot over the years. Today it is closed to street traffic and is dedicated as a shopping site and tourist destination.

Garibaldi Galleria Piazza

Adjacent to the Metro Train Station, the Garibaldi Galleria Piazza is a large shopping center with everything you could possibly want or need. The plaza has close to 100 shops from 100 Montaditos and Aldente eateries to Equivalenza and Swarovski. While you are there, you can also find information about the surrounding attractions as well.

The train station itself is a bustling plaza featuring many kiosks, temporary stores, and name-brand boutique shops. Whether you are trying to find something for the kids or information on how to get from the Galleria to other locations in Naples, you can find it there.

Piazza del Mercato

Located on the Nuova Marina across from the Port of Naples, the Piazza del Mercato is a busy square full of unique shops, pubs, and dining spots to enjoy. The plaza itself is a historic point known for the deadly plague of 1665 that killed almost 70,000 people. But visitors, as well as locals, do not let the dark history stop them from enjoying the artisan shops, kiosks, and markets.

There are also four churches in this plaza including the Saint Eligio, which was the first church built in Naples by the Angevins. The Cathedral of the Carmine is a stunning Gothic-style church built in the 1700s. It is the site of many fallen soldiers from the Neopolitan Revolution in 1799. Make sure you take the time to find out more information about the history of the plaza while you are there.

Neapolis Shopping Center of Naples (Centro Neapolis)

With more than 70 shops and eateries, the Neapolis Shopping Center is the largest and basically the only shopping mall in Naples. There are shops from Ake to Zuiki and everything in between. Whether you are looking for the right accessories to go with your new dress or a gift for your friends back home, you should be able to find it all here.

Besides all the shopping, the Center also has a Bed and Breakfast and Hotel if you need a place to stay. There is even an aqua park, bar, and housekeeping services. The location is convenient as well right next to the train station, Piazza del Plebiscito, and the Royal Palace of Naples. You can find more information on the website or at the shopping center.

Piazza Vanvitelli

Piazza Vanvitelli is a large square next to Saint Elmo's Castle and the Villa Floridana Park with a variety of stores, cafes, and pubs. It is located on top of the Vanvitelli Naples Metro Station, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the city and surrounding areas.

Besides the shops and eateries in the square, Via Scarlatti is the neighborhood's main shopping street. You can find many fancy stores including Zara, London Vomero, Pandora, and Cartoleria Varzi. You can also enjoy a bit of ice cream or gelato at one of the kiosks around the square.

Naples Maritime Station

Naples Maritime Station is another fantastic place to shop, this one is located on the Gulf of Naples with some amazing views to enjoy while you shop or eat. There are 54 shops inside including a food court with almost a dozen eateries as well as a pharmacy and post office.

Stop at the Blu Point Sporting Goods Store or the Otisopse Shoe Store and check out the newest fashions or head to the Vesuvioro Gioielli Jewelry Shop for some baubles. They even have an Enoteca La Cave Wine Store and Luiselle Di Frenna Cristina children's clothing store.

Market Shopping in Naples

There are a few markets that stand out in Naples. Try the San Gregorio Armeno Market for everything Christmas related if you happen to be there in the season. For fun trinkets and fashionable clothes, be sure to visit the Resina Market. Antignano Market, found in the Vomero Hill neighborhood, is the best place for cheap clothing and kitchen gadgets and supplies. If your passion is leather goods and shoes, stop by Poggioreale Market. There is so much to see at these popular markets, dedicate a day if you can!

Fabulous Shopping in Naples

From the Piazza dei Martiri to the Alta Moda, there are so many excellent stores that call Naples home whether you want to shop in a large mall or would rather peruse small shops in a certain area. Toledo is one of the oldest in the area and has some of the most unique products for sale. While you are in town, be sure to visit the most popular site in Naples, Mount Vesuvius.

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