Naples Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Naples, Italy

Located in southern Italy’s Campania region, Naples is the third-biggest city by population in the country. While it gets its share of tourists, it doesn’t receive nearly the visitors that Florence or Venice do. As a result, Naples offers a more authentic glimpse of Italian life. It’s the kind of city you either love or hate. But either way, it will make you feel something.

As well as being a fascinating city to visit in its own right, Naples is the gateway to some of the best attractions Italy has to offer. The gorgeous island of Capri, the stunning Amalfi coast, and the eerie Roman city of Pompeii are all easily reached from Naples. Drop off your bags with a Naples luggage storage service and Campania is yours to explore.

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8 Best Ways To Experience Naples In 2024

There are some things you just can't miss seeing when you visit Naples and two that definitely top everyone's list are Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. If and when you can drag yourself off this Italian city's stunning beaches, you'll find there's more to Naples than ash-spewing volcanoes and the haunting remains of an ancient disaster. Whether you chose to tour in a Fiat 500, on a Vespa, or by horseback, the companies detailed here make sightseeing a thoroughly fun activity that will have you feeling like a local in no time.

Best Boat Cruise – Sweet Naples Tours

The streets of Naples can be stifling, so for a breath of fresh air board a luxury cruiser and take a boat tour around the Bay of Naples. Sweet Naples Tours will sail you out of the city harbor and along the coastline for around four hours, stopping occasionally for swimming. Alternatively, you can sail over to the island of Capri with them where they'll anchor up so you can kayak around the Faraglioni Rocks and into a sea cave.

Prepare to go sailing with Sweet Naples Tours by emailing them at or give them a call on 39-335-660-3443.  

Best Horseback Tour – Horse Riding Naples

You don't need to be an expert rider to enjoy a horseback tour up the side of Mount Vesuvius with Horse Riding Naples. After a short lesson in how to mount, you'll be more than ready to tackle the peaceful trail winding through the vineyards and alongside the old lava flows. The ride takes around two and a half hours and any saddle sores you might get are more than compensated for by the amazing scenery and close-up views of the volcano.

To ride up Mount Vesuvius with Horse Riding Naples contact them by email at or call them on 39-345-856-0306 for more details.

Best Segway Tour – Ninebot Tours Napoli

Taking a Segway tour is one way of seeing Naples without expending a great deal of energy. Ninebot Tours Napoli will brief you on how to drive safely before you join a group of others to glide around the city. There'll be snippets of historical information from the guide when you stop off at all the major landmarks or if you prefer, you can combine your segway tour of Naples with some food tasting.

Start planning your segway tour of Naples with Ninebot Tours Napoli by calling 39-342-350-3291 or by emailing

Best Hidden Naples Tour – La Napoli Sotterranea

Beneath the surface of Naples there's an entirely different world just waiting to be explored. Go down into the maze of subterranean tunnels under the city streets with La Napoli Sotterranea and you'll get an insight into how the city has developed since ancient times. It's creepy and some of the tunnels are particularly narrow, so be prepared for a dose of the shivers at best or in the worst-case scenario – a bout of claustrophobia.

Tours of the tunnels leave hourly from the Trieste e Trento Square. If you want to arrange a private tour call La Napoli Sotterranea on 39-081-400-256 or email

Best Vespa Tour – NapolinVespa Tour

One of the most fun and stylish ways of getting around Naples is on a vintage Vespa. Hire one from NapolinVespa Tour and you can self-guide or go on an organized group tour. These classic scooters are emblematic of Italy and ideal for riding around the city streets or for heading along the coast roads. If you don't want to drive, you can ride pillion and the guide will do it for you.

To see Naples in vintage style, email NapolinVespa Tour at or call them on 39-340-267-0992.

Best Private Tour – Easy Car Tours Naples

Forget crowded public transport or even group tours and go on a tailor-made day out with Easy Car Tours Naples. They're a company that will fit around your plans to make sure you see everything you want to in the time you have available. If you're traveling with friends or family, they'll adapt the size of the vehicle they use to suit as well as adding child-friendly locations and activities to the itinerary if needed.

Organize a private tour with Easy Car Tours Naples by emailing or call them on 39-388-895-1988 for more information.

Best Food Tour – Dinneround

Italian cuisine is one of the best in Europe and involves much more than pizza and pasta. Learn all there is to know about Italian food and the Naples food scene with an evening of tastings with Dinneround. They'll also take you to the vineyards around Mount Vesuvius for sampling and lunch if you want to check out some of the area's excellent wines.

Get food wise in Naples by calling Dinneround on 39 333 34 29 022 or email them at for more details.

Best History Tour – Naples Grand Tour

Learn all about the ancient history and architecture of Naples on a two-and-a-half-hour tour of the city accompanied by an in-depth narration from a highly qualified guide. The Naples Grand Tour company guides are either historians, archaeologists, or fully trained cultural heritage officers who seriously know their stuff. If you find Renaissance art interesting then they can provide a specialist guide to take you around the galleries too.

Get historically educated with Naples Grand Tour by emailing them at or give them a call on 39-351-963-0753 to begin organizing your tour.

Naples lockers

Like many ancient cities, Naples is best explored on foot. Many of the narrow streets of the historic core are inaccessible to cars. And given the city’s traffic, you wouldn’t want to drive even if you could. Drop off your unneeded bags at a suitcase storage in Naples and explore on foot. It’s the best way to soak up the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city.

Naples, Italy

Off the beaten path in Naples

Naples has its share of blockbuster attractions. But many of the city’s best activities remain relatively undiscovered and uncrowded by tourists. Leave your bags at a Naples luggage locker and explore the more obscure side of the city.

  • The city of Naples is built on top of an extensive network of tunnels that has yet to be fully explored. Once the water supply for the city, these tunnels were repurposed into bomb shelters during the Second World War. Now, portions of the tunnels are open to exploration. Knowledgeable guides will explain more about the city’s history on this atmospheric adventure.
  • Ride the funicular railway to the hilltop district of Vomero. This is the trendiest neighborhood in the city, full of incredible restaurants and lively bars. Plus, there are magnificent views over the bay.
  • Naples is known as a city with seven castles. One of these is the stunning Castel dell’Ovo. This maritime fortress juts out into the sea, and the ramparts offer incredible views of both the city and the bay with the island of Capri in the distance and the volcano rising above it all. Best of all, the castle is free to visit.

What to do alone in Naples

Naples is known throughout Italy for the liveliness of its streets and the passion of its people. In a city so vibrant, you’ll never feel alone. And if you learn a few phrases of Italian, you’ll quickly make friends on your solo trip. Drop off your unneeded bags at a Naples suitcase storage and enjoy your solo adventure.

  • Naples has a street food scene that rivals any in the world. Learn more about the unique food culture of the city with a Naples food tour. You’ll meet other travelers and get to try all kinds of delicious local specialties while you burn off a few calories walking the streets.
  • Sticking with the food theme, Naples is the birthplace of pizza. So there’s nowhere better on earth to learn how to make a true Italian pizza than here. Small classes allow you to learn the ancient art of pizza-making from an expert, and there’s no better souvenir to bring home than a new skill.
  • Thanks to nearby Pompeii, Naples has one of the best archaeological museums in all of Italy. Don’t miss the Secret Cabinet, which was once off-limits without written permission and contains a dizzying array of erotic art from Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other Roman cities in the region.

Best souvenirs in Naples

Via Toledo is the main shopping artery of Naples, and is a great place to pick up souvenirs. Red cornicello horns are a traditional charm to ward off evil and can be found throughout the city. Naples also has a rich tradition of nativity scenes. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll find dozens of shops selling nativity scene figures along Via San Gregorio Armeno. It’s not just the regular cast, either. You’ll also find figures of politicians, movie stars, and other celebrities to adorn your nativity set back home.

The Amalfi coast just outside Naples is famous for its ceramics, and you can pick up some brightly colored pieces at Ceramiche di Vietri. Alternatively, a bottle or two of limoncello, the famous Campanian liqueur, makes a fantastic memento. Check out Limone in Naples for a great selection.

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