Wine Tasting in Naples: 9 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Naples

It's almost impossible to talk about any city in Italy and not mention either food or wine. Naples is a southern city on the west coast of the country known for its beautiful scenery, its extensive history, and its vibrant culture. The city has a long and rich history dating back to Greek and Roman times when it was an important center of trade and culture.

Today, Naples is still an important cultural center in Italy. When it comes to gastronomy here, pizza is definitely the city's main claim to fame. The modern pizza was invented in Naples, and the dish has since become one of the most popular meals in the world. And what pairs perfectly with a delicious Neapolitan pizza? A glass of wine (or two).

Naples is one of Italy's most vibrant and historic wine regions. The city is home to some of the country's oldest wineries, and its wines have been enjoyed by locals and visitors for centuries. Today, Naples is home to a new generation of winemakers who are revitalizing the region's wine culture in the neighborhood enotecas. These wine bars offer a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying local wines by the glass or bottle. Many enotecas also have small plates of food, making them ideal for a light lunch or snack. Add this to visits to vineyards and wine festivals, and you can see why wine is almost as popular as pizza in Naples.

It's important to make sure that your belongings are secure before you start drinking too much wine. Head to a Bounce luggage locker in Naples before your wine tour of the city, and you'll only have to worry about picking the best bottle, not your guarding your stuff.

Whether you're a wine lover or just looking to enjoy some of Italy's finest wines, wine tasting is one of the best things to do at night in Naples. With its historic wineries and lively enotecas, the city offers something for everyone. So raise a glass and enjoy all that Naples has to offer!

Limoncello tasting in Naples

Napoli Wine Tours

A good place to start your wine tasting journey in Naples is at Napoli Wine Tours. This bar and tour operator offers ten different tasting packages for everything from red to white to sparkling wine, accompanied by food if you want it. Most packages involve a tasting of four to five different wines and anywhere from a one to a four-course meal. You have access to a knowledgeable sommelier, and one of the tours even takes place on a sailboat.

Napoli Wine tours explore the many different wine regions close to the city. You can sample wines from the Amalfi Coast, the vineyards of Vesuvius, or the various wine cellars of Campania.

The basic wine tasting here covers a minimum of three regions that changes by the season. You get to taste five different wines accompanied by local dishes and learn from a local guide while you imbibe. There is a two-person minimum, and this wine tasting experience will set you back €95 and lasts two hours.

If you can splash out even more cash, the €180 Diamonds of the Amalfi Coast tour is another excellent option. This one will take you on a tour of the Marisa Cuomo Winery in Furore. This area produces some of the best Costa d’Amalfi DOC wines. You will walk through the vines, travel to a nearby restaurant for a four-course lunch with a panoramic sea view, and finally taste five different wines. This one takes about 3.5 hours from beginning to end. The Amalfi Coast is also a large producer of limoncello, a lemon-flavored liqueur if you want to work this into your Naples tasting experiences as well.


Via Massimo Stanzione, 14, Naples, Italy

Cantina del Vesuvio

The Cantina del Vesuvio is one of Naples' most iconic wineries. Located on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the cantina offers stunning views of the volcano and the surrounding vineyards. The cantina produces a range of red and white wines, including its signature Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOCG. The cantina also offers tours and tastings, making it the perfect place to learn about Italian wine.

Cantina del Vesuvio's exclusive wine tasting and tour focus on their iconic Lacryma Christi wine. The tour guide will take you walking through the vineyards first to see the vines and the views of Capri and Sorrento, and then you'll get to see how the product is made. Finish the tour with one of the best wine tastings in Naples with their famous wine paired with amazing snacks.


Via Panoramica, 15, 80040 Trecase, Italy

Antica Cantina del Taburno

It's worth the one-hour drive to Antica Cantina del Taburno near Benevento for one of their expert wine tastings. The Antica Cantina del Taburno is another historic winery that has been making everyone's favorite drink on the slopes of Mount Taburno since 1972. The winery is located in the heart of the Taburno DOCG, one of Italy's most prestigious wine regions, and produces a range of red and white wines, including its signature Fiano di Avellino DOCG.

The cantina also offers wine tours and tastings, making it the perfect place to learn about the vino culture in Italy and, of course, drink wine. Visit their full wine cellar to see the stacked barrels and see how they make their impressive selection of sparkling, red, and white wines.


Via Sala, 82030 Foglianese, Italy

Wine tasting at Vineyards near Naples

Il Mantegno Vineria

Il Mantegno Vineria is easily accessible from the Duomo metro stop and is ideal for anyone who doesn't have a car to get out of the city to some of the vineyards. To say that this wine bar is well stocked is likely an understatement. The sleek bar is lined with shelves full of local and international bottles just waiting for you to taste.

Visiting Naples means you should probably experience aperitivo, and there's no better spot than Il Mantegno. This is one of the culinary traditions in Naples that most people can get on board with. After work, locals sit down for a drink and a light snack to help them make it to dinner without getting hungry. Along with your selected glass or bottle at this wine bar, you get small plates of food that usually include things like olives, peanuts, and small open-faced bread bites.


Piazzetta Nilo, 18, Naples, Italy

In Red Wine

Don't let the name of this cozy wine bar fool you; they offer more than just red wine tastings. This spot is perfect for tasters who like to try a bunch of different options and know what they like. The staff here is friendly but speaks very little English, so they won't be able to help too much with recommendations. But, the wine list here is one of the most extensive in the city, so it's worth a little difficulty communicating.

This spot is great for groups with varied tastes as well. Aside from the huge wine list, you can get everything from Belgian beer to cocktails. If you're feeling daring, let them surprise you with a glass - you might find something new that you really like.


Calata Trinità Maggiore, 21, Naples, Italy

Apoteca Wine Bar

Nestled close to the popular Teatro San Carlo, Apoteca Wine Bar is another cozy place to sample Naples' wine. The bar is small and welcoming and has a few outdoor seats that you should grab if they open up. Tasting wine while watching the people of Naples go by is always a memorable experience. Keep in mind that this bar is in a quieter area off the main street, so the foot traffic will be limited. Regardless of how busy Apoteca is, you can still enjoy the lovely Naples sunshine and fresh air while you figure out the next wine to order.

They specialize in local wine and can recommend something to you if needed. This spot is usually full of locals, but the staff will never make you feel like you stick out. If you speak Italian, that will definitely help you navigate the wine list here, but even English-only speakers will be able to figure out a few great wines to try.


Vico Berio, 10, Naples, Italy

Where to drink wine in Naples

Wine Tours in Naples

In a city known for its wonderful wine tasting options and fabulous food, it's no wonder that there are tons of different companies running wine tours in the area. You can take a private full-day tour, join one of the fun bus tours, or go for a food tour that pairs wine with its dishes. Obviously, any private tour will cost the most, but this is ideal for people who already know a lot about wine tasting and might have very specific needs and questions.

Organized wine tastings and tours are great for anyone traveling without a car. They usually involve a central or hotel pickup and drop-off, and the tour includes everything you need for the day. For an amazing experience of wine tastings around Naples, check out companies like Food Tours of Naples and Divino Vesuvio, and if you prefer a varied tour, companies also often combine wine tastings with visits to iconic locations like Pompei and the Amalfi Coast.

Vino Novello Festival

If you're looking for a truly unique wine experience, head to the Vino Novello Festival that takes place in November. This annual event celebrates the release of new wines from across Italy. Visitors can enjoy tasting new wines, as well as live music and entertainment.

The festival takes place about an hour outside the city in Castelvenere. You'll find locals, tourists, and wine industry professionals all combining to taste everything that's new and exciting in the world of wine. The Piazza San Barbato comes alive, and make sure you don't miss out on sampling some roasted chestnuts from a street vendor. They pair well with red, right?

Museo del Vino Vesuvio

On the outskirts of central Naples near Ercolano, you'll find the Museum of Art, Wine, and Vine. Part of the University of Naples, the museum offers visitors a chance to learn about the history of wine-making in the region, see beautiful artwork, and basically get a 360° view into the world of wine. The museum also has a working winery, where visitors can see how wine is made. The Museo del Vino Vesuvio is the perfect place to learn about the region's rich wine heritage and definitely one of the best places for wine tasting in Naples.


Via Università, 100, Portici, Italy

Wine bars in Naples


In a city known for food located in a region known for wine, you'll have no trouble eating and drinking as much as you want in Naples. The wine tastings here can be a simple trip to a local enoteca, an educational experience at a museum, a full-day tour, or a one-off visit to a local vineyard. Whatever your preference for wine tasting, Naples has you covered.

If wine tasting is the purpose of your trip, don't leave town without at least seeing some of the sights that make Naples so special. Walk the Lungomare, the boardwalk that meanders along the Bay of Naples, visit bustling piazzas, and eat your way through the excellent street food that's everywhere here. Check out our guide on how to spend 3 days in Naples for even more ideas, and if you can only do one extra thing in Naples on your trip, get pizza. Seriously. Just one bite will change how you look at this popular food.

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